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Social Media Plan to Revitalize an Existing Brand
Analysis of the competition and the marketing environment | Situational Analysis COMPETITION (2) Who is your brand’s competition? Discuss all the brand’s major competitors – minimum of 2. What are their social channels and followings like? Complete a brief social media audit for each competitor by detailing what type of content they post, followers/following,..
An op-ed about intercultural rhetoric of a specific brand or marketing case
So the theoretical essay is to write an Op Ed about an aspect of rhetoric (1000 words), and then an essay explaining the rhetorical techniques that you used to convince the reader about that aspect of rhetoric (1500 words). Well, here are some op-eds inspiration. * A Washington Post article comparing Trump with the ancient rhetorician Cicero. * A New York Times..
One DETAILED five minute film and one DETAILED one minute short film
* A treatment for a one minute film. I am not asking for a very short treatment. Please be as precise as possible in your details. Because the film is one minute, you're going to be doing a lot more explaining than normal. Please take the liberty of going beyond the treatment form to explain fully your ideas and vision. This should be no less than 500 words. *A treatment..
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