Creative Writing on Sociology examples

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Read chapter 7 of lift ever voice and sing NACCP DEADLINE 12 hours
Read chapter 7 of lift every voice and sing Write detailed summary of chapter pointing out the theme of chapter and generate questions in correlation to supervision . See example questions must be more detailed in pointing out the story Incase someone haven’t read the chapter. Note where you find question on what page ext to each question. I have ebook..
Stereotypical Representations of Racially Marked Female Bodies
Choose a popular culture medium (hip-hop music, or any music video and genre, film, (fashion) magazines, Netflix TV series, etc). Focus on how racially marked female bodies are represented. You do not need to focus on representations of black female bodies; rather you are encouraged to look for stereotypes of other racially marked female bodies (such as Hispanic,..
Reflection Paper
Please refer to course outline attached, the assignment is the Reflection Paper worth 30%
create two critical debate questions
- make two critical debate questions after carefully reading the article. - see atttachment
Reading review
Due date 03/08 Please have done a day before for corrections 03/07
Class Discussion post
DUE BY MIDNIGHT Consider the journal article, "Class Voting in Capitalist Democracies since World War II: Dealignment, Realignment, or Trendless Fluctuation?" by Manza, Hout and Brook, which is the assigned reading for this module. Based on your understanding of the article, discuss participation in the political system by people who are "poor" compared..
Japanese manga creative writing
What connections can you make to those 2 readings from the Japanese super robot manga series Mazinger Z? You can use to have an basic understanding of this manga. Or you can read the manga online to have a more visual understanding. Please only use sources that provided..
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