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Assignment 1: Discussion—The Leader as Communicator
Can you imagine an effective leader who is not an effective communicator? Leadership communication skills are very important. Some would call effective communication the most important leadership competency. Without the skills of effective communication, you will not be an effective leader, especially in this complex, fast-paced environment. It is..
select a nonprofit organization. create list of internal & external news sources to interest that nonprofit
so for an assignment in my public relations class, I have to select any non profit organization(please choose a basic one). then I have to create a simple list of the internal and external news sources that the non profit organization would be of interest and benefit from.
examine the public health, legal, and policy issues involved in these deliberations.
Instructions On June 30, 2015, California Governor Gerry Brown signed SB 277, vastly reducing allowable exemptions for mandatory school immunizations. Your state legislature is considering a similar bill (or if you live in California, revisiting the law). Prepare a 3-5 page analysis (not including title page and references) that examines the public health,..
analyze the impact of globalization in the effectiveness of an organization.
Special Note: For patches 1, 2 you can work as a group with a maximum of two (2) students. For patch 3 you will have to work individually. Patch 1 (40%): Task: Read the academic article (Faugoo D., (2009), Globalization and Its Influence on Strategic Human Resource Management, Competitive Advantage and Organizational Success, International Review of Business..
business research skills that you need to develop
A. Individual Reflective Report: You will produce Individual Reflective Report that will analyze your strongest and your business research skills that you need to develop and will produce a plan to address these development needs. Individual Reflective Report Submission: You will submit your Individual Reflective Report as per module schedule..
Choose one television show from the list provided below:
Skip To Content Dashboard Sonya Carr Account Dashboard Courses Calendar Inbox Help COM200AssignmentsWeek 4 - Assignment 6/6/2017 - AU Undergraduate Home Announcements Syllabus Modules Grades Course Policies Writing Center & Library Course Resources Interpersonal Conflict in Television Before you complete this paper, you must do the following: Read..
main issues that different approaches to synthesising evidence generate
The process of appraising and synthesising evidence is seen as a crucial element of Evidence Based Policy. Discuss the current debates in this area and, with reference to the literature, outline the main issues that different approaches to synthesising evidence generate for those engaged in policy-making. i will provide the main article as well...
Developing a PR Campaign Using the RACE Process
Utilize the chapter readings, class discussions, and PR plan samples that were distributed in class to help design your campaign. If you choose option #2, you will need prior approval. Completed assignment should be 2-3 pages. Assignment option #1: An online luxury watch website has recently launched and they’re looking for ways to increase awareness of their..
industry influencers
Find (2) industry influencers in (2) topics/industries of your choosing. Industries cannot be similar. Total of 4 names.
march madness
March Madness has just begun, and just like other big events and holidays, organizations use these times to their advantage, creating countless headlines, fantasy brackets and water cooler debates. Research companies/brands that have built on the buzz and energy of March Madness for their own programs. Do not use any companies associated with basketball..
Pi day
Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). For an in-class exercise: Think of companies/brands that can use Pi Day in a fun way (excluding pie companies and bakeries), including in headlines, events, fun images, etc. Also, find at least 1 actual brands/company that is using Pi Day in their promotions. Provide the examples...
trending social media or digital app
What new or trending social or digital app/website/product can help PR pros today? (excluding the common platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snap, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter)
Pacific: Team Charter (Paper or Presentation)
Pacific: Team Charter (Paper or Presentation) In this assignment, you will create a Team Charter for the Pacific team. The Team Charter will include at a minimum the following sections: Background Provide the background that resulted in the team being formed. Purpose and Scope Describe the purpose for forming the team. Briefly describe the scope, goals, objectives,..
Challenges in Human Services
A career in human service is fulfilling work, but as with all professions, there are specific challenges that human services providers are faced with. Which challenge would you most struggle with? Describe two strategies you can use to effectively deal with this challenge. Please use in-text citations in APA format. Use at least 2 credible sources in the U.S...
Ethical Decision Making in Human Services
In your own words, describe the steps in the ethical decision making process. Think of one potential situation that may arise in human services in which there may be a conflict of ethics or where ethical decisions aren’t clear, and apply the ethical decision making model. Have you ever had to face an ethically unclear situation? If so, how did you handle it? Please..
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