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Ethnography of how people engage with each other at a bar
Short Writing Assignment 7 Due: Ethnography Write a short (3 page minimum) Ethnography of a bar, write about observing how people intaract with each other. Many couples were on their phone and not engaging in conversations. Tables with groups were talking more. Many people were on their phone but the ones that were on their phone more were females. Please use..
Transcribe and code a qualitative research interview
Transcribe and code a qualitative research interview Pre-write a series of interview questions for a 10 minute (20 questions) interview. The interview should be as if you are interviewing a photographer for an article about the fashion photography industry , you will ask the question and then answer them. Then you will transcribe the interview Be sure to ask..
Assertiveness and Appropriate Confirmation
Can anyone knock this out in an hour? I have the scenarios at the bottom of the instructions. Description: This exercise presents scenarios and asks students to think of responses that illustrate assertiveness and appropriate confirmation. 2-page paper 12-point font APA style Objectives: Identify the principles of verbal communication. Define and distinguish..
News Analysis
Conduct an analysis of your articles. Your analysis must include the following: What is the factual claim being made in the articles? What are the competing interpretive claims in the articles? Were claims-makers quoted or included in the articles? If so, who are they and what are their qualifications? What evidence is included in each article to support their..
critical appraisal
A review or critical appraisal of a photographic work or set of works as for publication. Students will learn about numerous models of writing that accompany photography and will be able to put their knowledge into practice via the assessment. By writing about the work of others, they will gain an insight into their own photographic practice. The assessment..
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