Coursework on Tourism examples

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I would like to have answer to the three following questions around 100 words for each question and each one in separate part without introduction, conclusion or references > 1) A hotel manager asks you why she should incorporate more technology into her hotel. how would you respond to this question so that they inspired to invest? 2) Why is tourism such an information_intensive..
tourism and health and social care
is two different type of work health and social care on Friday 10/ 3 care and tourism 11/ 3 pls read it well also with Harvard reference ,
Tour Operations Management (2.3 ,3.1) only Contemporary issues in Travel & Tourism(3.1, 3.2 ,3.3 )only Tourist Destination( ALL) all this are resubmissio so con u read the content well before answering the question l need it by Friday evening by 03-03-17
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