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Why does the number of sexual assault and sexual harassment continue to increase throughout our army?
Be creative but not in a way to jeopardize yourself, if using personal experience. There is also a slogan in the army call “I.A.M. Strong” you can use that at your body paragraph Or try to the title as in, the increase of the numbers is because soldiers and civilians fail to report action, Or each individual conduct sexual assault and sexual harassment without knowing..
Read Poems and Answer the questions for Poetry class.
* I am looking for the responsible writer who can finish within 4hours from now. I uploaded the Power Points and you read it with poems and answer with your own words (subjective thinking after you read the poem)
Describe two of your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your future goals
Answer the following question in no more than 650 words: "Describe two of your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your future goals (both personal and professional)." Future goal - to become a management consultant this is going to be attached to the internship application
Editing of Monologue of Atticus Finch on To Kill A Mockingbird
This is an oral presentation script that I would need help in editing my monologue about Atticus Finch, and his thoughts about prejudice regarding his situation, in the novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" - A monologue or dialogue by a ‘character’ from a text with accompanying rationale, it has to be of about 1000 words This is based on prejudice...
Logo Design and Style Guide (Use Adobe InDesign App)
You will choose one design company/education institution and redesign/develop its logo and Style Guide. Combine colour, symbols and text to form a unique identity for the brand, with an emphasis on a uniquely Australian, sustainable design. Based on your research, you will also choose an environmental context for the client’s product. You will generate..
Library Orientation Exercise Creation - Library & Information Science discipline
Investigation #2: Library Orientation Exercise Please create a MEANINGFUL library orientation exercise for a particular group of library users of your choosing. You might select, for example, college freshmen composition students; history majors; senior citizens; high school students; international students; gays and lesbians; law students; medical..
Dieting, Men in female jobs, Women in the military, Male vs. female bosses
In the title there is four topic. Each topic need a 2 page writing. you can use any website you want and use your opinion. this needs to be a simple paper some thing easy enough for middle schooler to understand.
Investigate school starting time around the world.
All drafts must be in MLA format, 2 pages in length, and submitted in a Word Document. Do not forget to cite your sources! Informative/explanatory: Investigate an issue on a global scale Investigate school starting time around the world. Find data for as many countries as you can, make a chart showing start times for a comparable grade level. For example, there..
Database Evaluation Letter to a Vendor - Library & Information Science discipline
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING IN THE INSTRUCTION BEFORE BIDDING. This is for LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE Major. Your paper will consist of an imaginary / sample / hypothetical letter to a database vendor. Pretend you are a librarian in charge of acquiring this database for your library.... (continued in the File attached due to long instruction,..
Community Profile form - Library and Information Science discipline
I'd like a serious well educated writer for this assignment to write an A+ paper. Please read all the instructions carefully and make sure you can do it really well before you bidding. Most of the pages are just like a report with data, pictures, maps, etc., not really much of writings. So even the assignment can go up to 10 pages, I just put in 6 pages of this order. Please..
Should the US government ban the ownership of some or all guns for all Americans?
Paragraph requirements: The paragraph must state a claim, an opinion, and have supports for the claim. Your paragraph should be a minimum of 7 sentences. One of the sentences must be a topic sentence. Underline your topic sentence. Use this structure as described in the video: Claim - your opinion, your stance. Data/Information - examples and proof Warrant..
Community Assessment: "High school dropout rates are related to homelessness"
Write a 3-5 page paper assessing four aspects of the macro community environment as follows: • Assess the client make up of your agency • Assess the community surrounding your agency • Assess competition and collaboration with similar local agencies • Assess “Agency Set” – other agencies that have similar mission and compare. Step 1: Define the Scope Step 2:..
Short mafia themed story set in 1930s prohibition era.
Looking to maybe do this weekly, no real specifications, just looking for entertaining short stories
Life Experience
Reflective narrative essay, choose an event or experience that you went through first-hand, establish a personal tone to this, create an interesting beginning, be plentiful yet selective and vivid with your details, arrange details chronologically, end with a clear conclusion and reflection on what this experience taught you...
I have a topic to write about an academic style I need a help to write a model answer . Answer should be a discursive consideration of the relevant issues. Task taker should make sure that he read the task carefully and provide a full and relevant response you should focus on the topic aspect in his response. He should not simply write about the topic in general...
Zombie Apocalypse
The zombie apocalysppe is created by this modified plant. Seok-woo is a divorced workaholic. He lives with his mother and barely spends any time with his daughter Su-an He’s so distant from her that he buys her a Nintendo Wii for her birthday, ignoring that she has one already, and that he’s the one who bought it for her for Children’s Day. To make up for this rather-awkward..
Greek mythology short story
Topic: “Personal Mythologies.” Write a creative piece (short story) that provides an explanation for something significant in your life. The story can be completely fictional, using references to Greek mythology (gods, goddesses, demigods, monsters, etc.) or making up characters of your own. In addition to the creative piece, provide a brief analysis..
Creative writing
A creative writing piece based on meeting a stranger. Needs a title. 1 1/2 pages
Reflection journal / Gender Event
I need a reflective journal answering and the questions below. It needs to be a paper not just questions and answers, but within the paper all the attached questions need to be answered. I need to write about my experience and observations at an auto show. Specifically the Chicago auto show. I need this to be from a women's perspective. Must be someone who has been..
Descriptive Essay
Write a Descriptive Essay that describes a specific place, real or imagined, using only your senses. Use active, descriptive verbs throughout, and avoid covering a lot of time because any action should be significantly slowed down. This is not a story. Plunge into description at the start of the essay and avoid using a traditional introduction or conclusion...
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