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I have English Assessment in 2 part. PART 1: Creative writing (900-1100 words). PART 2 – REFLECTION STATEMENT
I have English Assessment in 2 part. PART 1: Creative writing (900-1100 words). PART 2 – REFLECTION STATEMENT Hi, I have a new laptop. My old one is broken. So, I don't have your contact details anymore because I had your details on the old laptop. I need to submit first the plan. The plan should be completed in one week time and the work in 2 weeks time. I count on you...
Discussion: Components and Characteristics of Language & Discussion: Nonverbal codes and their functions
Part I 1. Describe a recent message exchange in which differing referents led to misunderstanding. Include elements that demonstrate each corner of the Triangle of Meaning and identify the elements (i.e., thought, symbol, and referent). Explain what you could have (should have) done to help prevent or correct the misunderstanding. (Scroll to the bottom..
Discussion: The role of perception in the communication process. Please use proper Netiquette. 1. Read the following scenario. Bart overslept and is rushing to work. Traffic seems worse than usual. Most drivers give the impression of being indifferent to Bart’s situation. Some drivers cut him..
Evaluations of - "A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes
Reading Questions Answer the questions below on a separate document. Just copy and paste them into your own! 1. Quickly write down what you think a raisin in the sun looks like. How did it get there? What happens to it in the heat? Why? 2. What clues does this image give you about what the play might read about? Why would Hansberry title her play this way? 3. What happens..
Metaphorical Writing - "How to cook the loneliness"
Write an own metaphorical recipe on ONE topic of your choice (my choice is "How to cook the loneliness", using and labeling all of Cotter’s six narrative components of recipes in your metaphorical recipe. (Please see the attached file for Cotter's six narrative components of recipe)
Writing Assignment: Exercise based on Gary Soto’s “Oranges”
Writing Assignment: Exercise based on Gary Soto’s “Oranges” In class, we read “Oranges,” a poem by Gary Soto. Then you were asked to write the same scene from the poem as prose – that is, tell it as a story . For this assignment, complete the “Oranges” story that you started in class. Your story should be told from the point of view of one of the characters: the boy, the..
Original Poem Writing and Reflecting on an Original Poem
Reflect on an incident that has in some manner changed the way you see or feel. Write a poem of 100 words that reflects how the incident that you chose changed or affected you. Write a shorter poem of 45 words or less that captures the essence of the same incident. • Submit both selections in one Microsoft® Word document. • Grammar and punctuation variations are acceptable..
Into The Wild Discussion/Seminar/Writing Prompt Questions
Into The Wild Discussion/Seminar/Writing Prompt Questions Krakauer’s telling of Christopher McCandless’s story raises some interesting questions. Questions like: Philosophical Was McCandless mentally ill and/or suicidal and/or a romantic dreamer in over his head OR did he have a possibly-ahead-of-his-time idea that living in a consumer capitalist..
Different between fences, take me out and damn Yankees
Description for this reflection we want you to focus on how the film (damn Yankees) position baseball in comparison, but you may chose to tackle more if you so chose. Make sure in all reflections to back up your assertions/opinions with evidence from the script and/ or film.
writing final paper (arguement section) about "fan fic community" subculture
Be sure that your file is saved either as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf) because incorrectly attached files will be returned to you and counted as late. Files always need to be submitted in one of these formats, so double check your attachment.
A personal Narrative Essay based on My family and struggling American life
a narrative Essay based on How did I become who I am today because of my family ? the idea that you can use ..A Bangladeshi boy come to USA to be educated and make proud his family ..who adjusting himself with american lifestyle...but he miss his family members. his mother always inspire himself to do better through strugling life.....
Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy?
Read through the Activity assignment on page 65. Develop three claims, and select one to take through the From Claim to Draft process. Develop your outline into a draft (no less than 500 words). You are encouraged to complete a first draft of this piece, then revise your work. Submit the entire assignment as one document (include three claims, one outline, and..
Researching & Analyzing a Previous Arts Experience
I will be writing about Stamford Bridge and Chelsea Football Club - where Chelsea FC's home stadium is located. I grew up being an avid Chelsea fan and when I visited London, Stamford Bridge was the very first place I went to. Not only is this stadium beautiful, it holds so much tradition and has so much history behind it...
Creative Research Paper on Poems by Sojourner Truth
Length will vary depending on the nature of the project, though they are likely to be 5-7 pages in length if you are composing prose. If your project incorporates visuals or if you are writing poetry, you should still complete the same amount of effort that would be involved in writing a research paper of that length. A project should involve some research, but can..
Finding and illustrating voice from lived experience
Life teaches us many lessons. Some of these lessons may include living with the consequences of our choices, taking life one step at a time, living in the present moment, finding balance, developing compassion for ourselves and/or others, living with integrity, and dealing with grief. -write a narrative about a particular event in which you either learned..
Ursula Le Guin's "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"
instructions are attached, please choose one of the two following prompts. You have to show if the people that walked away from omelas made the correct or wrong choice. Attached is the reading and instructions for the paper. You're welcome to do own research as well. Citation is not required. No certain format is required...
Applying for a Technical Writing Job
Write a 350-word video blog as if you are interviewing for a technical writing job. Describe your skills and educational experience for the job. This could be your software and writing skills and any professional experience you have that can be applied to your job. You can also discuss the steps you took in writing the manual for this class. Note: You may write this..
Writing a Manual
Phoenix MaterialFinal Project: Writing a Manual For this course’s final project, you will be writing a 5- to 7-page manual, due in Week 5. Refer to pp. 569 to 571 (Ch. 20) of your text for an example of the elements and style of a manual. You must choose a subject for the manual that is related to your current or previous work life. As you decide on a subject for your manual,..
I sent my week one assignment so it can help with my week two worksheet
Create a brief, original story about a true, nonfiction, out of the ordinary experience
Create a brief, original story about a true, nonfiction, out of the ordinary experience and use a creative format to convey it to your audience. Think about “The Man on the Tracks,” and how that author took a shocking experience and wrote a creative piece to express the tale. This experience does not have to have a supernatural connection, but if you have a paranormal..
Year 11 Creative Writing
Hey, I am looking for a good well written story about belonging/not belonging to a new country. 700-1000 words please. Thanks
Creation of a Microsoft Table
Write instructions for a 1- to 2-page handout that explains how to create a table in Microsoft® Word (whatever version you have) and how to add and delete columns and rows from an existing table. Note: You may choose a task different from the table, but it still needs to be a technical one. Include the following in your instructional handout: Summary of the program..
Science Fiction Creative Writing
Write a highly sophisticated creative writing piece in the genre of SCIENCE FICTION. The creative piece has to be based on one of the ideas in the document attached. Instructions have to be followed.
The Holocaust- "the big Lie"
between 2-3 page report on the the big lie the natizs told the jewish during the holacaust
Destroy the Happy Couple Narrative
Directions: Go to a public location, such as a restaurant or bookstore, and use this for the setting, or use your imagination to create one while out in public (Be careful if you do this.). You are going to write a narrative, showing the plot given—don’t forget to show that the characters are “happy” together at the beginning of the piece. You have complete freedom..
Workplace Communication
Write a 200-250-word workplace memo, letter, or e-mail that address the following scenario: You are working as the communication officer for a company located in a large office building with designated areas for employee breaks and lunches, located on each floor. The company's president has asked you to send memo via e-mail directing all employees to clean..
Don’t take your guns to town by Johnny cash
Just do part 2 of the instructions given. Create a story in relation to the song by Johnny Cash”Dont Take Your guns to town”. 1000 words. I really need this assignment ASAP . No Grammatical errors and Plagiarism free. Strictly follow instructions in order for me to get full credit
Volunteer Experience
describe one of your volunteer experience The impact of this experience and the greatest learning outcome for you.
My Diagnosis By Jeremy Davies
Images 1-4 attached is the story to read. image 5 is the short answer questions & follow instructions on the short answer question paper. Image 7 is the layout to use for the paper.
Poetry Unit Assignment
(Assignment copied and pasted) You will select a poem of your choice*. However, this poem needs to be atleast 150 words in length, and something at a senior High school level. *Note: The poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, can not be selected. ** I have attatched the assignment page with FULL details and the rubric. Please refer to them..
Creative Writing
(Assignment copied and pasted) Communication Task 2 Write a story behind one of the pictures in the lesson (250-500 word) Communication Task 3 Write a short poem based off one of the pictures in the slide, through a soldiers perspective *I've attached a picture of both slides with instructions
Personal Essay
this paper is going to be about how you learned to read, write, and speak, and how that process has shaped you up until now. This paper is a personal narrative, and does not require much more from you other than your own memory, whether it be detailing your struggles in school or at home when it comes to how you learned to read, write, and speak in the English language...
Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis
Answer theses 3 prompts. 1 paragraph each A.)In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa wakes up from "anxious dreams" to find that he has transformed, overnight, into a bug. How could you as the reader possibly connect to this story? If you take the transformation to be literal, and you don't believe that such a transformation is realistic, then you can stop..
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