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Shakespeare sonnets from the Longman Anthology of British Literature
Choose: Please choose ONE of the following two Shakespeare sonnets from the Longman Anthology of British Literature: either sonnet #130 (“My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun”) or sonnet #138 (“When my love swears that she is made of truth”). Title: Indicate in the title of your explication which of these two sonnets you’ve chosen to explicate. Write:..
Week 3 D Teaching Intelligent Design in Public School
Teaching Intelligent Design in Public Schools Our controversial debate this week will focus on the following questions: Should Intelligent Design be taught in public school science class? Why or why not? What scientific, religious, and political principles can help us decide this question? Follow the same format we used in Weeks 1 and 2, working together..
the roles of love and/or desire in Ovid’s version of the “The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice.”
Write a well-developed and well-supported 500-word essay on the roles of love and/or desire in Ovid’s version of the “The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice.” Explain how love and/or desire are defined and expressed in the myth. You may want to use portions of Plato’s Symposium to define your terms. As you develop your argument, consider why Orpheus disobeys his orders..
Read Romance of Three Kingdoms Chapter 26-38(There are chapters skipped so not a lot) and read below
See below as well as the Socratic seminar guideline sheet. The reading is approximately 40pgs in kindle reader. Once you have accepted the assignment, I will send you the link of the reading. In your ROTK folder, create a google doc titled, “Socratic Seminar #1.” Include all 5 of your questions (and sub-questions) and answers in your document. Your answers to..
Critique and Response to a Professional Text on Reading or Writing
Critique and Response to a Professional Text on Reading or Writing (15%) Select and read a professional text about reading in general or one particular aspect of reading or writing that interests you. Write a paper that both critiques and responds to the text. Do not feel that you need to be critical but be thoughtful in your response. A response to the text should..
Close Reading/Analysis: Selected Parts of Thoreau's Walden
Each response should be 300-500 words long. The tone can be informal (think an intelligent blog post?), but the response should show solid knowledge of the text and should be written with care. I suggest starting with a brief description or summary of the genre, style, and content of the work. You might then describe even more briefly your general feeling about..
Reading questions and essay for module 3 and module 4 of LOVE & ROM IN EARLY SPAIR
both reading questions of module 3 and module 4 are due by July 29. PDF of module 3: PDF of module 4:
US - Mexico Border Narritives Collaborative Analysis
Analyze a film, an article and a novel. The objective of these analyses is that, in small groups, students apply the concepts and theoretical frameworks acquired in readings and lectures to breakdown how border narratives redefine political, geographical, cultural, racial, gender and genre boundaries. The name of the film is 'who is Dayani Cristal'. The..
3 Discussion (only if you've read the bell jar by Plath, Sylvia)
Now that you have read the first half of The Bell Jar and viewed David Halberstam’s video: 1. What have you learned about  American society’s expected roles for men and women during the 1950s; 2. And how do these expectations impact Esther?   Use textual evidence (specific examples from the novel and specifics from the video) to support your response.   ( I..
wk1Catcher and the rye discussion / pysch-Written assignments
Part one: 1. Review the definition of  "setting" in the "Literary Terms" handout. 2. Use textual evidence (specific examples from the novel) to determine the setting of The Catcher in the Rye (again, your response should be based on the information in the "Literary Terms' handout; the setting has very specific components that you will need to address);..
The worst injuries of war are emotional and psychilogical - compare and contrast
up to 2000 words comparing My Boy Jack play by David Hague and the 9 Not dead poems by Simon Armitage Need to watch the Not Dead Documentary for context on the poems I want no messing about and want this asap as another person has attempted to write this for me and it was disasterous
'the worst injuries of war are emotional and psychological not physical'
My Boy Jack is By David Haig The Not Dead poetry by Simon Armitage consists of 9 poems - must use at least 4 poems in the essay - it's to compare and contrast the way that these two texts choose to explore these items absolutely must include the context of each of the wars (they differ between each of the poems) and who the poems were written for The Not dead documentary..
Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Yellow Wallpaper Study
Read the following and answer the questions below. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper” Gilman Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar, “A Feminist Reading of Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’” Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “Why I Wrote ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’” Answer the following after reading all three stories above. 1. Do we believe she is truly insane,..
Flannery O’Connor, “Good Country People” Discussion
Flannery O’Connor, “Good Country People” Discussion Flannery O'Connor is well known as a Southern writer and as a Catholic writer. But critics often point out that those labels aren't sufficient in capturing the scope of her writing. This week, consider how her work both represents those traditions/cultures yet engages in other content, themes, and values...
Read "Joe Turner's come and back" , ACT 1 SCENE 1
YOU NEED THE QUOTATIONS FROM THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT. Read "Joe Turner's come and back" , ACT 1 SCENE 1, and Answer the "Points to consider" in "Character Profile Journal". PLEASE DO NOT CITE ANY RESOURCES ONLINE, BUT USING THE QUOTATIONS FROM THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT. 1.5 Pages. Points to consider: relationships with other characters background information--family,..
Personal Response Paragraph to TED Talks (11min video)
Write a personal response paragraph (500 words) expressing the thesis of Lobo's TedTalk. What is his main idea and argument? How were his opinions shaped by his travel experiences? What did he learn along the way? What does he mean by compassionate storytelling? And any additional insights that you gained after listening to this. Although this is a personal..
Early Modern Masters: Picasso and Matisse: Exploring the Figure in Modern Art
Fully answer both of the following topics: Examine and discuss Picasso's Early Cubist painting, Les Demoiselles d' Avignon (to view, visit Answer the following questions: What is cubism? What is the painting about? What does the title mean? Why do we see shattered forms? Is it possible to describe..
Submit a four-five paragraph "blog" supporting Dr. Washington's program for advancing the material and financial status of black Americans at the end of the Reconstruction Era (late 19th/early 20th century).  In your blog: 1)  Demonstrate your understanding of the basic principles of his "vision" for the immediate future; 2)  Argue the validity of this..
Understanding the Literacy Narrative Genre -3 posts!
I need three post. For your first post, point to places in the sample paper where you see the writer including elements of the Literacy Narrative. You might quote these elements and comment on how cohesive these elements are and/or how well the writer is developing his ideas. For your second post, review the comments of a peer and expand on his or her comments about..
Choose 1 Literary Device/Element from Short Story that Exemplifies the Theme
Peruse this article titled, Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature by Roane State Community College. For this, you will choose one of the three stories from Unit 5 to analyze. Choose one literary device/element that your chosen author uses to portray the theme, "If an individual does not follow the rules of society, there can be negative, sometimes..
Explanation of Themes Identified in Each Short Story
"The Hanging Stranger" by Philip K. Dick “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor Theme-Examples and Devices by literarydevices. net Please explore and explain the theme in each of the three stories abov. After you have read the stories, write a response that clearly states how this theme is portrayed in each story...
How Does Characterization Hold Up in the Movie "Sully"
Write at least a 4 paragraph response that explores whether or not the movie offers an effective character portrayal. The character being Pilot Sully. Please make sure to use the readings and resources that discuss characterization in film and literature: o Intro—introduce your film with a brief plot summary and important information of the film o Body—Persuade..
Toni Morrison Discussion Questions
Answer the discussion questions based on Toni Morrison's Beloved, they are in the attached document.
Composing an Ethical Story
This assignment has two parts. (A) Decide on a story/parable/fable which influenced your ethical/moral growth as a child. Briefly describe the story and what it taught you. How does your thinking today fit with what you learned as a child through that story? This component should be about 250 words. (B) Decide on an ethical principle you would like your children..
The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
Read "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson and Explain the purpose of the lottery, and identify contemporary rituals that exhibit similar purposes.
24hrs to answer 4 short answer questions
Please answer the questions in detail. I will upload the textbook needed to complete the assignment.
Neoliberalism "quality of rights not outcome essay" Need assignment completed in 24 hours
I would like to work with someone who is responsible and professional. Must read chapter 5 although I think reading chapter 4 sets the context for essay. Please read the guideline for this assignment before showing interest. will attach all the files you need and if you have any questions please contact me. Thank you..
Literary Analysis
I just need this paper reworded with APA citations and keep the sources the same. In other words just rewrite the paper.
Textbook (answer two questions).
This assignment consists of reading and answering two questions in detail using the textbook I will provide and upload for your convenience.
Should be careful with the instructions because its critical for the development of a quality paper.
literature journals
I need an answer for 25 potteries (2 question each) .
world Literature
PART 1 After reading the tantric poem and the poem by Rumi, and considering the strategy for studying a poem, write a two paragraph personal reflection on the message presented by both pieces of poetry. How do the speakers suggest that a person can find truth and peace in both poems? Using the texts of the poems as your basis, can you relate to the speaker's thoughts?..
One thing you’ll be thinking about this week is how a live performance is different from a virtual (either recorded or broadcast in some way) performance. Discuss the difference between a live performance and a virtual performance. Consider the differences between attending a sporting event or concert live and watching it on television. You can even think..
critical reflection on four essays for four theorists
In English UK Critical reflection 1000-1200 words no less or more In four sections each of 250- 300 about the following essays: Choose just four of the following six: - Fredinand de Saussure, ‘The object of study’ - Claude Levi-Strauss, ‘The structure of myth’ - Sigmund Freud, ‘The manifest content of dreams and the latent dream-thoughts’ - Virginia Woolf, from..
Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol
One of the great themes of the nineteenth century is social responsibility, especially in regard to the poor. How does this theme play out in the great Dickens story? Use one particular scene to illustrate your argument.
Reader Attitude
In a well-written paragraph, tell me a little about your attitude toward and preferences with regard to reading. Consider addressing at least some of the following questions: Do you love it, loathe it, or feel indifferent about reading in general? Why do you think that you feel as you do about reading? What type of thing do you most enjoy (or least hate) to read?..
Chinese mothers
Consider the argument posed in the article that there is a better way to raise children than what most people do in the west. Determine if the author is persuasive. For success in responding to this prompt, make sure you see the PowerPoint on arguments and the page on fallacies in logic before continuing. The questions to consider in your post are: What concrete..
Voltaire’s Candide
Choose one scene or incident from Voltaire’s Candide and discuss how the scene illustrates an aspect of Voltaire’s understanding of human nature. Consider also what stage of the journey Candide is on in the scene. What has he learned or how has he changed before this point, and how does he learn or change afterwards? In what ways is Voltaire’s portrait in keeping..
Reader Response (Thirteen Reasons Why)
Reader Responses For each novel you will write a Reader Response unless an alternative assignment option is given. Your reading responses should be a MINIMUM of 400 words each (writing without citation portion) and contain an outside academic resource (other than the novel read). This is an analysis. Do not summarize the novel. First person or third person..
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