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Research Division 2 or Section III and Research Division 3 or Section IV
Assignment 1 Draft - Research Division 2 or Section III of the Research Paper (Essay 5) - Body Paragraphs 3 and 4 Directions: Create a new file in Microsoft Word that includes only the body paragraphs for Research Division 2 or section III of the Essay 5 outline. (Body paragraphs 3 and 4 of Essay 5). Ensure that the document is in MLA format with a heading and a title..
Technical Instructions module: contains 3 sub-modules
TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTSTopicoSomething in which you have high expertise, preferably in your field, a hobby, a skill, or a work-related/educational area. CANNOT do instruction over cooking/baking (unless cleared by me), gun cleaning/maintenance, the ‘Hello World’ program, or concrete slump test (too many similar instructions out there..
Urgent 1 page "Fahrenheit 451" reading and making questions
Our class will explore the novel Fahrenheit 451 through reading circles. This exercise will give you an opportunity to focus on different roles as you read. The five roles that you will explore are “discussion director,” “literary luminary,” “summarizer,” “vocabulary enricher,” and “character analyzer.” You should have AT LEAST 1 full page [double-space]..
Research: The Evolution of Drama and Research: The Roles of Women during the Early 20th Century: 1900-1920
Assignment 1 (1page) Research: The Evolution of Drama Directions: Create a timeline of changes that track the evolution of drama. Conduct research at the library or online to find out how drama has evolved over the years. Create the timeline in Microsoft Word. Avoid just copying and pasting from a website. Include a resource page with your timeline that lists..
"Top Writer's" needed completing a Outline, Topic Discussion & Peer Review Q/A's, and a Essay "NO PLAGIARISM!"
Please review the attached files, my instructor's guidelines have been highlighted in yellow. She will use Variscite/Turnitin to review your work, so I need you to include a "Work Cited" page for your research conducted. "ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!!"
Hamlet Dramatical Irony Chart and Critical Analysis
Step 1) Download and complete the following “They thought . . . but” chart outlining several instances of dramatic irony from Hamlet by Shakespeare. (Link for chart:
Maintaining Academic Integrity by Avoiding Plagiarism
In this Assignment, a) describe how you will avoid plagiarism in your submitted assignments; and b) discuss how paraphrasing and synthesizing professional literature strengthens your future nurse scholar-practitioner practice. Please use the sources:Read the Writing Center’s section on Plagiarism found at
Understanding the Theoretical Framework PowerPoint
From the three previously presented potential research topics, identify one research topic of most interest. Using the three peer-reviewed research articles analyzed in assignment 2, as well as additional peer-reviewed research articles, identify a theory most informative to the topic of interest. Discuss how the identified theory relates to the selected..
Are drug courts the solution to addressing nonviolent drug offenders?
Assignment Details Argumentative Essay (Phase 1) Overview of the argumentative essay: Throughout the course, you will build a 4–5-page argumentative essay. An argumentative essay requires writers to explore a topic (issue), collect and consider evidence, and establish an opinion on the topic in a brief way. The complete essay must incorporate research..
Supportive Submission 3: Published Experimental Design Checklist Comparison
Experimental research seeks to determine if a specific treatment influences an outcome. The researcher assesses this by providing a specific treatment to one group and withholding it from another and then determining how both groups scored on an outcome. Experiments include true experiments, with the random assignment of subjects to treatment conditions,..
PSYCHOLOGY: Mid-Twentieth Century Feminism and Creativity
Mid-Twentieth Century Feminism and Creativity 1. Examine how key creative women represent the dynamic changes in gender and cultural identity in western society during the second half of the 20th century. 2. Discuss the ways women’s art and social movements intersect in the second half of the 20th century. Introduction In Week 3, we saw the emergence of the..
Nadezhda Azhgikhina and Helena Goscilo. Getting under their skin
1 page response .What kind of value does female beauty have in Russian society? Did the attitudes toward beauty and practices of beautification change over time and if so, in what way? What was considered beautiful in Soviet times and how did it change after the collapse of the U.S.S.R.?
Separate Spheres and the Emergence of the "New Woman" (19th, Early 20th Centuries)
COURSEWORK INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Identify innovative contributions by women in the arts at the end of the 19th century through the modern period. 2. Discuss the persistence of gender ideology promoted in the “Victorian ideal” and its impact on women’s creativity. 3. Analyze ways women’s creativity was additionally marginalized by race, ethnicity, and/or class...
The role of Priviledge and power in creative Expression
The Role of Privilege and Power in Creative Expression The life and work of poet Phillis Wheatley, who was sold into slavery as a child of seven and educated by the Wheatleys who bought her, provides a poignant example of an important concept in feminist theory today—intersectionality. The concept of intersectionality can be defined as the ways that interconnected..
Dostoyevsky, "The Grand Inquisitor"- Narrative Analysis
Dostoyevsky, "The Grand Inquisitor" Structure: Does the narrative have a simple structure or flashback structure? Narrator(s): Identify the narrator(s) who tell(s) the story in the narrative. 1. Is the narrator first-person or third-person? 2. Is the narrator all-knowing (omniscient)? Does the narrator tell you what is going on in the minds of the characters?..
Moral Purpose and Cultural Significance in Fables, Fairytales, Myths and Legends
ption B Write a 350- to 700-word paper that includes the following: A fable or fairytale written by you that has a moral purpose or teaches a moral lesson A reflection that compares your fable or fairytale to those you read this week A discussion of the historical and cultural significance of two substantial myths or legends from among the readings for Week 3 Use..
Peer Review 2 of Draft of Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation
Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation Assignment Sheet Peer Review 2 of Draft of Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation No unread replies. No replies. Read the Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation Assignment Sheet Post draft by Wednesday, July 18: Have ONE TEAM MEMBER post their team's Draft of Team Analytical Report (write your team..
Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation Assignment Sheet
Peer Review 2 of Draft of Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation No unread replies. No replies. Read the Team Writing Project: A Heuristic Evaluation Assignment Sheet Post draft by Wednesday, July 18: Have ONE TEAM MEMBER post their team's Draft of Team Analytical Report (write your team number in the subject line). Respond by Friday, July 20: EVERY TEAM..
**Due in 12 hours **Using the Scientific Method to Challenge our Thinking
Using the concepts and ideas learned in Modules 1-9 in Lau and Chan (2017), write an essay in response to the following prompts: How does the scientific method aid human critical reasoning processes? How and why have you made assumptions or inferences on important matters, regardless of data or evidence to the contrary?..
The problem you think is most significant and proposing a solution about Drugs
Write a 1 page paper discussing the problem you think is most significant and proposing a solution about drugs using some transitional and dependent words in it..It should have 4 paragraphs 1.INTRO // 2.CAUSES // 3.EFFECTS // 4. SIGNIFICANT ....Then you do the conclusion ...WITH ONLY 80 TO 100 WORDS!!!ONLY NEED 1 PAGE...THE DEADLINE IS 6/7/18..
**due in 6 hours **Letter to Your Future Self - Critical Thinking/Reasoning
**DUE IN 6 HOURS TODAY*** write a letter to yourself on critical reasoning that you will read one year from now. This letter should synthesize the concepts you have learned Include the following ideas and terms in your letter: Which parts of the universal intellectual standards or the elements of reason are most difficult for you at this point? What strategies..
Financial Inclusion and Financila Deepening Towards The Economic Growth In Malaysia
Topic- *Financial Inclusion and Financial Deepening Towards The Economic Growth* *(10 marks)* Paper- *Conceptual* Format- 1. *5 pages* 2. *Journal or tem-paper style* 3. *Abstract (150-200 words) max 5 keywords* 4. *Intro/Overview, academic discussion, closing remarks and references* 5. *Insert citations* 6. *Ref n ciatation must be 2008 above*..
There are three parts to the Unit 1 assignment: memo, email
There are three parts to the Unit 1 assignment: memo, email and letter A. For the memo portion, you will need to review the memo prompts on Blackboard, choose one, and respond to it. B. For the email portion, you will need to review the angry emails on Blackboard, pick one, and respond to it from the perspective of a customer service representative for the organization...
Issues Facing the International Community Essay Discussion
Please note that this forum has several parts, so read these instructions carefully. First, choose one (1) of the essays from the “Issues Facing the International Community” (See attachment). Then, let the reader know why you chose this particular essay. Does this essay discuss an issue that is facing you currently? Next, discuss whether or not your essay is..
Discussion 3.2 - Music as Social Protest Options Menu: Forum
Click on one of the links beow to hear/see: Bob Dylan - Bob Marley - The Last Poets - What is your favorite song that presents a strong message for social change? Why? What is the..
Teenagers should be banned from undergoing cosmetic surgery
My essay title is Teenagers should be banned from undergoing cosmetic surgery, and the essay genre is argumentative, I hope my essay structure is 1 Intro, 2 paragraph to support my stance, and 1 counter argument, and finally, the conclusion. Here is the details required In this essay you should put forward and support an opinion on the topic of beauty. You should:..
Read three essays, then answer three questions for each story (plus one bonus question)
READINGS: 1. "My Father: Leslie Stephen" by Virginia Woolf LINK: file:///C:/Users/parterburn/Downloads/My_Father_--_Leslie_Stephen_--_Virginia_Woolf.pdf 2. "The Battle of the Ants" by Henry David Thoreau (Class Handout) Link: Folder/Battle of the Ants.pdf 3. "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien..
Compare & analyse how the writer’s narrative techniques portrays personal struggles in...
... the Stuart: A Life Backwards – Alexander Masters and Lady in the Van – Alan Bennett? The coursework is out of 24 marks. 1700-2000 words. Both books should be read. The question focus is on "narrative techniques" and how it portrays personal struggles in both texts. Some possibe narrative and/or techniques I would like to be investigated are narrative voice,..
Discussion-For Environmental Balance, Pick Up a Rifle
After reading "For Environmental Balance, Pick Up a Rifle" by Nicholas D. Kristof in Chapter Five of your textbook, post your answers to the following questions: Is the slightly humorous tone of Kristof's essay imappropriate for a discussion of deliberately killing wild animals? Why or why not? Does Kristof make any tacit or implicit assumption* with which..
“On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning” by Haraki Murakami.
In a post of at least 150 words, please respond to the following set of questions. How would you define perfection in a romantic partner and have you ever observed such perfection? What constitutes perfection? Have you ever spotted the 100% perfect man or woman? How would you relate your ideas to Murakami ’s story? How does the story’s title make you think of a fairy..
On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning
I have course work for English Composition that I totally forgot about. It did not specify how many words or pages but my instructor usually asks for 500 words per coursework. It does require reading though. I need it done before Sunday. Please help.
“Once more to the lake” -e b white. I have to answer 3 questions
My assignment is to answer 3 questions on E.B. White’s personal essay once more to the lake. 1) give examples that show this is white’s sacred spot and explain 2) give examples that show that time has stayed still and explain 3) what is the implied thesis? For question 3) I was going to say the thesis is every life will end, yet continue through generation and through..
TESOL Lesson Plan using authentic material(Grammar+ 2 skills)
Design a final lesson plan using the PPP FORMAT based on a grammar point plus two skills of your preference.Remember that each stage needs: Stage name Step name Timing Interactive pattern Technique Purpose Teacher's script Purpose Students' needed responses Aids Instructions: For this lesson plan choose a chapter from an ESL book or authentic material(movie..
“Reading Lolita in Tehran” written by Azar Nafisi
The book “Reading Lolita in Tehran” written by Azar Nafisi needs to be read. I have attached the outline to the assignment and the following questions needs to be answered: What do we learn from this book about the relationship between the Iranian state, women, and the veil?
How does collage prepare us to live a life of virtue?
The three first document are pictures of a definition essay that I wrote. The topic of the paper address issues of race, power, and authority. Also in the paper, has to be developed through the definition of the articles, ethics, and causes and effects that answers the title.
Research concept,journal summaries,and Research proposal
Looking for someone help me fulfill this assignment. This assignment has two parts, one is Research concept and journal summaries, other one is Research proposal, all requirements has post into attach file, please check them carefully.
The Middle Ground Method of Argumentation/Concluding Thoughts
Unlike the Toulmin and Rogerian methods where one side is argued over another, the Middle Ground argument mediates between two sides of an issue hopefully arriving at a compromise solution between two positions. Please include both answers in one initial post with extra space between them. Middle Ground Discussion: For this discussion, choose an issue that..
D1.3: Using Databases/ Signal Phrases-MLA Options Menu: Forum
Purpose of this Discussion: To help prepare you to integrate research into your paper, and to access the Library Databases to find acceptable critical, peer-reviewed sources and credit the sources correctly within your text. Read: "How to Access Miami Dade Databases" in your Module 3 Resources folder. Another site to find what you need is Google Scholar, but..
Reading Response on "Artificial Intelligence isn't the scary future"
-Paper should be a reading response on the attached article, "Artificial Intelligence isn't the scary future" -Paper must be done in APA Style -Paper should be 600-800 words -All areas of attached rubric must be covered
Issues Facing the International Community Essay Discussion
First, choose one (1) of the essays from the “Issues Facing the International Community” listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. Then, let the reader know why you chose this particular essay. Does this essay discuss an issue that is facing you currently? Next, discuss whether or not your essay is peer-reviewed. How do you know? State..
Anwser questions posted about "Where are you going, where have you been?" by Joyce Carol Oates
Please respond, in depth, to all 3 of the following questions. Your response to each question should be a well-developed paragraph (8-10 sentences). You should provide a number of citations to support each paragraph. 1. Comment on the first sentence of the story: “Her name was Connie.” What could that sentence suggest with regard to a possible theme? In your..
Define the following concepts in your own words with an example for each
Define the following concepts in your own words with an example for each. Each concept must include one reference in APA style. Your assignment must include the assigned APA title page. Be ready to discuss. Bring a copy, or your laptop to class. 1. Audience 2. Purpose 3. Voice 4. Writing Process 5. summary 6. paraphrase 7. analysis 8. academic writing..
Summary: Frederick Douglass’s “Escape from Slavery Writing Summaries: Frederick Douglass’s “Escape from Slavery” Summary is a natural place to start any writing activity that involves reading other texts. Summary is often used as a prewriting step to clarify the author’s actual..
Beowulf, The Song of the Cid, Canterbury Tales and Othello
Give a comparative interpretation of motifs in two different texts(Beowulf, The Song of the Cid, Canterbury Tales, or Othello). Identify the similarities of that story or motif in both narratives, identify the differences, and explain what the differences tell us about the different values and historical context of each text. *Must be 5 pages *Your choice..
Submission: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
Given the original text, summarize the source in a paragraph of 5-8 sentences. In your summary, you should paraphrase the article without including direct quotes. However, you should also include at least one in-text citation since the ideas are not original. Kirkpatrick, David D. "Saudis Expand Regional Power as Others Falter." New York Times, 25 January..
Assignment 1, Milestone 1 Submission: Writing Plan Draft
In Module One, you did a literal reading of your selected article. In Module Two, you learned some active reading strategies on how to dig a little deeper and apply critical analysis to "Turning Off, Dining In." Finally, you began to think about the intended audience for your critical analysis essay, and you reflected on your goal in analyzing your selected article...
HW Assignment. Critical Read and answer the questions. (DUE WITHIN 2 HOURS)
I need one homework done within 2 hours! Homework assignments are designed to accomplish several goals: impel you to do the reading, ask you to critically engage with the readings and apply them to films and stories, provide skills practice (quoting, paraphrasing, citing, paragraphing, and so on), and, whenever possible, provide fodder or preparation for..
Discussion question on wether receiving FD as a grade is a good or bad policy
I want you to briefly discuss whether you think the grade, FD, for failure for dishonesty, would be a good policy or  bad policy.  Give reasons in support of you position (why or why not a FD should be policy).   The grade of FD has been adopted by some colleges and universities to specifically indicate on a student's transcript that he or she failed because of cheating..
Assignment 14.1: Final Draft of Proposal Essay (with Rubric and Sample Critiques)
Description INSTRUCTIONS Write a proposal argument that clearly states your opinion on a current topic and makes a proposal for change. One way to generate ideas for this assignment is to ask "What makes me upset or angry about current practices, policies, or attitudes about this topic?" Begin by making a list of those things you'd like to see changed. Choose..
Prewriting classification and Division 2.Essay Classification and division
The prewriting of the classification and Division and, Essay classification and Division each of these I will post with the # beside them please include the numbers that I can know when I am submitting them. words 1200
A summary based on the text "A long walk to Freedom"
Instructions for 7th GRADER PAPER. Hello, there, I have used you before in the past. Says: Write a paragraph in which you explain how Mr. Mandela's courage helped to overcome obstacles and bring about social change in South Africa. Please provide at least one piece of textual evidence (including paragraph #, and then explain your evidence/examples in your own..
the negative impacts of social media and cyberbullying
Journal Assignment #4 – “Hormonal Changes When Falling in Love”
Read the academic case study, “Hormonal Changes When Falling in Love” on pages 356-360 in your text book (An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing), and respond to the following questions. Be sure to give detailed, well-developed responses that include direct references to the text when necessary. 1. The study’s introduction explicitly establishes the researchers’..
the negative impacts of social media and cyberbullying
I. Introduction A. Grab reader’s attention (Hook) B. Background Information 1. Information Piece 1 2. Information Piece 2 C. Thesis Preview D. Thesis with Preview of Main Points (main arguments) II. Topic Sentence of Body Paragraph 1- First Previewed Main Point (in the writer’s own words) A. Support and Elaboration- Ties back to topic sentence B. Support and..
Use the Fictional story that I have provided and do the following:
Use the Fictional story that I have provided and do the following: Make sure you revise Write the point of view of this story. Craft a narrative arc, either in graphic or prose format that clearly displays how you envision your story trajectory at this early stage. Consider your story's dramatic question and how it may differentiate from plot trajectory. Make..
Discovering Genres of Writing in an Applied Field
For this journal assignment, you will conduct research to discover more about the kinds of writing that are common within a particular applied field – ideally, one you’re interested in. You might conduct either primary or secondary research to respond to this assignment. However, you should focus on collecting examples to the kids of writing done in the field...
Critical Analysis Essay on "The Lullaby" by Leslie Marmon Silko for English Comp 1.
3-4 pg in MLA Incorporate three or more direct quotations for support use mla/apa for in-text citations include a work cited reference page not part of the report discuss the themes of subjugation and cultural decimation in the lullaby
Synthesis paper
I will provide the two readings and how the paper needs to be written MLA format Works cited page NO PLAGIARISM
tecknical object description
must be at least 500 words , must include design and illustrations. please read the attached document. and let me know if you can work on it
Instructions for Process Analysis Essay: Dear Mia, Thank you for submitting your prewriting. I’m returning it to you for revision as some additional work is required. Please review the instructions for the assignment—for this prewriting exam, you must write 2 paragraph, each one 550 words in length. The first paragraph should detail your routines and responsibilities..
Description You will create a document that will serve as a contract between you and your instructor detailing your understanding of the definition and consequences of plagiarizing any portion of any assignment for this class, or any other subsequent class in your program. Objectives In this course, we will discover ways to avoid plagiarism, intentional..
Discussion Topic 2.1: Narrative Argument Topic Outline and Strategies
It's time to get started on choosing a topic for your Narrative Argument. Think about an event that introduced you to a larger social issue. Now ground it in an actual experience. What happened? This may have happened gradually or quickly, but be specific and anticipate the details and scenes that you will develop in your essay. You can list these scenes and include..
Reflection Watch video and write reflection on it
Culture & Communication...This is an Anthropology class!
These are the instructions, most of you might not understand because the topic is related to powerpoints in my class, but I can attach those powerpoints. Instructions--- Directives and Politeness: Write down 3 directives that you hear in the next few days that exemplify at least 2 possible forms of directives (anything from explicit imperatives to hints)...
Assignment 7.1: First Draft of Evaluation Argument Essay (with Rubric and Sample Critiques)
Description Write an argument that makes an evaluative claim about a problem; this argument must be based on three reasons. For example, argue that something is harmful, unethical, failing, backfiring, etc. based on three reasons. Determine a set of criteria you will use to argue your claim. Your thesis statement will be similar to the equation for evaluation..
Response to Student
Write two short paragraphs to the students. See the attachment for student comments.
empathic writing on the book things fall apart
it should be an empathic writing on the book things fall apart
is the american school system doing enough to prepare students for college today?
its a rhetorical analysis essay, discuss the importance of an education ( can drawing on ur own experience ) in clude what courses if you had to do high school over again, do you wish you had taken more seriously? and there is a quote u can use " a mind is a terrible thing to waste."
Response to Instruction
Instruction Test and Response Paragraph. Please review attachment and test out the process and then give a brief of your finding if the instructions or not.
writing instruction
Short Writing Write instructions for how to incorporate a visual element into a Blackboard discussion forum post. Include both words and graphics in your instructions. There is no specific length or number of illustrations for this assignment. Be as clear and detailed as you can without overwhelming your reader...
Introduction to Writing and Researching an Evaluation Argument
For your library assignment this week, you will need to go to the AAU library webpage at Log on using your student ID number. For your Evaluation Argument, the best online databases at the AAU Library are EBSCO Academic Search Premier and EBSCO OmniFile Full Text. Using these online databases through the AAU Library, answer..
Your choice of title
Notice! Think of problems you've encountered in your community, the college, society, pop-culture, etc. Eliminate large problems such as world hunger, domestic abuse, poverty, drugs, world hunger, etc to focus on smaller solvable problems that can be explained in a paragraph or two. Use the Analysis section to help generate ideas. Then brainstorm for solutions..
Designing Document and Visuals
1. Review maps and answer questions (Part 1) 2. Answer questions 2, 3, and 4. (Part 2) 3.
research essay
this is my research assignment the link below is the worksheet to help assist in writing the essay. and the essay topic will be the topic from journal entry 16 that you wrote for me. I need a total of five WORKS CITIED page 2 from PENN FOSTER LIBRARY found on penn, 2 From the WEB not wikipedia an factual website and 1 PERSONAL works citied..
journal entry 1-6
hello this my journal entry 1-6 you can add the extra 20 to this order. i will post the other entry in an new order.
How far Are We Unwilling to Go
How Far Are We Unwilling to Go? Imagine that you are one of the survivors from the plane crash in the Andes. 35 years after the crash a newspaper runs a series of articles about the effect of the crash on the lives of the survivors. As part of the series, you write a personal account of how the ordeal has affected your life and thinking in the years after the rescue...
English Composition
I included the reading material to complete assignment
American Culture
NOTICE! I understand that I listed the deadline for March 11, 2017, but I really need it done today, March 10, 2017. Paper does not need to be a full page. Just a well-developed paragraph or two. Details Why are Americans, such avid consumers? Why is American culture so materialistic? (Ask "why?" when you think you've discovered the answer to uncover underlying..
Answering Question Following the Poem “So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans” by Jimmy Santiago Baca
Answering the following questions in at least 4 sentences for each question. No more than 1 paragraph/question . 1. When you read the title of the poem, what was your response to it? What happened to this first response as you read and then reread the poem? (I prefer the first response to be something like "it's not true") 2. To whom is the poem addressed? 3. Is the speaker..
job letter/resume
letter must be 1 page and so does the resume. must pick a real Nuring job. must go by instruction, No plegarism , will turn it in to turnip . i will send all the info. read both attachment well
visual analysis
write a visual analysis in third person perspective. Please document any information that you summarize, paraphrase, or directly quote.  
Takes a position on the ethical choice(s) to be made Explains the consequences and/or magnitude of the ethical choices Provides and documents concrete details to support position. only choose one of the ethical case studies
Progress Report of my technology
Hey, I had you write my previous section of this that is a throughout the semester kind of project. Basically this time, hes asking us to write about how far we have gotten in our research, flaws, problems we faced (if any), and how we plan on fixing them. Dont worry i have provided all details, including the oral presentation (powerpoint) part we had to do for the progress..
What you learn in this ?
Read the two attachments, write what you learn from it.
Image Analysis
Needs to be done by 8am 02/09/16 eastern time. Image analysis essay instructions-choose 2 product advertisements (same company, same product) - 1 ad from the 60s or 70s and 1 ad from the 2000s. Please focus your ads on how women or another minority group are being portrayed. Needs to be six paragraphs total. you can two the two ads but remember the focus is on women..
Bad Religion
Definition Essay: MLA Format, Three Pages Minimum, Works Cited Page to Include a Minimum of Three Credible Citations. This essay requires you to provide an in-depth definition of the word “religion” (in your own words), and how it is controversial. This essay will be peer reviewed. I was considering this approach; From the Latin word religare, which means "to..
Profile Process Planning Sheet: Analyzing the Rhetorical Situation
Complete the assignment.
discussion post
Reminder: Each response should include discussion beyond simple answers to the prompts/questions and should be 400-500 words. 1. A Room with a View is in some ways is all about self-knowledge of character or personality. Discuss the main characters; give their names and major characteristics and comment, with examples, on how those characteristics and the..
Scarfing it down
To complete this assignment successfully students must read the essay titled, “Scarfing it Down” which can be found on page 491 of the text and answer the following questions. The best way to do this is to cut and paste the questions into you word processing software, answer the questions, and then submit the assignment as an attachment. This is a graded assignment...
Alice Walker
Hey I just want someone to help me with this assignment, I just want you to search it online and find the stories then read it after that answer the questions, The stories are " The flower" "we drink the wine" " to hell with dying" and I do not do work cited just answering those questions
Reading Assignment
Read the instructions first please. This is the text:
Writing for audience (choosing 3 topics)
All of the articles below discuss the same topic, but they are addressed to different kinds of readers. Divide them into three categories: 1. Written for a general audience, 2. Written for readers with a greater level of involvement (because of a special interest in the subject, a higher degree of relevant education, or other reasons), or 3. Written for a highly..
sentence structure
first two pages goes together and the third page is separate.
For this eighth discussion we are going to do things a bit differently. Suppose that you live in an apartment building and your landlord has decided to implement a "no pets" rule. The rule of justice requires that all pets have to go--not just that little yap dog next door, but also Mrs. Brown's cat, the hamster which belongs to the kids downstairs, and your own pet..
Alice Walker
Hey I just want someone to help me with this assignment, I just want you to search it online and find the stories then read it after that answer the questions, The stories are "Entertaining God" "The Diary of an African Nun" and I do not do work cited just answering those questions , I need this assignment within 7 hours..
Reading Response
Two reading responses following the attached guidelines! 400-450 words per reading response
Alice Walker
Hey I just want someone to help me with this assignment, I just want you to search it online and find the stories then read it after that answer the questions, The stories are " Entertaining God" " The Diary of an African Nun" and I do not do work cited just answering those questions Ex. Q1)...... Q2)..........
Bilingual studies to contribution of language study
Answer the question, ensure the question chosen is written in full on your answer paper do not exceed 3,000 words, you star introduction, body analysis and conclusion with full references
The nature of the built environment can have a profound effect on urban populations.
1.topic is (The nature of the built environment can have a profound effect on urban populations. To what extent do you think this is true? Support your judgement with reasons and examples from at least two continents. 2.between 1200 and 1500 words 3.the outline must be argument topic as in file 4. there is was done for your help in files 5. must be submitted before..
In Search of our Mother's Gardens
Hey, I want to someone help me with this assignment. I just want you to do read the story and answer the questions. And I do not want you to do work cited just do the questions Ex. 1) .......... 2).........
2 paragraph discussion
You will write two well-developed paragraphs (minimum 250 words) where you will present a critical discussion. You must include details in your remarks to demonstrate your knowledge of the work. Everyone must discuss some aspect of London’s short story, “To Build a Fire” and at least two poems of your choice. Everyone should not do the same two poems. There are..
Read the article "The Right Chemistry". Having read the article, answer the following three questions in your own words: a) According to the article, what role did romance play in the early days of the human species? b) According to the article, why is it common for many relationships to end after four or seven years? c) According to the article, why do women tend..
Answering the questions "Alice Walker"
Hey, I want to someone help me with this assignment, Just I want you to find the stories Online and read them then Answer the questions. The stories are "the revenge of Hannah Kemhuff" " the welcome table" and "strong horse tea" By Alice Walker
Characterization Activity
Use one of the two attached documents to complete the assignment for this lesson. Note: They both require the same information, but they offer you a choice of format. You will do the following : Consider the stories we have read so far. Find three quotes in the story that are examples of characterization (revealing traits). Remember that character traits are long-lasting,..
Scholary article
Find a scholarly article in the GCU library. Copy an excerpt from the article. The excerpt should be the length of a paragraph (approximately four to five sentences long). Post the excerpt as your initial discussion forum post with your paraphrase of this excerpt directly underneath using appropriate APA citations. Use the link below and the paraphrasing guidelines..
Summary Writing Practice
Assignment Deadline: August 31st Directions: Set aside some time to carefully read over the articles below and complete these homework assignments. Create just one file for all of the various writing assignments below. Sample Summary 1: "Athletes on the EdgePreview the documentView in a new window" **Review the Sample Only** Note the use of citations, author..
Reading Response
Complete two reading responses following attached guidelines 400 words minimum each The Chrysanthemums by Steinbeck The Lottery by Jackson
Parsing an Argument
In a coherent and well-written essay (4-6 pages), you will outline the basic argumentative structure of the article "Can Victim Rights Go Too Far?" ( (Links to an external site.)). You will first break down the argument offered down to its component parts (claims, reasons, evidence, warrants,..
Monitoring Worksheet..
Part 2: Reflection On day four, review your completed time monitoring log in order to take a serious look at how you use your time each day. Write a 250 – 500 word reflection below on how you manage your time. Include the following in your reflection: 1. What are some things you can do more efficiently? 2. What are the main items/tasks that take up most of your time? 3...
GCU academic experience, heritage and values.
After learning more about what GCU is all about by reading the GCU doctrinal statement and Christian Identity and Heritage, how do you think GCU’s Christian heritage makes the GCU academic experience different than at a non-faith-based university? What value will this difference add to your educational experience? Your response must be 150-200 words.
In Search Of Our Mothers
Hey I want someone to help me with those question, I just want you to answer the questions from the story and I was uploaded everything in attach file. Just want you to answer it
When it comes to college writing, what do you think professors care the most about? What do they value?
Letter of Appeal for the college admission
I need to write letter of appeal for the college admission. T his is really important to me. I need really good write for this particular letter. I need one full page, not double space, 12 pts. Let me know if you're confidence with this letter. Due in 24hrs
Learning to Read
Read and annotate the "Learning to Read" excerpt from The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Review your annotations about what Malcolm X learned through his reading. Then write a 250 word paragraph in which you argue which was the most powerful thing that he learned through his reading. Explain, offering one reason, as to why this was the most powerful thing that he..
Poetry Response
PROMPT: Select either Shakespeare's "[That time of year thou may'st in me behold]" (580) or "[Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?]" (589) and do a close reading of the poem. To complete this assignment you must do the following: a. Make a copy of the poem and, for each stanza of the poem, add notes in the margins on the poet's use of words, images, and figures of speech...
attached, First 2 pages are an example of what the outline has to look like, 3-6 is the information that goes with the example. outline must look like first 2 pages when done. Also, my instructor has proofread this assignment and it was returned because The document does not use the required proposal format, which is provided in the term project description document...
Middle Ground Discussion
choose an issue that you wrote about previously in this course (either your Toulmin or Rogerian essay) discuss how you would have approached this particular topic if you were to write a Middle Ground argument, instead of a Toulmin or Rogerian argument.
journal entries 13-18
I Forgot My Phone (Video): Responsive Writing and Discussion
Watch the short video "I Forgot My Phone" created by Charlene deGuzman and consider whether or not any moments in the film are similar to your daily experiences. Then, answer the prompt below. PROMPT: In a short well-developed paragraph, please respond to the following questions. What images stood out for you?..
InBox (video): Responsive Writing and Discussion
First, watch Curio Films's short film Inbox and take careful notes on your observations: Depending on how you interpret the relationship between the two main characters, and the ending, you might argue that this is a positive view of online communication, a negative view or somewhere in between. In a well-developed paragraph,..
classification ESSAY
you will create an essay based on the classification prewriting topic you choose. the links below has instructions
How Does Social Media and other Technology Influence How We Form Our Identity?
How Does Social Media and other Technology Influence How We Form Our Identity? a) Identity is a construct that encompasses the way we think about ourselves and our role in larger social environments; identity is enacted through social interactions with others and our relationships with them. Along one continuum, identity can be understood as containing both..
On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying
3-5 pages written about Oscar Wildes essay "On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying". It should not only describe what happened but also reflect on it.
Research Sources and MLA documentation
Class, please locate one scholastic article on Fences that you feel will help you support your thesis. You must post an article found through one of PGCC's library databases (such as Gale Literary Sources, which contains Literature Criticism Online, Literture Resource Info and a database on author's biographies--once in the database, click on "What's Inside"..
Fences Act II and Research Process Step 1 & 2 and Research Process Step 4
Assignment 1 After reading Fences Act II, begin a discussion.  Discussion Questions: 1. Discuss why Rose finally opens up once Troy confesses to his affair with Alberta (and Alberta's pregnancy).  Discuss Rose's decision to take care of Troy and Alberta's baby (Scene III). 2.  Scene IV: How has Rose changed in this scene in her activities and the way she responds..
Block Business Letter
Choose one of the professional scenarios provided. Write a Block Business Letter from the perspective of company management. It must provide bad news to the recipient. The message should take the block business letter form from the posted example; however, you will submit your assignment to the online course shell...
Process Post #6
Reflect on the work you’ve done this semester to prepare for both your ARP and your Symposium Presentation. Write a short reflection (200-300 words) on what you found most rewarding, challenging, fun, thought-provoking, etc. about your projects this semester. You might use the following questions to guide your thinking: What aspect of your ARP or Symposium..
Turnitin response
Next, please take a look at the report that was created when you uploaded your Critical Evaluation Essay. Did you learn anything from reading that report? What, if anything, do you need to do differently when you cite your sources for your next essay?
issues facing America
First, choose one of the essays from the section “Issues Facing America” listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. Then, explain to the class where you believe the following are found in the essay, if applicable: claim, support, warrant, backing, rebuttal, and qualifier. Give citations to back up your points, and create a final works..
Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee
Read Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee in its entirety before beginning your paper. Take notes as you read. Mark some interesting passages and save necessary source information (such as page numbers) for your in-text documentation and your Works Cited list. Think about the topic and approach you chose located in the Topics and Approaches page. Do not simply repeat or..
Discussion Questions for Act I
Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Fences, by the late, critically acclaimed playwright, August Wilson. Act I, Scene 1 and 2 1. Wilson is known for giving in-depth, vivid exposition and "playwright's notes" before the action/dialogue of the play even begins. After reading Wilson's notes on "Setting" and "The Play" (p. 1030-10310, create a response where you discuss..
Alice walker
Hey, I need someone helping me to answers those questions and you should find all the three stories in the top of the paper online to answer the questions. All the stories by Alice Walker are 1) Her sweet Jerome 2) The child who favored Daughter 3) Everyday Use, these are the three stories you should find it online. I uploaded the questions in ATTACH FILE...
Hoosak murders and triffles play
1. Who murdered Mr. Hossack? One of the newspaper articles implies that if Mrs. Hossack was not the murderer, she knew who the real murderer was. Please write a brief argument about which individual you believe murdered Mr. Hossack. Include some information from the news articles to back up your argument. Please write at least two full paragraphs of five or more..
Week 3 MLK Forum
In this forum, post your thesis statement (a complete sentence) and a brief outline for the critical evaluation essay. For your critical evaluation essay, you will probably want to evaluate the same essay that you chose and discussed in last week’s Forum. In fact, The Week 2 Forum was designed to allow you to get a head start on your critical evaluation essay by..
Historic American Works
In your discussion, state the purpose of the reading and cite the thesis statement (if applicable). If there is no explicit thesis, state the reading’s claim. Then, lay out the structure of the reading to the class, and let the class know if this structure is organized and logical (you may claim that it is not organized – it’s up to you). Let the reader know how this..
English Exam Questions 1
Answer questions in the attached documents. Also attached is the book used in this class.
response paper 2
This assignment requires you to summarize and respond to one of the following arguments. Choose either Harlan Coben's argument in chapter 1, "The Undercover Parent" or Shemtob's and Lat's argument in chapter 2 "Executions Should Be Televised." Begin by summarizing the argument. This may be your first paragraph, or you may begin with a brief introductory paragraph,..
Discussion Board
Topic: Having completed this course of study, prayerfully reflect upon the literature and share how 1 of the literary pieces, characters, or authors studied in this course can be used as a Christian witness or salvific tool to fulfill the Great Commission. Identify the title, character, or author of the chosen literary piece and begin with a cogent thesis statement,..
JM Coetzee "Disgrace"
Prompt: After reading the novel Disgrace and then the New York Times article "Out of South Africa," consider which side you'll take in the controversy surrounding this author. Although he does not tell us Melanie's race, later in the novel the protagonist calls her "the dark one." Is J. M. Coetzee's novel more about power struggles or the tensions between races?..
A discussion post about logic due on July 03, 2019
You have three responsibilities for this logic discussion post: ( due on july 03, 2019 ) 1. Pick one of the given fallacies and write a brief example of it and a brief explanation of its fallaciousness. 2. Create either an unsound or a sound syllogism based on anything you want. 3. What is a real world example of a time when you've seen ethos, pathos, and logos in effect..
Response paper
In this first response paper, discuss and explain the core or guiding values represented in the course website for English 1C. After reading the documents in the "Getting Started" section of the course web site, what do you understand as being my core values as they relate to teaching and learning? First, think about what core values are as they relate to teaching..
PREWRITING classification
this is the prewriting part of the assignment then there will be an essay part to go with this after. but i will upload the instrucions to the essay part after this one is completed. the link below has all the instructions and examples and the book picture of of the graphic organizer.
Week one discussion plan for success
English 1C is an advanced composition course. Discuss the strategies that you plan to use to be successful in this fast-paced summer course. Explain what your plan is for ensuring that you will be focused on and diligent about the work that is required. Be specific about what you plan to do or the actions you will take to promote your own success. Begin with a topic..
Alice Walker Interview; "Roselily","Really, Doesn't Crime Pay"
I just Uploaded two Files and I want to someone answering the questions from the story but First, you should read the story to answer those questions, I could not find the another story "Really, Doesn't Crime Pay" online if you can answer the questions and you can find another story online from your way...
Reading Response
Two stories with a reading response following attached guidelines 400-450 words per story
Eulogy( Speech)
Please use bullet points. this is a (Eulogy) speech given at a funeral. Just make a fictional character. You can use fictional characters like Super man, iron man, spider man , mickey mouse etc. You can use videos in the powerpoint but not longer than 30 seconds. The purpose of this speech is to ; -offer comfort to the living -share stories about the diseased -To Emphasize..
Discussion Post
Choose two of the five questions and answer them fully. 1. What identity or identities does Equiano claim? African? American? European? How would you identify him? 2. Describe the audience Equiano addresses in his Narrative. 3. Why does Equiano write so much about Africa? 4. How important is literacy to Equiano? 5. Why do think Equiano makes a strong effort to..
Process Post #4
Post five images that relate to your work with secondary sources. These images could reflect the topic you are writing about in general or the ways that your secondary materials are getting you to think differently about your primary sources. For example, let’s return to a primary source that is a Pepsi commercial depicting young women and men drinking Pepsi..
Journal Entry On Trumps Tavel Band
Create at least 2 paragraphs about the ban the Donald Trump has placed on 7 countries and follow the directions in the pictures. THIS IS DUE TOMORROW AT 12pm EST
Literacy and Writing Development Strategies
Locate a lesson plan within your subject area that focuses on the development of specific content vocabulary for lesson comprehension by English learners from one of the following sites: Write a 350-to 700-word analysis of the lesson for its effectiveness in developing the productive written vocabulary of EL students. Identify the following in your evaluation:..
Verbal-Visual Poetry Collage
(Assignment copied and pasted) Choose ONE of the poems below and write a short 200 word comment showing how its images or symbols make the every day unique. All poems can be found on the following URL -Susan Glickman "Poem About Your Laugh" -Margaret Avison "Crowd Corralling" -George Elliot Clarke..
Literary Theory
(Assignment copied and pasted) 1)  Choose one of the literary theories that you learned about in this lesson and write a 200-word summary about it, including how the theory would influence the interpretation of literature.   2)  Choose a book that you read recently, either for school or just for your own pleasure, and analyze it with the theory that you chose..
Process Post #3
Review the Symposium Presentation samples posted on Carmen and think about them in terms of how you might wish to create your own Symposium Presentation. What ideas does your primary source suggest that might launch your own public Symposium Presentation? Write a short description (200-300 words) of some ideas about where you would like to head with your Symposium..
week 4 discussion topic
You will write at least two, well-developed paragraphs (250 words or more) in which you discuss the coming-of-age genre of literature. Why is this genre compelling and even personally powerful for the reader? You must discuss Soto’s “Oranges” and at least one other story or poem of your choice. Think about what makes these literary selections appealing and..
Oral Language Development Strategies
Write a 350-to 700-word analysis of the lesson for its effectiveness in developing the oral language of EL students. Identify the following in your evaluation: Specific examples from the lesson. Positive aspects of the lesson for EL students. Three specific and detailed suggestions for oral language development strategies that could be implemented within..
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