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Coursework on Cultural Studies examples

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Case Studies in Intercultural Conflict and Conflict Management
In a total of 750-1,000 words, explain how someone from the culture you have been studying is likely to handle interpersonal conflict (according to cultural conflict ethics). Create a hypothetical conflict or describe a recent conflict situation in which an individual or group from the culture you have been studying was involved. Be sure to write out the details..
Arab in America
NOTE: THIS MUST BE DONE BY 9PM TODAY. PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT IF YOU CAN'T FINISH BY THAT TIME FRAME. PART 1 Watch- American Arab Clip 1: Hijab on Youtube Watch-Mo Amer: My Nephew Osama on Youtube Watch-Arab in America - Full Movie on Youtube Arab & Muslim Discussion Forum In order to receive the full 3 points for this discussion forum, participants must submit a quality..
Ethnology paper on Hip-Hop Dancing
Attachments gives you requirements would need by tomorrow Saturday late night no later than early sunday morning MLA 5pg, 12 pta font double spaces with work cited and incite text
Dance Culture
DUE IN 5 hours please read the attached files of reading i send you and do the 3 parts of the assignments i attached! for the 3 parts keep everyone of them in different word documents and each of them need to be 7 sentences long answering all the questions asked and proper grammar SIDE NOTE: CH 2 goes with Part 1 & 2 CH 3 goes with part 3..
Chapter 10
Watch My Family [Mi Familia] Part 1- 13 on youtube. Answer the question with at least 150 words. Respond to classmates post with at least 150 words each post. In order to receive the full 3 points for this discussion forum, participants must submit a quality post responding to the movie Mi Familia, and respond to a minimum of two of your classmates' postings. Post..
Leadership in the Global Environment
I had a writer do this paper and it was due today and he has revised 3 times and it is still horrible....I am in need of this paper and the grammer and content must be professional and of MBA level and I need it asap! Preparation For this assignment, please select three of the following trends in global business, and then choose the leadership theory or model you believe..
Settler Colonialism Timeline
1.Requirements: Settler Colonialism Timeline The assignment for this week is to create a timeline of the major eras of federal Indian policy in the United States. Refer to the course materials assigned for this week (2 readings and 1 video) to help you compose your timeline. You do not need to include each and every date/policy/piece of legislation that you learn..
Chapter 8
NOTE THIS NEED TO BE DONE BY SUNDAY 6PM the 26th of Feb Watch- Family Across the Sea on folkstreams,net, watch Booker T. Washington High grad Deonte Bridges Valedictorian speech.WMV on youtub and Curtis Martin Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech | PittLiveWire on youtube Post a general response to the videos. Were you surprised by the existence of the Gullah people?..
Analysis Marxism & Capitalism
see attachment for readings and for sample paper for you to use as a guide. The readings you must use are: 1.Chapter 7 of Capital Volume one(Labour-Process and the Process of Producing Surplus-Value) 2.Chapter 1 of Theory of Popular Culture 3.“The Ruling Class and the Ruling Ideas” a). Write an analysis paper based on at the attached 3 readings The theories that..
Week 4: Cultural Competence
Please submit your final draft of the Cultural Competence Project. YouTube URL: GOING BACK to week ONE: You have been hired as the Director for Cultural Competence and Diversity Faith General Hospital. In your new role, you are challenged with developing an initiative that will focus on Cultural Competence..
Week 3 assignment 1: Describe the relationship between cultural competence in the health care
*Describe the relationship between cultural competence in the health care encounter and the systems approach to diversity and cultural competence. Using Figure 1.2 on pg. 27, list five actions that a health care organization can take to support culturally competent health care encounters. *YouTube URL:
MANA 4307 week 3 assignment ":
Referencing Camphina-Bacote's Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Health Care Services, describe five actions that a health care organization can take to encourage cultural desire in its clinical staff. This should be prepared to accompany your project submission. User: n/a - Added: 11/8/11 YouTube URL:
Answer Questions
Answer the 4 questions with a 5-10 sentence response using the attached articles. More details in "questions" attachment.
Postcolonialism and neocolonialism in Latin America
How did the great export boom transform Latin America, and how did it not transform it? ( we are talking about 1850's)
Discussion Topic: Have you seen instances of projected similarity?
Discussion Topic: Have you seen instances of projected similarity? Please provide examples and discuss them in your post.. Post a response to this Discussion Topic no later than Wednesday 6:00 p.m. and respond to at least two of your classmates no later than Friday 6:00 p.m. To make a post, click on the heading above to access the discussion area. Click the icon..
Chapter 7
Watch on Youtube 1. Imhotep: The World's First Multi-Genius Published April 1, 2012 2. Movie: Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971) 3. Documentary: Slavery By Another Name Published on Nov 7, 2016 Post a response to Goodbye Uncle Tom and Slavery By Another Name. What did you feel, or think of during or after viewing those movies? Discuss the aspects of slavery that destroyed..
Gender and Inequality
Part I: Taking two terms from the list below, please explain the term and how it relates to inequality and/or resistance in Baltimore City. Be sure to cite in each of your answers. Do not use ANY material from outside the course without clearing it with me first. 1. Baltimore Uprising 2. City Bloc 3. Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle 4. redlining 5. blockbusting 6...
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