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Diagram the Health care System – Linkages and Alliances
Assignment 2: (20 points) Diagram the Health care System – Linkages and Alliances Organizations operating in the U.S. Health Care Sector (USHCS) are a part of a larger system of services. Identify a health care delivery organization, note how that organization is linked to other health care organizations in the delivery system. Every organization has a source..
Person-Centered, Existential, and Gestalt Theory Application
Read the “Case Study Analysis.” Select one of the following theories that you feel best applies to treating the client in the case study: 1.Person-Centered 2.Existential 3.Gestalt Write a 750-1,000-word analysis of the case study using the theory you chose. Include the following in your analysis. 1.What concepts of the theory make it the most appropriate..
Neoanalytic, Jungian, and Individual Psychology Theory Application
Read the “Case Study Analysis.” Select one of the following theories that you feel best applies to treating the client in the case study: 1.Neoanalytic 2.Jungian 3.Individual Psychology Write a 750-1,000-word analysis of the case study using the theory you chose. Include the following in your analysis. 1.What concepts of the theory make it the most appropriate..
Microenvironmental control of glucose metabolism in tumors by regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase
Answer the following discussion questions, referring to the attached publication. Make sure that your answers are complete, well developed and well reasoned. 1. Oncogenesis was studied by a Nobel Prize winner by the name of Otto Heinrich Warburg. He postulated that cancer was caused by what we describe as the Warburg Effect. Today we know that cancer is primarily..
Human Resource Planning and Development in the Health Care System
Any Human Resource Problem within the hospital/health care system can be addressed Project Framework: 1) HR (Human Resource) Problem Statement 2) Situational Analysis and Organization Context 3) Key Players 4) Solution Options/Alternatives 5) Action level - Strategic (policy focused)- Corporate (managerial)-Operational (supervisory) (societal,..
Effects, Politics, and Regulatory Control of Tobacco Use
Tobacco use is the primary cause of mortality in the United States today. Tobacco use is responsible for cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and heart disease and has caused the deaths of nearly half a million people per year. Tobacco control, prevention, and treatment are compelling and urgent public health issues. The development..
Human Resources and Staffing Crisis at Blumberg’s Nursing Home
Blumberg’s Nursing Home (BNH) is a 100-bed Medicare and Medicaid certified facility in suburban Philadelphia, PA. The administrator recently terminated the facility’s Director of Nursing (DON), receptionist, and dietary aid for inappropriate conduct. They had all been involved in purchasing and using illegal substances on facility grounds. Facility..
Personal Nutrition Assessment and Recommendations Comparison
*This assignment requires documenting a 3-day diet record. Give yourself ample time to complete this assignment. This assignment will give you hands-on experience in using a three-day diet record and interpreting its results. Use the online MyFitnessPal (MFP), available at: After recording everything you eat and drink..
Define and discuss the significance of consumer health informatics
Define and discuss the significance of consumer health informatics? Consumer Health and Consumer Health Informatics: What, How, and Why? defining personal and professional constructs of consumer health in order to establish premises for relationships to health informatics.
challenges faced by vulnerable and underserved patient populations.
Prepare a 1000-1200 word written report discusses the challenges faced by vulnerable and underserved patient populations. How are the challenges being addressed in the current system of U.S. healthcare? For this paper, you should start with a strong opening paragraph that will grab the attention of your reader. End with a strong conclusion that summarizes..
Developing the Research Outline for Implementation of EHR
Content Guidelines for Developing Your Research Outline Just about every piece of scholarly writing follows the same basic format. Some authors emphasize some areas more than others, but the structure of most of what you read whether an essay or a book follows a familiar format. So, why reinvent the wheel when constructing your research outline? The following..
Your Proposed Research Approach on Implementation of EHR
Create a summary of your proposed research problem and your chosen research approach. "Which is the Implementation of EHR". The body of the document will include preliminary choices about the type of research approach (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods) you have chosen, potential research instruments/techniques and a justification for your..
Literature Review Outline on Implementation of Electronic Health Records
I will attach my annotated bibliography in which the literature review outline must be written from those sources that i choose already. Prepare an outline for the literature review. The instructions for this assignment are as follows: Make a list of the different ideas that the authors present in their work. Organize the ideas and sources in such a way that you..
role of primary care, specialty care, and allied health care services in the U.S. health care system.
Prepare a 1000-1200 word written report discusses the role of primary care, specialty care, and allied health care services in the U.S. health care system. For this paper, you should start with a strong opening paragraph that will grab the attention of your reader. End with a strong conclusion that summarizes your essay. Make one point or thesis per paragraph,..
Assignment 3: The Implications of Managed Care on the U.S. Healthcare System
Managed health care emerged in the early 19th century in response to the growing cost of medical services in the United States. It is an ever-evolving approach to combining the financing and delivery of health care that seeks to manage costs, increase access, and ensure or improve quality of care through a variety of methods, including provider network management,..
Ethics and Globalization of Health Care, and Electronic Medical Records Versus Personal Health Records
Examine the primary reasons why medical tourism is becoming popular among Americans, and determine whether or not the health care industry should encourage this consumer behavior. Give at least two (2) specific examples associated with such patient medical consumerism behaviors. Compare and contrast electronic medical records with personal health records...
market justice theory and social justice theory on the delivery of health care in the United States.
discusses the impact of market justice theory and social justice theory on the delivery of health care in the United States. For this paper, you should start with a strong opening paragraph that will grab the attention of your reader. End with a strong conclusion that summarizes your essay. Make one point or thesis per paragraph, and build transitions between..
influentials of the U.S. health services system: access, cost and quality
Identify three (3) most significant acts, pieces of legislation, regulation, or other event since 1940 that have been most influential in affecting each of the three (3) main areas of the U.S. health services system: Access, Cost and Quality. ( Nine (9) different acts, legislations, regulations or events must be identified for full credit. Briefly justify..
Environmental/Occupational Case Study Identification
Supportive Submission #1 requires you to find an environmental/occupational health problem/case study of interest to you. This is the first part of your critical assignment. You will continue working on this throughout this semester. For this first part, address the components below: Introduction: Describe the health hazard. Identify the key problems..
California Health Interview Survey Descriptive Epidemiology Evaluation
The critical assignment in this course is a descriptive evaluation of California Health Interview Survey (CHIS). You will choose and research a disease/health problem within CHIS data Your paper should include background information on a health problem you identified within the CHIS data. Include discussion on criteria for cause and effect for your chosen..
Replacing the tax exclusion for employer-provided health insurance with a tax credit
Replacing the tax exclusion for employer-provided health insurance with a tax credit Analyze how such a change would affect the three primary constituencies in health care: 1. Patients 2. Providers 3. Payers (insurers). How would such a change affect the federal government’s budget? Provide at least one reason why such a change hasn’t already happened and..
understanding of the misuse and abuse of alcohol in australia
Regarding Part 1 ‘evaluation of a health promotion campaign’ You are asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and demonstrate understanding of the rationale for the program. To do this you will need to firstly review and discuss the literature on alcohol use and abuse in Australia and also the problem of alcohol in the target group of the campaign –..
Knowing Your Health Care Facilities and Structures
Complete the Knowing Your Health Care Facility worksheet. Part One: Describe five facilities. Describe services offered at the facilities. Identify personnel who work in the facility and their minimum education requirements. Part Two: Describe the health care structures. Identify a facility in your community that represents each of the health care structures...
demography and health indicators for Nigeria and the United States.
project use the Internet, research and compare the demography and health indicators for Nigeria and the United States. •Compare the annual population growth rate of both countries. What factors do you think are contributing to the differences observed between the two countries? •Compare the composition of the population of both countries. What does it suggest..
I WANT a quality work on this assignment, distinction grade, please do not accept this work if you are not capable of deliver an excellent job. all the information needed for is in the ASSIGNMENT BRIEF DOCUMENT FILE. AND IN TEXT CITATION REFERENCES, AND A COMPLETE HARVARD REFERENCES, This task must all be completed in a WORD DOCUMENT with no boarders of any sort...
Special Populations, and Health Care Policy Initiatives
Identify three special population groups in the U.S. and explain some of the major health care issues that are unique to each group. Providing examples, analyze the efforts of the U.S. health care system to address the needs of these special population groups. Do you think that the U.S. health care system is doing a good job? Why or why not? (2nd.) Provide an example..
Risk Management, Quality Management, and Sustainability
Even the most straightforward and well-planned project can be impacted by unexpected circumstances. Anticipating risks is a key part of project management, and one that a health care administrator or manager must ensure is taken into consideration by the project team. Additionally, If not carefully monitored, budget and time constraints can take a toll..
Long-Term Care - What is it, and who gets it? SLP 1
If you do not know which database the article is in, try searching ProQuest. If you do not find the article, then try the EBSCO database. Required Reading Eastaugh, S. R. (2008). Diversification the hospital industry. Journal of Health Care Finance, 34(4), 52-65. Retrieved from Proquest Mithran, S. (2011). Wood grange: responding to client's needs. Community..
Adjustments to Transitions in Health Care Delivery
To prepare for this Assignment: Read Case 5: Middleboro Community Hospital in this week’s Learning Resources, and consider the actions taken by this organization. Review data tables regarding their case mix (top DRGs), Patient Days, and CMS Core Measures. These metrics address both qualitative and quantitative measures in this organization. The Assignment:..
Reply to two classmates, Intervention Mapping to Improve Behavior
In your replies, state why you liked or disliked a comment, adding additional thoughts or ideas to your classmate’s, and/or providing alternative ideas or disagreeing thoughts. Your comments should be critical but kind, “speaking the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15). Help one another with good communication skills, both by example and instruction. Substantiate..
Refocusing our efforts on Medication Therapy Mangement
Need a persuasive proposal on an identified need/opportunity in my company. Written to a supervisor. I chose the topic of Medication Therapy Management and have an outline that can be used for referenece. *I need this paper in 3 hours, at least a really good draft, final paper due in one week.
Introduction to the U.S. Health Care Delivery Systemcase1
Introduction to the U.S. Health Care Delivery System Case Assignment Introduction to the U.S. Health Care Delivery System Having completed the assigned readings, you should now have a basic understanding of the characteristics and components of the United States health care delivery system. For the Module 1 Case Assignment, please conduct additional research..
Module 4 - SLP SKILLED NURSING AND CONTINUING LONG-TERM CARE As your fourth assignment in the session long project, identify and discuss accreditation for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Centers. Use the information in the modular background readings as well as any resource you can find conducting research on the world wide web...
Your neighbor Susan Jones calls you seeking advice concerning long term care decisions for her parents Stella and Anthony Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Hill are both retired. Mr. Hill is much older than his wife and has considerable limitations in his ability to function. He can not make it through the day without help. Mrs. Hill is in relatively good health. They are thinking..
Technology and the Future in Health Care–Transformational Trends and Forces
In this Discussion you are asked to select an emerging technology and evaluate its cost-effectiveness and potential adoption. Many novel technologies require significant rethinking of current workflows, roles, culture, and financial models. You are asked to consider how the technology you chose affects these aspects of the current health ecosystem...
Implications of Disease Recognition for Screening, Education, and Prevention Programs
HEPATITIS A Examine, analyze, and explain specific disease recognition techniques relative to your chosen disease state of hepatitis A. Discuss how screening (or other recognition strategies) can be utilized in education, and prevention program to help address public health concerns. Discuss the potential impact of these activities on health and wellness,..
Dealing with Unethical Behavior in Health Education and Promotion
Several professions (e.g., medicine and law) have procedures for dealing with members’ unethical behavior. In fact, if the offense is extreme enough a lawyer can be disbarred and a physician can lose his or her license to practice medicine. Do you think the profession of health education/promotion should create a similar process to review unethical behavior..
Case study of Patient Receiving Radiotherapy Ca Endometrium
ca Endometrium Introduction in detail, Anatomy description with images,Census data prevalence, etiology , Radiotherapy planning and immobilisation of Ca Endometrium,Radiotherapy Treatment techniques in detail, Radiotherapy dosage, Radiotherapy management and side effects. Patient care, I want this assignment with zero plagiarism , it should be..
Introduction to the U.S. Health Care Delivery System 1SLP
The overall goal of the Session Long Project is to examine health care delivery in the United States from a strategic perspective. Assignment for Module 1: President Obama signed a new bill that changed the landscape of the health care industry. This new law has resulted in uncertainty for patients and health care organizations. In his article, "Three Brutal..
Official Guideline 1.B.7 Multiple coding for a single condition
The initial discussion post must be at least 250 words of content, referencing the reading of the week, and include a scholarly source, cited using APA format. POSTED no later than Saturday. Students will respond to at least one classmate weekly on the discussion board and give at least 100 words of feedback...
Case study of Patient Receiving Radiotherapy Ca Pancrease
Immobilisation and image Technique of Radiotherapy Ca Pancreas,Radiotherapy Treatment plan for Ca Pancreas,Radiotherapy Treatment Verification and delivery for Ca Pancreas,Radiotherapy Treatment side effects of Ca Pancreas, The patient care for Ca Pancreas
Legal and Ethical Implications of Reporting Inaccurate Codes
Explain, in your own words, the legal and ethical implications of reporting inaccurate codes on a claim form. DISCUSSION POST REQUIREMENT The initial discussion post must be at least 250 words of content, referencing the reading of the week, and include a scholarly source, cited using APA format. POSTED no later than Wednesday...
Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: First Draft
The practice of health care providers at all levels brings you into contact with people from a variety of faiths. This calls for knowledge and acceptance of a diversity of faith expressions. The purpose of this paper is to complete a comparative analysis of two faith philosophies towards providing health care, one being the Christian perspective. For the second..
Action plan to prevent falls for hospital patients
Instructions for Action Plan to prevent falls hospital patients 1. Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Statement and Chosen Cause that will Drive Improvement 2. Current Knowledge of the Patient Safety Concern/Quality Improvement Issue (State and National Context) 3. Proposed Improvement Plan and Rationale 4. Content of Action Plan: 5. • - Identify the..
Discussion about two chapter from text book ( cities and the health of the public)
Choose two chapters from my text book (Cities and the health of the public) and discuss how they each shaped your thinking and understanding of the social determinants and disparities that you observed and researched for my case study report.I attached the PDF book.
Competency II: Facilitate Learner Development and Socialization Power Point Presentation
I have attached a copy of the paper from which the powerpoint presentation must come from. The grading rubric is listed below SEMINAR PRESENTATION The student will utilize skills acquired in previous MSN courses to conduct a presentation on the topic of the formal paper. The intentions of the presentation are to: demonstrate mastery of the content and develop..
Assessing the Financial Performance and Its Impact on Merger Acquisition
**Using the financial statements from Tenet Healthcare and develop a financial plan for the next three years. **See attachment** **Using the Annual Reports of Tenet Healthcare, consider the financial ratio that analysts would use to evaluate the financial condition of each company. Speculate on the organization's ability to merge with its competitors...
End of life education of choices and options available, with implications of care and cost.
The assignment will address the available educated choices in deciding the path towards end of life care. The primary facts are, informed consent, cost, length of care and autonomy in decision process and non-malfeasance. It should also address physician paternalism. Include references of articles.
Relationship Between Socioeconomic levels and Health Status
Discussion (At least 3 pages) Includes: Interpretation of the results Implications Study limitations The discussion should provide an interpretation of the results in terms of meaning and application. Computations or extrapolations that may help explain the results may be provided. Limitations of the study should be defined and suggestions for future..
Assessing the Financial Performance and Its Impact on Merger Acquisition 
**Using the financial statements from your selected health care organization in Assignment 1, develop a financial plan for the next three years.  **See attachment**  **Using the Annual Reports of your organization, consider the financial ratio that analysts would use to evaluate the financial condition of each company. Speculate on the organization's..
Evaluate reference terminologies to satisfy organizational information needs.
HI530-2: Evaluate reference terminologies to satisfy organizational information needs. Instructions A healthcare organization has hired you to evaluate their EHR development plan. Given you are a Subject Matter Expert of reference terminologies, the organization would like for you to focus your evaluation on how to best meet their organizational information..
Strategic Planning Analysis - Rebranding Your Company
Assignment 4: Strategic Planning Analysis - Rebranding Your Company The emergence of technology advancement is widespread in most health care organizations. However, due to the financial cost of implementing electronic health records (EHR) and ICD-10 coding over the past 5 years, your company has failed to keep up with the technological advances and Federal..
Results (simulated): Relationship Between Socioeconomic levels and Health Status
Results (Simulated) (At least 3 pages) Includes: - Descriptive information (e.g., description of subjects) - Results of statistical analyses - Names of statistical tests - Value of calculated statistic - Level of statistical significance Results must be written as text. Tables and figures may accompany the results. The text must explain in detail all the..
Problem Statement: Relationship Between Socioeconomic levels and Health Status
Please watch the video that accompanies the assignment and respond to the discussion question and two classmates. Read: Ethical Considerations in Research pg. 257 in Orcher. Video Link:
Contemporary Health Issue Topic Selection and Rationale : Hospital acquired infections
this course is Public Health: contemporary healthcare issues: the topic is on Healthcare-associated infections Assignment Directions: 1.research, choose, and identify the topic of your contemporary health issue presentation, and 2.then provide a rationale for choosing it as your topic of interest.  The rationale should include a brief summary of the..
Social Cognitive Theory and Diffusion of Innovation
Select two social, cultural, and environmental theories. Compare and contrast the two theories. Explain how each theory works to include its benefits and challenges. Describe a public health issue that could be addressed by each theory. (Note: This list of theories mentioned in the text and lectures is not exhaustive. There are other theories outside of what..
Research design: Relationship Between Socioeconomic levels and Health Status
Guidelines for Research Design/ Methods: Methods (At least 3 pages) Describes: -Research design -Subjects -Measures and data collection -Study procedure -Identify the research design, the methods and procedures in detail to include statistical methods. Give reasons for using the methods. -APA Format only..
Homework 3: Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale Self-Assessment, Experiences, and Management Plan
This week you have a personal assignment that relates to the reading on stress management.  First, you are going to assess your own stress levels by completing the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory (see attached pdf below).  Next, you are going to gain familiarity with new stress relief activities by attempting two from the list below.  Please attempt each..
Mechanisms for Evaluating Financial Health of Health Care Organizations
Case Assignment Create an income statement based on the scenario. Determine the financial health of Pearland Medical Center. What were Pearland Medical Center’s net income, cash flow, total profit margin, and total profit margin excluding grants and investments for each year? Discuss your suggestions for Pearland Medical Center based on your interpretation..
Developing Organisational Vision and strategic direction
The assignment consists of tasks word minimum 1500 to 2000 per task. This is a UK diploma L7 assignment I have attached the details and also attached the organisation information that the assignments needs to be on. Also a vision of where the company is going I work here so I can answer any questions that are needed to complete this assignment. The assignment needs..
Hypothesis Statement: Relationship Between Socioeconomic levels and Health Status
A hypothesis for a project, a paper or a experiment is key to guiding you in the right direction as you reach your conclusion. Please make sure you follow the guidelines for writing a good measurable hypothesis.
social determinantof health and the LGBT community
3-4 pages • Develop a visual representation of how you have applied the SEM and include the table and diagram for the intervention you are proposing. Refer to the Socio-Ecological Model (PDF) in this Week's learning resources as an example of a visual representation. • Describe which stakeholders and organizations you will work with to execute your intervention...
Planning for Change, Implementing and Evaluating EBP Projects: Evaluating EBP Projects
Please pay attention to the evidence-based practice model or framework selected for EBP Project (Application 2 - I have uploaded Application 2 for your review). How does the model or framework facilitate the evaluation of outcomes? Would another model or framework better meet the needs of your project? To complete: (note that there are 3 sub-headings) Write..
Process and interpret data using appropriate methods
two exam questions, first question based on : -Process and interpret data using appropriate methods second question based on : -Discuss some of the underlying causes of infectious diseases. -Describe, analyze and interpret simple numerical data. -Process and present data using appropriate methods...
Current and Future Economic Issues Impacting Healthcare Sector
Use the Internet or Strayer online databases to research five (5) of what you believe to be the most important and pressing economic issues that confront the United States healthcare industry today and will continue to do so into the next decade. Provide a review of these issues in a ten to twelve (10-12) page paper in which you: Provide a detailed description of..
Social, Behavioral, and Psychosocial Causes of Diseases: Type 2 Diabetes (T
Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: Analyze the development of T2D in the U.S., and compare its development to developing countries in general. Using T2D statistics, compare the rates in the U.S. to the rates in Tennessee. In addressing community concerns, analyze the cost of treating T2D in your Tenneessee. Suggest five (5) prudent steps to address..
Performance management plan for your medical coders
Instructions Summary: Review the complete requirements for this Assignment by reviewing the grading rubric in the Course Resources. Put yourself in the role of Director of Health Information at a medium sized hospital. Complete the assigned reading and explore other information and articles as well Create a performance management plan for your medical..
Cohort Follow-up Studies: Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: Through cohort study designs and other evidence-based management studies, identify the major causes of CVD, and analyze the key steps, including current medications, used to address the disease. Develop at least five (5) leading questions that may be posed to your local health department in regard to mitigating..
Implications of Health Economic Concepts for Healthcare
Select at least five (5) economic concepts, and discuss the primary manner in which these concepts impact the world of health care economics. Some examples of selected concepts are health demand and supply, elasticity, resources, health measures, and costs. Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you: Assess the value of healthcare professionals and..
Discuss the issues facing Ireland in the coming decades from the expected increase in the older population
Think in terms of the benefits and challenges involved. try to conceptualise what we as a society should aspire to for people in the older age group generally. focus on selected policies and specific categories of older people critically discuss the issues and choices that we must make in responding to our ageing society. refer to research reports and use sociological..
Conducting a Descriptive Research Study “Barriers to Accepting Health Information Technologies”
The Survey Says: Conducting a Descriptive Research Study “Barriers to Accepting Health Information Technologies” Step One Introduction: With the rapid transformation of the U.S. health care industry, today’s HIM (including health care managers) professional requires an advanced level of skill sets and training. This includes the basic ability to conduct..
Diabetes Presentation/Respiratory Disease Paper/Worksheet
THERE ARE 3 PARTS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT PART 1: Imagine you are a community health educator and you have been tasked with developing a presentation to be given in a setting to educate an audience on one type of diabetes. Identify your audience. Examples include the following: Senior center Middle school A workplace Create a resource (350 to 700 words) as a way to share..
public healthcare issue to discuss legal, ethical, and Biblical implications.
1 page paper with references explaining what further study of legal or bioethical principles that would be helpful for students. And explain why. APA format 3 to 5 pages excluding title page and references on any public healthcare issue to discuss legal, ethical, and Biblical implications. It need not be a public health issue per se, but should be one that has..
Effects of Disease on the Health Care Industry: Endocrine/Community Health Promotion Tool Health/
THERE ARE 2 PARTS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT PART 1: COMPLETE ATTACHED WORKSHEET FOR ENDOCRINE DISEASE HEALTH PART 2: Resources: Internet, University Library, and Human Diseases (4th ed.) Imagine you are creating a community health promotion resource that addresses a cardiovascular subject of your choosing. You are creating this tool for a segmented population..
Mental/Behavioral Case Studies/Effects of Disease on the Health Care Industry: Cardiovascular Health
THERE ARE TWO PARTS TO THE ASSIGNMENT PART 1: Complete attached worksheet (ALZHEIMER DISEASE & DOWN SYNDROME) PART 2: Select one of the provided case studies at the end of Ch. 15 or Ch. 21 in Human Diseases (4th ed.). Imagine the subject of the selected case study is a client of yours. Draft a short, one-page (350 to 700 words) memo describing the situation and requesting..
Emergency Situations/ Responding to social health needs
This is 2 discussion questions. For discussion question number one you must answer 1 & 2. I will upload a sample that belongs to another student. You must respond to that sample that is from another student. Part 2 must be done in the same manner. Must be completed in 3-6 hours. 1) Suppose you work in a hospital that just received twelve patients from a disaster event..
Health promotion interventions for the 21st century
I need a structured essay of approx 3000 words with full headings like INTRO(200WORDS). To identify the determinants of health and to map the set determinants using the iceberg model (approx 500 words) My topic would be climate change and the intervention I want to focus on is MANGROVE RESTORATION IN ASIA. Comparison of the health interventions with the social..
Communications Strategy to publicize a health seminar
The communications strategy has to be in a report format. Preferably to use Bullet points and not in an essay format. It has to be roughly about 2500 words without references. The references has to be in HARVARD STYLE. The topic I will be focusing on is ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. All the headings to be according to the rubric attached. Stakeholder analysis and risk management..
Human embryonic stem cell therapy in thetreatment of multiple slerosis and system lupus erythromatosus
This is a university coursework. All research papers used ahould be peer reviewed journals and within the last five years. Correct harvard format of citation both in-text and summary citations should be utilised. This essay should show significant and cutting edge clinical immunological research in the field. British english and spellings should be used...
Heathcare quality
In your own words provide in a document (maximum of 500 words) a summary of Chapters 13-16 in Lean Done Right. I want it to be done within 5 hours
Health Care Reimbursement and Utilization Management
Scenario: Medicare and private payers have expanded reimbursement under Accountable care organizations (ACO). You are the chief financial officer (CFO) of a hospital system that is forming an ACO to participate in these payment models. The ACO seeks to improve care coordination for its patients with chronic conditions. To provide better care management,..
Please read and reflect on the Adams (2006) article. Tell me what you found interesting, helpful or disturbing and what do you think about their methodological approach. You only need to post your response. Please be as detailed as possible to receive full credit. A short paragraph will not suffice for an answer (Type word count at the bottom of each post; Word..
module 3 Assignment
Directions: Please read Chapter 6 of your text and answer the questions/comments listed below as they relate to the concepts of health program planning. Please provide your answers in the assignment section.
Healthcare quality
For this week's Discussion Board please read "Associations between Health Care Quality and the Use of Electronic Health Record Functions in Ambulatory Care" in the articles folder of the Course Content section of the course and then comment on the following: 1) What are some of the issues discussed in this article affecting the successful implementation of..
epidermiology used by health professionals
Describe what epidemiology is and how it is used in the health professions. ● Identify measures of morbidity and mortality used to study health problems. ● Interpret common measures of morbidity and mortality, including death, birth, and infection rates. Select two entities (such as two hospitals or two countries). Using credible published data, identify..
be creative with a business, write three pages based on your health business and powerpoint.
the instructor did not give us a full detail on how to do the paper, but she stated that to create a health care business, than write three pages of paper and power point. The assignment due on March 21th, 2017. I placed the same other more than a week ago, and selected Sheriff Rango as my writer. The last time I checked the assignment, it still at the draft section. It's..
birth control,(STDs) and minors
research and answer 2 questions and short summary. deadline is tonight 9 pm central time please number questions
Follow Schistosomiasis sample poster presentation to do the Cysticercosis poster
* Group 3 will write a paper during the unit on knowledge * Each paper will be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 4 pages * Students are expected to answer each question directly, and thoroughly in their own words * This is not a research paper, the objective is to illustrate that you understand the sociological concepts and how they work in the world * Students should..
Business Letter New Patient
Create a Medical Administration Business Letter for New Patient
Healthcare quality
For this week's Discussion Board please read "The Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records and Health Care Utilization" in the articles folder of the Course Content section of the course and then comment on the following: 1) After reading this article, how would you describe Meaningful Use (MU) of Electronic Health Records (EHR)? 2) How as health care utilization..
Health insurance and Financing
Assignment is actually due by 1 am Eastern time March 16, 2017 Scenario: You are the employee benefits manager for a mid-sized construction company with 50 employees. You are responsible for working with insurance companies to design a health insurance policy to meet your company’s needs. An analysis of the health risks of your company’s employees indicated..
Affordable healthcare
the task is on the document file and the information is on the pdf (((I WANT IT TO BE DONE WITHIN 3 HOURS )))
Week 11
Evaluation of a Successful, Evidence-Based Public Health Program that Addresses Chosen GHP. Evaluation PAPER of Successful, Evidence-Based Public Health Program that Addresses Chosen GHP 1) Students will select a health program for evaluation (program can be any EFFECTIVE/ EVIDENCE-BASED/ SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC HEALTH education, treatment, prevention,..
Corporate Strategy Proctor and Gamble
See attached instructions Proctor and Gamble is the chosen company
Corporate Strategy
Assignment 5.1: Are Some Foods "Superfoods" for Health?
Description In this assignment your will use your food log to analyze your fat intake. You may choose to look at either the one day you analyzed quantitatively in Assignment 3.1 or you may look at the three days as a whole. Choose whichever is more informative to you depending on your pattern of fat consumption over the three days. 1. Fill out the first row of the table..
Can you paraphrase all the answers to the questions I already answered to? I also need you to answer the bonus question and find other references to your paraphrased asnwers.
Analyze the circumstances presented in the two case studies
All instructions are attached
Discussion 2: Cost, Quality, and Access Challenges in Health Care Delivery
All instructions are attached
health 1
Part A: Using Percent Daily Value to Total Your Intake of One Vitamin or Mineral Choose one day from your food log from the last module and one vitamin or mineral to analyze in your diet for that day. Use the table on page Y of your textbook. What is the Daily Value in milligrams (mg) or in micrograms (µg) for your chosen nutrient? What is the RDA for that nutrient for your..
Reflection The differences between empathy and compassion.
A 2 page Draft as part of a 6000 words research project
This is a 2 page draft that outlines the "AIMS + OBJECTIVE+METHOD OF INTERVENTION" that will be used in writing a 6000 words Research Project on 'Alcohol misuse and Binge Drinking among young adults aged 18-24'. I will send you some resources if it will effect good grade for me. Thx.
reading #3
What is the difference between selfesteem and self compassion? What is the point of cultivating self compassion as it relates to dealing with our own suffering and the suffering of others? pls pls follow directions and put eveyrhitng in your own words
1965 Social Security Amendments (Medicare/Medicaid)
All instructions are attached. Please pay attention to the due date. And please make sure you can write.
Analyze the circumstances presented in the two case studies
All instructions are attached. Zero Plagiarism, please
1965 Social Security Amendments (Medicare/Medicaid)
All instructions are attached. Please pay attention to the due date
Statement of Support
Statement of Support a. Identify a Health Care policy that interests you. (APRN & NP to practice without barriers) b. Develop a 3-5 page (APA format) paper that supports your position on the proposed legislation. List both clinical and political reasons to support your position. c. Must submit the proposed Legislation with the paper...
Description In this assignment you will use the information from the module to determine an ideal target for your total daily calorie intake and an ideal target percentage for each of the three calorie containing groups—carbohydrates, proteins, and fat/lipids. You will then select one of the three days from your food log to analyze and compare to your targets...
Tuskey Study HED
n this section, you will learn about The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, a controversial study for reasons related to medical ethic standards. You will do this by reading the Tuskegee information that is located on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website and by watching the Tuskegee Syphilis YouTube video (30 min) VIDEO :
Multicausality: Confounding Assignment
These estimates include the influence of other extraneous variables, such as confounders. Confounding is often considered a type of bias, but it is a real relationship that requires an adjustment in the study design or analysis. Understanding how to identify confounding is important as most associations have multiple causal factors. Recognizing if a study..
Recent Outbreak Table(Last 5 years)
Complete the outbreak table. It will cover an outbreak of infectious disease that occurred within the past 5 years. In the table the student should describe the persons, places, and times involved in the outbreak, the infectious agent, and what control measures were used to halt the outbreak. Resources as to where to find outbreaks include World Health Organization..
Measuring Morbidity: Prevalence and Incidence
Scenario In Community X (population 20,000), an epidemiologist conducted a prevalence survey in January of 2012 and reported an HIV prevalence of 2.2%. Over the next 12 months, the department of health reported an additional 50 new HIV cases between February 2012 and January 2013. The total population stayed constant at 20,000. Part 1 How many people had HIV..
Oswego Outbreak Case Study
Read the "Oswego Outbreak Investigation," located in the Topic Materials. Part 1 Complete the following: Using the line listing in the Excel "Oswego Line Listing Workbook," calculate the attack rate ratios for each food item using the table in the Excel "Oswego Attack Rate Table." Create a separate 2x2 table for the food item you think is responsible for the..
Neehr Perfect 2
Attached to this assignment is Level III Scavenger Hunt – The Power of EHR and Level IV Scavenger Hunt – Final Evaluation Please complete both the Level III and Level IV Scavenger Hunts. While the assignment instructions will tell you to record the answers directly on the assignment and upload the entire document into Canvas, please do not follow these instructions...
healthcare evaluation
This assignment asks you to answer some questions about the study below. Read Chapter 3 through page 108 before attempting to complete this assignment. A Post-Program Randomized Experiment in your own backyard, the Perry Preschool Study. Please answer each of the questions below in your own words. Explain how the groups of children were “matched” so that they..
Healthcare Quality
In Chapter #4 of Basics of Health Care Performance Improvement, you will learn about the analyze phase of the Six Sigma approach. In your own words provide in a document (maximum of 500 words) a description of how the various elements of this phase are used. Be specific and thorough in your descriptions of the elements, including at a minimum the use of five tools..
Week 8 & 9
Week 8 - is due Sunday Feb 26 Week 9- is due Saturday March 4th
Wk 5 Individual Assignment: U.S. Health Care Systems for Small Populations, Part 5
Write a 700- to 1,050–word paper that considers the cost of providing the health care service and running the facility you have proposed. Include an evaluation of your planned revenue streams and determine whether you would still be in business a year after you open. Consider the following costs: Loans (property, equipment, inventory) Rent Salaries Telecommunications..
Strategic Management of Hospital
You must construct a hypothetical health care facility (community hospital, skilled nursing facility, or mental health facility etc.). This is based on the components of real facilities. The factors must be realistic. Keep in mind that everything cost. Do not use real names. If you are employed in a heath care facility you may use your place of employment (again,..
Employee Motivation
Week 4: Readings and Overview Your Checklist for the Weekly Unit: Complete the following tasks before proceeding to the next weekly unit:  Read in your textbook, Organizational Behavior: 3rd Edition McSHANE | VON GLINOW  Chapter 5: Employee Motivation Week 4 - Application Assignment Assignment Overview This assignment addresses the objectives of the assigned..
Evaluation Assignment
Directions: Discuss why you think there is a need to evaluate performance and to measure it? What are the pros and cons of conducting performance evaluations? Discuss who are the stakeholders, and how are they effected? The assignment should be in Times New Roman Font, size 12. The assignment should be 3 pages in length, 1 cover page, 1 page of content, and 1 page..
week 2 discussion
Based on insights from your reading of The Weird Rules of Creativity and How to Kill Creativity, please respond to the following prompts in your own post: Describe one way that you and/or your organization (Dental office) can support creativity in your workplace. Describe one way that you think your organization may stifle creativity...
Healthcare Quality
For this week's Discussion Board please read "Will Value Based Purchasing Increase Disparities in Health Care" in the articles folder of the Course Content section of the course and then comment on the following: 1) In general, what is your reaction to and feeling about Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (HVBP) separate from the discussion in this article regarding..
Create 3 workflow diagrams
Select 3 processes from the following list that are relevant to the facility you are proposing for your new or improved health care service: EMR/EHR Patient check-in and check-out Patient visits e-Prescribing Appointment scheduling Laboratory orders Referral generation and management Office discharge Billing Create 3 workflow diagrams that explain..
Telehealth & Reimbursement & Coverage State Policy & Gap Analysis
Using the site The Center for Connected Health Policy (, locate your current state, Maryland Next, review the attached American Telemedicine Association (ATA) 2016 State Telemedicine Gap Analysis: Coverage and Reimbursement Report. file:///C:/Users/Admin/Downloads/2016_50-state-telehealth-gaps-analysis--coverage-and-reimbursement%20(1).pdf..
Policy Analysis Paper
In previous Discussions and Application Assignments, you have examined various aspects of the policy process: exploring the unintended consequences of policies, agenda setting, and analyzing policy recommendations. In this Application Assignment, you will have the opportunity to further develop your analysis skills by working through the policy analysis..
power point presentation
Global Awareness PowerPoint Presentation: Students will select a culture and compare and contrast, while considering the health belief model, and corresponding practices to those of the American culture. Students should have an understanding of the health belief model and use the basic tenets of said model as a guide with consideration to this assignment...
Wk 2 Individual Assignment: U.S. Health Care Systems for Small Populations, Part 2
Evaluate the current state of the health care system in the city you selected. Read local newspaper articles, watch videos, and explore government and health care sites for information about challenges to the city’s health care needs (shortages, financial difficulties, privacy issues, etc.). Propose a new or improved health care service that you would introduce..
Wk 1 Individual Assignment: U.S. Health Care Systems for Small Populations, Part 1
To begin, select an existing health care system in a small U.S. city preferably in the state where you live. The city should have a population of less than 200,000. Create a 700- to 1,050–word profile of the city you selected along with details like: Map of the city Types and locations of medical services Demographics (population, age, gender, etc.) Income and..
Health Information Reports
Go to (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Review a few sample basic-4 reports from each of the following categories: #6 - consultation and history and physical, #11 - discharge summary, and #39 - surgery operative reports; and a few samples from any other specialty area. NOTE: MT sample disclaimer: "These sample..
chs 460 #2
Description What are they testing? -describe the methods what happened please please follow instructions!!!! and please try to use your own words and not to cite as much
Issues in Health Care Reform (Interview)
According to the AACN (2006), " Political activism and commitment to policy development are central elements of professional nursing practice" (p. 13). . To prepare: Identify a state or national politician (state representative or legislator, senator, congressman, governor, etc.), or aide, whom you would like to interview regarding current issues in..
Ten guidelines to maintain a safe working environment
APA Format, up to 1500-2000 words, Abstract In this assignment, I will be describing, discussing and using examples that will help with the explaining of the following guidelines that will be listed in my Textbook on the following pages 133-135, that physicians and other health care providers, practitioners can follow to maintain a safe working environment..
Adverse Selection Forum
The Bernell text identifies three methods that insurance companies might use to reduce adverse selection. Do some research and find at least one other method that insurance companies might use. Of the three methods identified by Bernell and the additional one that you've identified, which one do you think consumers would like least? Which one is the most appealing..
ACA revision in order to improve U.S healthcare system.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care ACT (PPACA); hence referred to as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Students will work in to dissect, analyze, and present findings on one section of the ACA that needs to be revised in order to improve the U. S. Healthcare system. Your analysis will be aimed at “briefing” the President to help him understand the importance..
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