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Examine Other Factors that Influence PM Functions
Week 7 - Assignment: Examine Other Factors that Influence PM Functions Instructions Many factors play a role in the initiation, planning, executing, and monitoring of a project. In this week’s assignment, you will examine some ethical, legal, and political influences through a case study. Using the case study as the basis of your assignment: Explain how the..
lesson plans from the “SIOP Lesson Plans and Activities.
Choose two lesson plans from the “SIOP Lesson Plans and Activities.” Write 250 word evaluation of each lesson. Your evaluations should address the following: Lesson 1 250 words • Do you see sufficient integration of SEI strategies? • Is academic vocabulary addressed? • What supports the instruction of vocabulary? Lsson 250 words • Do you see sufficient integration..
Performance Assessment Paper, Rubric, and Presentation
Resource: College of Education Resources page: Technology Resource Library Objective Test Assignment from Week 3 Review the Assessment Tools tab in the Technology Resource Library Create a performance assessment that includes the following components: A performance assessment description with step-by-step instructions using student-friendly language..
Discriminate between Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methodologies
Assume you have been selected to provide a presentation to constituents within your area of educational interest regarding an explanation of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies. Based on the assigned readings for this week as well as additional sources you identify and reference, develop a PowerPoint presentation focusing on the fundamentals..
Managing the Hiring, Supporting, and Evaluation of Staff
Imagine you are a Director for a brand new early childhood facility and are responsible for the direct hiring, support, and evaluation of the early childhood staff. Your responsibilities include: developing hiring questions, establishing a support structure, and applying evaluation methods. You decide to create a Director’s Manual that will guide you..
education sociocultural analysis paper revision and add more content
Please see attached file for instruction. I already got like 3 pages and found 4 references already. No more reference needed. Please check grammar/format mistakes and add more content/analysis. Make sure to correct mistakes to make it more coherent. You can change as much as you want.
Diagram Peer-Reviewed and Other Forms of Scholarly Literature
Instructions Before you can review the scholarly literature surrounding your research focus, it must first be sourced. To source scholarly literature, you must search within the appropriate and relevant academic databases aligned with your respective discipline. For this assignment, you will first determine a general research focus area. Once the general..
Articulate the History and Progression of Governance in Higher Education
This week, you have reviewed the roles and responsibilities of governing boards in higher education. In this assignment, you will create a graphical timeline of the history and progression of college or university boards. You can be as creative as you like; however, if you need a template for a timeline, you will find one in the Books and Resources for this Week...
Follow a Code of Conduct in Leadership and Management
or this assignment, you will compose a paper that considers similarities and differences between managers and leaders, and why the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct defines the roles and characteristics that a program administrator must display. In an essay, address the following: • Compare and contrast management and leadership responsibilities of an administrator..
Develop a Vision, Mission, and Philosophy for a Program
Assume you have been asked to develop a new early childhood program for your local school. You will be presenting your program at a board meeting comprised of administrators, teachers, and parents. Write a speech that you could deliver to your audience that would comprise the following information: A mission and vision statement for your new early childhood..
Effective Program and Practices: Putting It All Together
Part 1: Introduction: Quality and Effectiveness Explain what the paper is about as a whole Include a definition of quality/effectiveness and its impact on programs and practices. Base your thinking on what you learned during Week 1 of this course as well as subsequent readings and experience Explain your definition of quality/effectiveness as it relates..
The Functions of HRD & the role of the HRD Innovator
Create a presentation using whatever presentation software you desire, as long it is accessible to view. Your presentation needs to include the following: Introduction Page Include a presentation on the functions of HRD and the role of the HRD Innovator. (at least 15 slides of content) Include a Conclusion Slide Include a Reference Slide that Incorporated..
Benchmark - Reading in Content Areas: Effective Strategies
Practicum Observation Journals Read Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement in preparation for the practicum observation, and research Throughout the practicum for this course, students must attempt to observe three classroom teachers in middle and secondary schools for 10 hours each, according..
explore approaches to instruction that support adolescents
The purpose of this assignment is to explore approaches to instruction that support adolescents’ physical, cognitive, or socioemotional growth and to understand the unique challenges adolescents face with regards to classroom learning. Respond to each of the following scenarios with a 500-750 word rationale. Your response to each scenario should include..
Articulate Your Understanding of Scholarly Writing
Instructions It is important to not only understand the terms used in scholarly writing, but to apply the expectations of quality in academic writing. For this assignment, write a paper that explains to your professor what quality, what quality in scholarly writing is, or is not, and why this is important. Start with an APA style cover page and a developed introduction;..
Develop a Fictitious Qualitative Data Analysis and Interpretation
Instructions Since there has been no Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for your proposed fictitious data collection, you must refrain from collecting any real data. To collect fictitious qualitative data without IRB approval for this assignment, a role-playing technique will be used. Locate five people who are familiar with your target population..
Learning Activity 7: Checklists/Data-Driven Decision Making
Directions: Using the material from the Week Seven Lesson Content, create a checklist that addresses one of the three domains of development (socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical). Choose one of the following videos to use as your subject child. After completing your checklist, write a synopsis of your findings and how you as the teacher might alter your..
Due 11/12/18 - As soon as possible - Designing Lessons with technology
You will: identify and evaluate a lesson or concept to include in the classroom that may benefit from technological enhancement and devise a plan for integrating technology into lesson plans. ------------------------First, find a lesson plan that you would like to improve by integrating aspects of technology that address the NETS-S (
evaluation challenges and Strategies for Addressing Challenges
Determine the pre-evaluation and the evaluation challenges in the design and implementation of a program evaluation and Strategies for Addressing Challenges. Uses references from course readings, publicly available material you want, including books, the internet, (Minimum 4 references) Accurate representation of authors, Accurate citation of references,..
Create a six- to eight-week unit outline of a social studies unit
In part A of this task you will design a unit outline focused on a single topic. You may wish to use your preferred search engine to explore social studies or history topics for ideas that align with your state standards. In part B you will identify a field trip destination related to your unit topic and elaborate on how the trip engages your students in learning. In..
Week 1 Assignment 2: Investigate Key Organizations
ask a question related to the ethical, legal, or political issues that you’ve uncovered in this week’s readings. Make sure that your question is not inflammatory; rather, you want to find out how these factors might affect your role within the field of ID, including leadership and research. The write a paper :submit questions and relevant research that informs..
Upload Assignment: Assignment Dropbox 2.1 - Web 2.0 tools/Emerging Technologies Inforgraphic
Discussion Board Posts Library Materials and Services For Young Children
I have 6 Discussion Posts that I need answered. I have included the questions and some articles to answer. You do not need to read the entire articles just skim through them to be able to respond backing up your answers with the articles. I will provide the rest of the attachments, which is honestly like 2-3 more and not long articles. Drag Queen Storytime at NY Library:..
The Scale of Effective School Discipline and Safety
Can you write a 5 to 6 page paper concerning mock data in 13 hours. I really need someone familiar with american style of writing. Just had a terrible experience. The assignment is easy, I'm just frustrated and tired. Please see attachment for detailed instructions
The Scale of Effective School Discipline and Safety
See Attachments For this assignment, you will analyze mock data from "The Scale of Effective School Discipline and Safety (SESDS). You will use the data to analyze five teachers attitudes and perceptions relative to the status of school-wide and teacher approaches to discipline and behavior management. These teachers hypothetically represent the perspectives..
The War Play Dilemma: What Every Parent and Teacher Needs to Know by Diane Levin and Nancy Carlson-Paige
Read The War Play Dilemma: What Every Parent and Teacher Needs to Know by Diane Levin and Nancy Carlsson-Paige (Teachers College Press, 2006). Share your insights on this reading. How do the authors' views on play fighting mesh with your experiences? What did you find interesting, challenging, or insightful in this reading? What is your view now of children’s..
Develop Instructional Programming for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Severe Disabilities
Part I: For this task, based on an analysis of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder or more severe disabilities, write an essay that indicates your understanding of the following: Definition of: Autism Spectrum Disorder Asperger Syndrome Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified severe disabilities Characteristics of students with:..
Contemporary and Critical Perspectives in Education
Patchwork text (2500-3000 words or equivalent). This mode of assessment aims to enable students to engage with producing written work of different types, as this is likely to be offered as a first introductory module. The “patches” will include: • a written critique of published research or theory in education; • selections from a critical learning journal..
Evidence-Based Practices (Part 3): Evaluating Learner Outcomes and Fidelity
Review the Evidence-Based Practices (Part 3): Evaluating Learner Outcomes and Fidelity IRIS MODULE 03/#content Complete the assessments questions at the end of module
first thoughts about each article as a reflective practice
After reading the first assigned readings for this course (Attached), please provide your first thoughts about each article as a reflective practice of how each reading connected to your own experiences and understanding, and what was surprising for you to read or questions you may still have about the readings. This is assignment is to be submitted as a document..
Annotated bibliography geared to multicultural audience k-3
A list of 25 books APA format Annotated bibliography geared to multicultural audience grade 1-4, texts ca be: narrative, expository, poetry, and arguementive/persuasive, 25 to 50 word summary for each.
"Respond on the question for two papers"&"Cultural Analysis assignment" for Special Ed
1. Write 2-3 paragraphs for answering the following question for reading two papers (attachment) : "Sapon-Shevin (2003) details literary resources that teachers can use to teach understanding. The author states, “Inclusive classrooms can be places in which students learn to take powerful stances against oppression of many kinds, recognizing their own..
Effective and efficient Behavior Intervention Plans
Textbook Discussion Question Response #5 (30 Points): In Chapter Fifteen (15) of the textbook, “How to Reach and Teach Children with Challenging Behaviors: Practical, Ready-to-Use Interventions that Work” There is one (1) discussion question. Answer the discussion question. The discussion questions can be found on page 209. Each individual textbook..
Analyze the Basics of a Quantitative Research Design
Using the article by Beauvais, Steward, DeNisco, and Beauvais (2014), prepare a written analysis that addresses the following: Determine the general strengths and weaknesses of correlational designs. Based on your findings, identify the strengths and weaknesses of this particular study. Explain when a correlational design is most useful in an educational..
Discussion on Incorporating Literacy activities in the classroom.
Students are more likely to write better and with greater enthusiasm if they know their writing will be read by someone other than the teacher. How do you think that this might effect instruction and how could you incorporate this idea into literacy activities in your content area classroom? List some examples of purposeful types of writing students could..
Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom
Review the ESL “Virtual Classroom.” Explore the learning environment and observe the lesson. Complete the “Adapted Lesson Plan Worksheet” based on what you observed in the lesson in the virtual classroom.
Reflection on experience with special education field hours
Hello, this is an assignment that calls for someone who has experience with practicum hours or field hours in the education field. Age group 3-5. This paper will be a reflection on your experience. Will provide more specific guidelines or questions to assist with writing the paper
Upload Assignment: SMART Goals and Career Research
S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Career Research Please complete Reflection Number 1 and Number 2 1. Create an academic S.M.A.R.T goal associated with your studies. (Remember, S.M.A.R.T goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and specify a time frame of when you want to achieve your goal.) Your reflection should include the following prompts. Use the..
Do you agree that development precedes learning or does learning precede development? Explain.
In our reading and the Growing Minds video, we learned that Piaget and Vygotsky had opposing views on development and learning. Piaget suggested that development must precede learning while Vygotsky argued that learning must precede development. Please begin a discussion thread based on one of the following guiding questions in a well-developed 150-word..
Ascertain and Articulate the Ethical Viewpoints and Decisions of Others
For this assignment, write a paper to include the following: What similarities are included in Kidder’s Ethical Checkpoints, the SAD Formula, and Nash’s 12 Questions (all found in Johnson, 2013, chapter 6)? Based on these commonalties, what steps should be part of every ethical decision? There is a great deal of scholarly research and literature published..
• Read and take notes on the assigned article (Read Only Participants…). • APA Template: How to set up an APA template: • Plan a summary that meets the 500-750 word count. There are rubric deductions for going well over (> 20 words) or falling short the required word count. • Organization: Each section is its own paragraph o Introduction:..
Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Annotated Bibliography
Introductory Paragraph to Topic: Refer to the Final Argumentative Essay guidelines for your topic selection. Write an introductory paragraph with at least 150 words, which clearly explains the topic, the importance of further research, and ethical implications. Thesis statement: Write a direct and concise thesis statement, which will become the solution..
Integrating Multimedia Technology into Instruction
Integrating Multimedia Technology into Instruction Read the article on Multimedia in Education that is linked below or by visiting the following site: The article discusses five basic types of media in the learning environment: text, video, sound, graphics and..
personality are positioned as a set of personal, social, or organizational definitions
If identity and personality are positioned as a set of personal, social, or organizational definitions, in what ways might personality and identity present competing perceptions of leader behaviors as followers observe leaders carrying out organizational strategies? Explain
(Only Education Majors) Students Setting Personal Goals
Feedback Worksheet and Student Goal Setting This assignment is based on the analytic performance rubric developed in Module 3. This assignment has three parts and includes: •Creating a way for students to use the feedback that they will be provided to set learning goals for themselves (i.e., add a column to the rubric for student self-assessment). These learning..
Job Opportunity Analysis and Response with cover letter and resume
Job Opportunity Analysis and Response Deadline and Deliverable Being able to decipher the details of a job description ad can lead to a more targeted approach with the marketing of Y.O.U. By Monday, July 17, 2017, complete the following: Using a graphic design industry..
Short Digital Presentation ASAP (Education/Lesson Planning TUTOR) I need someone to create me a short digital presentation, similar to the one in the link above but instead my class will be identifying US coins. This presentation should be based on the book called Once upon a Dime by Nancy Allen. (Item Desceiption Below) (**You..
proactive discipline for atypical behavior pattern.
Based on your reading of Chapter Eight – Solving the Rubiks Cube: Proactive Discipline for Atypical Behavior Patterns, create a Thread that addresses the following questions: 1) What does a differentiated and proactive behavioral management plan look like? 2) What components should be included? 3) What would determine the effectiveness of the plan? 4) What..
please follow *ALL* the attached rules and PLEASE express the relationship of the elements very important!!!!! 2 assignment 3 pages each = 6 pages in total max is $60 not negotiable plz thank you
1. Read Sally Herships' Report About Persuasive Ingratiating or Mastering The Art of Sucking Up. 2. Click Here And Actively Read The Document Titled: The Art Of Persuasive Ingratiating 3. Answer The Questions Below: Due Date: 27 March 2017 AT 9:00 AM. Question 1: Do you think that Persuasive Ingratiating is a positive tool for the purpose of positively influencing..
Backward Design Unpacking The Standards
Stage 1: Unpacking Standards (50 Points) Stage 1 of Backward Design is essentially an analysis of the standards we are expected to teach each year. Each standard comes with a desired result, goal, and area of focus. It is our job, then, to develop lessons that successfully deliver the standards and assess student learning of standards This week, you are going..
Personal Reflection
write a piece of personal reflection base on the video video link:
Personal Reflection
write a piece of personal reflection base on the video video link:
cognitive development
Read the 6 pages based on that in different topics make paragraph explaining the cognitive development from adolescents! Also make insightful connections, connecting and stating stuff not within the book as well APA ! Also need to refer to one peer reviewed article from the scholarly literature!(* Important)..
Educational Citizenship/Character Programs
Choose two educational citizenship/character programs that you could use in your future school setting. Evaluate them using the “Educational Citizenship/Character Programs" document, which includes the following criteria: Why you chose the program Rationale for implementation Resources needed Cost Implementation time Teacher training available..
Multicultural Book Flyers
Choose and read two multicultural picture books, story books or chapter books that are appropriate for the group of students in your program of study. You may use the websites listed in the topic materials or your local library to access possible books for this assignment. Create a one-page flyer for each of the books you chose to read. Refer to the "Sample Flyer"..
Aquinas Focus Question #4
Please follow the instructions that are given on page four of the uploaded syllabus. The layout for the assignment is also on page four. I have also attached the chapter that needs to be cited just as the professor has requested.
Personal Reflection
write a piece of personal reflection base on the video video link:
Lesson Plan Analysis
This is a Collaborative Learning Community assignment. Analyze two multicultural lesson plans using the questions below. Discuss each question, but one analysis is to be written. Are the lesson plan objectives for both multicultural lesson plans aligned with academic standards? State how the lesson objectives support the academic standards. Are the assessments..
Personal Reflection
write a piece of personal reflection base on the video video link:
*PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE OFFER* 2 essays 3pages each please summarize readings follow the instructions and follow ALL the steps! Please do not use any outside sources rule #4 is very important!!!
Parent brochure
Design and submit a parent information brochure on television viewing that contains family viewing, tips on media violence, and websites for parents regarding children viewing, age appropriate viewing and suggestions for parent advocacy for quality viewing. The parent information brochure is required to be in a pamphlet format. Please include a list of..
The family today
What types of families signify 21st century. Why is it important to address family types? How do families relate to early education? Discuss your thoughts with four peers
After watching the "Setting Expectations on the First Day of School" video and reviewing the Topic 3 readings, conduct research on historical, contemporary, and best practices of behavior reduction strategies. Use the "Behavior Reduction Strategies Table" to chart your findings. Submit this assignment to your instructor in LoudCloud. APA style is not..
Personal Reflection
write a piece of personal reflection base on the video video link:
Benchmark III
all directions attached I have no clue what to price this. This is a 300 point assignment. Needs to be prefect
****NOT AN ESSAY**** Journal page I would like for you to use the Six Pillars attached for what the students would say about me as a retired teacher it has to be a reflection of your life’s work and will define my legacy for teaching. Your journal must be 1 to 2 double-spaced pages in length. Suppose you are ending your career in teaching and you are planning to retire...
Cultural Identifiers
Complete the "Cultural Identifiers - Challenges and Responses" document. Use complete sentences and be specific in your description of the potential challenges and appropriate responses for each example. Consider how you would handle the circumstance as a future teacher so that you would offer the best learning experience for all students. For each of the..
Applying Education
2 assignments 4 pages EACH *Please Follow ALL directions* Summarize readings and apply the reading to a method in rule #4 Please do not except just for the money if you do not fully understand all the requirements. Thank you kindly in advance ;)
Transformational Leadership Summary
Attached is the chapter for your first assignment. I need you to read this chapter on Transformational Leadership. Read the chapter and then write a 2-3 page double spaced summary of the chapter and cite from the chapter using APA style 6th Edition. Additionally, I want you to make personal connections from your lived experiences to what you are reading and add..
Recruiting, hiring, and training of leaders in higher education student affairs are crucial steps to maintaining excellence in the team. How is this done? Who leads the charge? How is it funded? Many of these questions still plague student affairs administrators. We will focus on the training aspect of this important mission. For staff and administrators..
Values & Ethics Paper
In his recent Christian Scholars’ Review article, author Roger Ebertz challenges Christians to engage in scholarly writing with a humble and open attitude that seeks to emulate Jesus Christ. Please keep this in mind as you work through this project. For this assignment, you will read, evaluate the readings in Module 1 and write an essay that presents a worldview..
Discussion in History and Theoretical foundations
Write a Discussion based on your reading Please complete all of the readings assigned before posting to the discussion. Write a reflection that illustrates how your research interests relate to specific learning theories in IT........ The materials will provide
Due 12 hours!!!!!!!!!!!
Answer 6 questions 150 words each In your opinion, is fiction or non-fiction text more difficult for students to comprehend? Why? What strategies would you use to integrate both into a content area other than an English language arts class? Provide examples as necessary. What role does non-fiction play in developing a deeper understanding of content outside..
DUE 12 HOURS!!!!!!!!! interview and reflection
Part 2: Interview Outside of class time, interview your mentor teacher on his or her instructional strategies. Keep in mind the most recent lesson you observed and the pedagogical approaches used during this lesson. Include the following topics in your interview: What effective, research-based pedagogical strategies does your mentor teacher typically..
Analytic Summary
There are two attachment sheets. One is an assessment that I created for students in kindergarten. The second attachment contains a rubric and questions. These questions are based on the assessment I created and also, the information I gained from my college course "Assessment of Individual Differences in General Education and Special Education"...
Diversity, Equity and Social Justice
First, review the four core propositions which form the context of this course: Diversity starts with you: You play many different roles in life, called "social identities," and together these social identities make up who you are. Through your social identities you represent human diversity. A person's diverse self comes to life, evolves, and exists within..
Personal Reflection
write a piece of personal reflection base on the video video:
Feedback on a personal reflection
In reviewing someone else’s essay, ask yourself, “What can I do to help make the writing stronger?” To provide meaningful and helpful feedback, you can be attentive to a number of things. There are two main steps: Is the meaning clear and unambiguous? Does everything make sense? Do the ideas connect, and are they coherent? Are the ideas sufficiently explained..
Higher-Order Thinking Strategies Template
Part 1: Higher-Order Thinking Strategies Template For this assignment, complete the “Higher-Order Thinking Strategies Template.” Select a national or state standard that differs from the lesson you delivered in your Clinical Field Experience and create a unique learning activity to engage students in higher-order thinking. Part 2: Reflection In 300..
Justify Activities for Language and Cognitive Skills
For this assignment, create a minimum of 5 activities for building language and cognitive skills in an early childhood classroom. Write a paper that describes these activities. Include the following in your paper: Justify how these activities supports these two foundational curriculum elements using research to support your assertions. Length: 5-7 pages..
Create a Curriculum Plan
Reflect on what you have learned about curriculum planning. As the curriculum designer for an early childhood program, you are responsible for making sure that the curriculum includes strategies and activities to develop social skills and an awareness of self and others. Construct a plan that addresses self and others (diversity, families, body, and relationships)...
Dissertation Module 5
When explaining the nature of your study, be sure to: • Identify the assumptions inherent with the research focus. • Identify the assumptions behind the stated research questions or hypotheses for this study. • Provide a clear rationale for each assumption. • Identify the limitations of the study design. • Provide a clear rationale for each limitation. • Identify..
Instructional strategies
Instructional strategies encompass all the techniques teachers use to make learning engaging, relevant, and attainable to students. It is important to understand the various strategies you can use to instruct students and to meet the various needs of all students through these strategies. Complete the Template Use the “Instructional Strategies Template”..
Answer 5 questions in 2 HOURS each with a source
1.What learning strategies are more grade specific? High School vs. Middle School? Middle School vs. Elementary? Which do you think will be most prevalent in your classroom? 2.Research indicates that engagement is integral to a student’s mental readiness and motivation to learn. How might you go about noticing that students are not engaged? Explain a strategy..
Answer two questions DUE 1 HOUR!!!
1.Identify one learning strategy you feel best meets the needs of students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. Identify one instructional strategy that you feel best meets the needs of students identified as gifted. Explain why you selected these strategies and how you know they work. 2.Research the assessment process for ELL students..
learning theory DUE 24 HOURS
A learning theory provides a framework for how individuals learn. In turn, teachers design instruction based on the learning theory, so that all students are able to learn effectively. There are many popular learning theories, such as social constructivism, behaviorism, connectivism, and cognitive learning theories. When learning theories are successfully..
During this week, you have digested a large amount of information through the assigned readings. You learned about the ethics and risks involved in leading the Student Affairs team in higher education. It is now time to reflect on what you have learned, and to demonstrate your understanding through the assignment below. For this assignment, you will review..
Create Activities that Promote Social Skills in the Classroom
For this assignment, reflect on what you have learned about personal and social development of early childhood education. Incorporate the following into a paper describing your activities that promote social skills: Create and share activities that promote the development of social skills in an early childhood classroom. Explain why you think it is a successful..
AZELLA Student Report Analysis
Criteria 1-Created a diagram based on the student report given. 25% of total grade Excellent Created an exceptional and accurate diagram based on the student report given. 25 Satisfactory Created a simple and accurate diagram based on the student report given. 18.8 Unsatisfactory Created a diagram based on the student report given, but the information was..
Present Your Program to Parents
You are an administrator for an early childhood program and you plan to develop a parent PowerPoint presentation for Meet-the-Teacher Night that explains how your program meets the needs of children. Reflect on what you have learned about early childhood education and developmentally appropriate practices and family, school, and community partnerships...
Create a brochure for immigrant families in your community that contains at least three community resources that support English acquisition.. Include a 250 word . Use the "Instructional Strategies for ELLs" to identify and describe oral, reading, and writing strategies appropriate for each ELL proficiency label. Include a justification as to why each..
Prepare a Proposal for a Legal Issue
For this assignment, begin by identifying a legal issue within a university or college with legal ramifications. The problem can be an actual problem that you have witnessed within your college or university, or a legal issue taken from current headlines. Conduct a deep and thorough scholarly review of the legal issue, and then construct a proposal to address..
Producing an Academic Freedom Workshop
It is a common occurrence for academic leaders to present to audiences. From the viewpoint of an academic administrator in higher education, develop a professional workshop presentation for new faculty using a smart phone, webcam, or audio device. To complete this assignment, discuss those issues that would be relevant and applied in a familiar institution..
Lesson Plan
Project outline: NATIVE AMERICAN (NORTH DAKOTA INDIAN) LESSON PLAN 7th grade Social Studies I. Introduction (paragraph 2 pts for evidence of each) •Overview - briefly/concisely give "nutshell" version of what the project is about. •Preview - state the intention of your project - i.e. During the course of this project I intend to lay out the background/context,..
For this assignment, write a paper on the topic of faculty employment rights with a discussion of collective bargaining as it applies to higher education. Based on the professional literature in the field, develop a position statement in defense of or in opposition to the tenure system of faculty employment. If helpful, you may use the following points to shape..
Recommend Legal Forecasting
For this assignment, prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you outline your recommendations from the point of view of legal counsel for a university to minimize legal exposure on the part of the institution while still providing for student lead organizations and activities. Base your recommendations both on your interview and on relevant literature...
Final Synthesis Paper
Using the conversations, research and presentations you have been part of you will write a 1500 word paper outline 3 changes you will make to how decolonizing ways of knowing, being and doing create individual, family and community wellness for Indigenous peoples. The paper is double spaced, 12 font, 1500 words paper in which you suggest 3 strategies they could..
education and Philosophy
sorry i had to resubmit order 3-4 pages summary including the operational rules attached
legislation of the past 15 years influences the role of the special educator
Write a paper (1,500-1,750 words) in which you consider how special education leadership engages stakeholders (students, teachers, parents) in the implementation of learning theories to support learning and growth of special needs students. Include the following in your paper: A discussion on how the legislation of the past 15 years influences the role..
Analyze Mixed Methods Research
Consider a potential mixed methods research problem you might choose for your Signature Assignment involving a fictitious research proposal. This topic can be one you have examined in previous courses or one you have recently become interested in exploring further for your capstone project or dissertation research study. Consider the general problems..
Analyze Quantitative Research
Consider a potential quantitative research problem you might choose for your Signature Assignment involving a fictitious research proposal. This topic can be one you have examined in previous courses or one you have recently become interested in exploring further for your capstone project or dissertation research study. Consider the general problems..
Abuse, Neglect, and Violence
Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs in Early Childhood Centers. For or Against? Base your discussion on facts that you reviewed from an early learning center .
Textbook case study
Complete the following writing assignment.  How could the families of Maria, T.J., and Cheryl be involved in the assessment process? What specific roles might the families play? How can early childhood special educators help support families in the roles they assume? In the assessment of program planning and progress monitoring, explain how the early childhood..
Analyze Qualitative Research
Consider a potential qualitative research problem you might choose for your Signature Assignment involving a fictitious research proposal. This topic can be one you have examined in previous courses or one you have recently become interested in exploring further for your capstone project or dissertation research study. Consider the general problems or..
Discriminate between Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methodologies
Instructions Assume you have been selected to provide a presentation to constituents within your area of educational interest regarding an explanation of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies. Based on the assigned readings for this week as well as additional sources you identify and reference, develop a PowerPoint presentation focusing..
For this assignment, choose one of the following student rights, and then prepare a research paper that argues both sides of the current issue. Include relevant and current court cases, if applicable. Freedom of speech Voting rights Right to organize Religious rights Gay rights FERPA rights Athlete’s due process rights Academic rights Length: 8-10 pages,..
For this assignment, write a paper on the topic of separation of church and state or state action as applied to higher education settings. If it is helpful, you may use the following questions to shape your perspective. What limitations are there on the exercise of religion in institutions that accept government funds? To what extent may government be involved..
Reflection on Performance Management
After going through the readings and the videos reflect on the performance management system within your organization (Job Corps). What are the advantages and disadvantages of the system? .abstract and reference page 5 pages excluding reference page & abstract Incorporate a minimum of 5 current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles..
Research Method Selection
For this assignment, you will select the research method (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods) aligning best with the research problem you used to source your articles in weeks 4, 5, and 6. Select the method that best aligns with the problem you identified in Week 4, 5, or 6. Create a multimedia assignment of your choosing (e.g. video, PowerPoint, Infographic,..
Instructions For this assignment, locate and closely review a peer-reviewed research article related to a potential education-related topic you might want to research, perhaps for your dissertation or capstone project. Ensure your research article is an original study involving actual data collection and analysis and is NOT doctoral dissertation, a..
This week, you were introduced to the various aspects of higher education law. In your readings this week, you reviewed the sources of higher education law, both internal and external. For this assignment, reflect on both internal and external sources of law within your college or university. If you are not yet employed by an institution of higher learning,..
Week 8 – Signature Assignment: Prepare for a Future Project
Instructions This is the cumulating assignment for this course in leading and managing complex design projects. You have practiced skills throughout the course, and now you will apply those skills in preparing for a future design project. The format of your assignment is a written project document that you would share with your project team. This project document..
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