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Evaluating Instructional Technology Resources for 21st Century Teaching
For this activity, you will choose a grade level and subject matter that you would most want to teach and select and evaluate: one (1) Instructional Software from the following areas: drill and practice, tutorial, simulation, problem solving, and games, one (1) Academic Website, one (1) WebQuest, and one (1) Instructional (iPod/iPad or Android) App. Evaluate..
Endless Auto Project (Must no how to so NPV, ROI and Payback )
Attached are forms that needs to be filled out this will be based on the research paper I have provided please for the feasibility chart do not complete as chart but rather put it in paragraph format for number calculation you may use from outside source as long as the information is cited just because no real numbers are given so you would have to use numbers from another..
Ethical and Societal Challenges for Businesses Related to Interconnected Systems
The upsurge of customer and organizational use of technology and the growing dependence on multi-device access to interconnected systems has produced numerous ethical and societal challenges for businesses. Customer privacy Employee privacy Freedom of speech Online annoyances Phishing and identity theft IT professionalism. Predatory business practices..
law regulation and ethics in information Assurance
There are five (5) questions. Each response is worth 20 points. Each response is limited to 300 words. Points may be deducted for exceeding the word limit. The following criteria will be used for grading: relevance and correctness, completeness, clarity and logical flow, spelling, grammar, and proper citations/Reference..
Discussion Topic 1: What is technology?
Instructions for this discussion topic Review each of the following resources and respond to the questions posed below. In this course, it is a good practice to take notes on the videos and readings so that you can begin to integrate the concepts covered in each. Overview of the historical impact of technology Kelly, K. (2009).Technology’s epic story. Available..
Your first task for this assignment is to research and find 3 different platforms that relate to the focus technology. Task 1-3 Platform Research Report 750 words maximum for part 1. 12pt font single spaced. - Become familiar with the 3 selected platforms. - Evaluate and list features and benefits of each, for comparison purposes. - Identify industry sectors..
Tackle question 2.26 in the same book., Also let me know how good you are in statistics
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