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Discussion Board: The Brain on Mind Altering Drugs
Assignment: 1. Visit the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse and read the article Drugs, Brains and Behavior: The Science of Drug Addiction. 2. Go to Indiana University and read an article on Addictive Behaviors. Prompt : - Using the sources provided, briefly describe one factor that can increase the risk of drug addiction, and one protective factor that can..
Individual Assignment 2 is a theoretically challenging assignment.
Helps for Individual Assignment 2 – The Scientific Method Hi Folks, Individual Assignment 2 is a theoretically challenging assignment. Definitions of the steps within the Scientific Method have challenged scientists to agree upon and have changed over the years. These concepts are theoretical and are difficult for most people to grasp and put into practice...
Describe 3 Properties of Water and Identify the Significance of Each Property
Water: What is water, and why is water essential to life? List three properties of water and how each is useful to many species on earth. The paper should be 450 words (~ 1 double-spaced, APA formatted page). Do not simply list the properties. Give an example of how each property of water make it better than other liquids for supporting biological systems. Use credible..
Platelet Activation and Factors for Clot Formation
follow instruction Watch the video above on platelete activation to discuss the following: How are platelets activated? What happens to the body of the cell when its activated? What importance does this serve? Once a platelete plug is formed what is the next stage? How is this process prevented from growing..
Technological Advances in Cellular Biology Assignment
Hello everyone. I need help with this assignment about Technological advances in cellular biology assignment. this is a High school assignment. I have attached the rubric too and I need it to be done ASAP. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
Trace the Scientific Method in a Primary Scientific Article
I need it in 6 hours ! Addresses course outcomes 1 and 4: recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to solve problems weigh evidence and make decisions based on strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge and the scientific method Before starting this assignment you might want to revisit the Scientific Method Tutorial in the Science Learning..
Discussion Essay: Mitochondrial Eve, Humanity's Mother?
Objectives: Develop your understanding of the characteristics and the metabolic and hereditary roles of two organelles – the nucleus and the mitochondria. Use internet resources to investigate the differences between nuclear inheritance (genes in the nucleus) and mitochondrial inheritance (genes in the mitochondria). Summarize the “mitochondrial..
Discussion Essay: Viruses and Prions: Are they alive?
Objectives: Review and become more familiar with the unifying principles of life discussed in Chapter 1. Use internet resources to learn basic information about viruses OR prions. Apply the unifying principles of life to determine whether or not viruses OR prions should be classified as living organisms. Alignment: This discussion question is designed..
conservation biology - General overview of political and economic views of biodiversity
1. topic problem or issue clearly presented and explained? (convince that their topic is a hot topic ) 2. focus on important and specific issues ( choose effective case studies or examples) 3.add some graphs or tables for support
Tissues and Integumentary system
Need done in an hour 1/2 Description: Learners will discuss a medical disorder associated with blood and a medical disorder associated with bone and how they are managed medically. Objectives: Describe the mechanisms of support and movement. Instructions: Step 1: Respond to the following: Connective tissue is a group of tissues in the body that maintains..
Biology Respiration and Photosynthesis Chemistry
will provide you a doc file which has 16 question you have to write and answer answer can be anywhere from 1 sentence to 5 sentences but answer should make sense and write in as simple form as possible. I will provide doc file once you accept my order
Biology Q&A Metabolism and Photosynthesis
I will provide you a doc file which has 16 question you have to write and answer answer can be anywhere from 1 sentence to 5 sentences but answer should make sense and write in as simple form as possible. I will provide doc file once you accept my order.
Genetics and Antimicrobial Drugs
Follow attached word document for instructions. Answer the three questions and don't go over 1 page (275 words). No formatting is required. Include the questions with your responses.
How evolutionary concepts help us to understand/mitigate/combat issues with health and disease
Blog - The point is to learn a way of looking at the world through case studies we will explore contemporary issues in health and disease – ones that we confront on a regular basis – and ask how evolutionary concepts help us to understand/mitigate/combat those issues. you’ll have to choose your own topic. This can be something covered in class, but on which you put..
Unknown Bacteria Identification
Follow Instructions.docx to complete this assignment. You must use the included template for writing the assignment.
biology exam
please make sure you review it and understand the material all you have to do is just answer questions to the answer.
Question 1 (10 points) Many people think of bone as static or unchanging. In reality, bone tissue is constantly being remodeled. A. Explain what bone is composed of and which cells break down and replace bone tissue. B. Explain why bone remodeling is important, both on a daily basis and also throughout our early development. C. Discuss problems associated with..
Lab report
Report in the form of a poster based on Male infertility.
partial lab report
partial lab report comparing macromolecules data and the graphs.
Microbiology - Prokaryotic Cells
**No Formatting is Needed** **Needed in 6 hours from now or sooner** Just answer these 3 questions: (75 words per question minimum) 1. What two cellular structures would you target? Why did you choose these targets? 2. Would your drug be harmful to human cells? Why or why not? 3. Would this drug also be effective against parasitic and fungal infections? Why or why..
Understanding Microbiology
Write a short answer to the following questions. The response must be 200-250 words total. I need this in 6 hours from now (11:00pm EST March 4, 2017) 1. If you were to explain the field of microbiology to a high school student, how would you describe it? What is the field of microbiology all about? 2. Why would a general understanding of the principles of chemistry..
Endocrine system
Question 1 (10 points) A. Discuss how the pancreatic endocrine hormones glucagon and insulin work antagonistically to maintain homeostasis in the body during times of feast and times of famine. B. What are some of the differences in Type I and Type II diabetes in terms of risk factors, role of insulin, and treatment options? Question 2 (10 points) Discuss at least..
Biology summary and one page reflection paper
Biological Summary - Write a 1pg single spaced, 12pt font summary discussing biological issues on this planet. Include any (human impact, extinction, conservation, endangered, and/or evolution). Tell the biological story of your planet over time. Post Assignment Reflection Write a 1pg single spaced, 12pt font summary of what you learned and/or what your..
Biology Coursework
Assignment: Write a robust three paragraph essay that details how your appreciation for the diversity of life has changed from day one. If it has not changed, please explain how its has been reinforced. Either way, you MUST include at least three specific examples from three different units in this course. If this discussion takes you outside the scope of the..
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