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FO’Connor “A Good Man is Hard to Find”and JC Oates in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”?
What is Flannery O’Connor really discussing in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”? How might it be comparable or contrasted by the message of Joyce Carol Oates in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”? What are your thoughts on the victims in the story? Were they innocent? What did they say or do to make them worthy of their ultimate fates? AVOID (don't use) very, good,..
"The Vietnam in Me", "In the Lake of the Woods" Quick Discussion Board
Just a quick one paragraph discussion board. Pls Help. This needs to be done ASAP. 40 mins Max. Anyone familiar with both "In the Lake of the Woods" and "Vietnam in me" Week 3: Fiction versus Non-Fiction 48 48 unread replies. 48 48 replies. While In the Lake of the Woods is a fictional novel, "The Vietnam in Me" is a non-fiction article. What's the difference between..
Write about a hardship, including pain and suffering (look at instructions for full title)
Hello, Please make up a story that sounds plausible about one of my "friends" going through a hardship. The instructions are below. I have grown up in London, England, so write about one of my friends there. Write about a hardship, including pain and suffering, that you experienced, OR write about a hardship, including pain and suffering, that you have witnessed..
Creative Writing – Postcard Stories, 6 Six- Word Stories, and Short Short Story
These assignments need three (3) pieces from the description. 1) -A postcard story is a story that is so short it can fit on a postcard. Postcard stories are often associated with an image; they provide a sort of snapshot of a moment in time. For this assignment, you will write a postcard story inspired by a picture. Your story does not have to describe what is happening..
Nonfiction Personal Essay 500 words and at least 3 Paragraphs
1. Begin a nonfiction personal essay with the title On______. Make a list of at least six titles that represent things you might like to write about, things that interest you and that you feel confident you know something about. These may be either abstractions or specifics. (Stephen King’s famous memoir of writing is called On Writing.) Remember that the purpose..
Foster Your Dead by Phillip K. Dick
1" margins, 10 Point Times New Roman font, Single-spaced. Literary interpretation of the short story. How does it relate to us? What is the deeper meaning?
creative writing, letters
the instruction in the attached paper could you tell me please if you could finish it by Friday? and how much
A Poem (see instructions)
Choose one of the following prompts 1-Write a poem inspired by one of the poems we have read this week. Try to use at least one of the poetic devices that we have learned about. Follow your poem with an explanation of which poem inspired you and how. Which literary devices do you employ in your poem? 2-Choose an image from one of the poems we read this week and explicate..
Chinese Culture Poems by Laozi and Du Fu
From Laozi Introductory material pp. 722–723 and pp. 723–731 Du Fu Introductory material pp. 1195–1199 (I do not have the reading the texts) *Respond to the following prompt Poetry can be defined as language under pressure. A poet seeks to create meaning using images and metaphor to say things in terms of another. The creator of a poem often has less space to make..
Creation myth story
I'm getting close to the end of my summer class but I still have quite a bit of assignments to do, and was hoping someone could do this project for me. I have to make a creation myth about the internet and social media, but I am absolute trash at creative writing and don't have time to focus too much on this assignment. It's due Wednesday by 11:59pm and I really need it so..
Rewrite Assignment
Rewrite the ending to "Everyday Use" as if you are Alice Walker: Should be 2-3 pages long. Make sure to include textural variety through use of dialogue (in quotes) and thoughts (italicized, no quotes) Note: do not tell the reader how you will change the story, but rewrite the ending as if you are the author...
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