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M7A1: PowerPoint Topic Proposal and Research Question
The focus of your final project is as follows: Here is the challenging broad topic you will explore: “Globalization: Our Ever- Shrinking World” Narrow and refine this topic into a research question. Here, you need to focus on particular areas of the world or aspects such as the impact of technology on communications, cultural erosion, multiculturalism and..
M7D1: Learning Outcomes and Learning Experiences: Why Should I Care?
Many students spend numerous years in educational institutions without thinking very much about the process of learning and how those institutions tried to facilitate learning. As you complete your associate’s degree, we will look behind the curtain and examine a little of the learning process and how educational activities are structured, focusing on..
M6D1: Global Instantaneous Communication for Everyone
Communication permeates all that we do, no matter who we are. In this discussion forum, we are going to explore this concept by looking at the changes in how we communicate through written and spoken formats with the introduction of new technologies. Begin by reading the following: Mobile telephony and democracy in Ghana: Interrogating the changing ecology..
M6A1: Essay 3: Liberal Arts, Diversity and Culture
You have been examining the liberal arts disciplines throughout this course. You have also wrestled with complex ethical dilemmas, as well as issues and concerns around diversity and communication. All of these activities have required you to apply your critical thinking skills. In Essay 3 you will have an opportunity to explore a particular liberal arts..
M5D2: Communicating Social Justice Issues Through the Arts
In this discussion, we will explore how art is used to further social change. Please read the article by Jennifer Miles and Laura Dawson, The Art of Social Justice (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and conduct additional topical research into one of the art forms mentioned: poetry, graffiti, memory boxes (searching for “memory boxes and..
M5D1: Communicating Diverse Experiences through the Arts
We will spend the next two modules looking at how humans communicate. The ways are so many and varied, both conscious and unconscious, that it is helpful if we break these down into two discussions. In this first discussion, we will look at the fine and performing arts as vehicles through which people can communicate complex ideas. The arts communicate directly,..
European History Art Critique assignment for AP European History
The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci The Polish Rider by Rembrandt The Dog by Francisco Goya Girl Before a Mirror by Picasso Please answer these questions for each of the above paintings. How is this piece of art an example and reflection of its genre? Please answer in a well-defined paragraph 8-10 sentences in length. How does this genre differ from the previous..
An introduction to the arts of Islam, Africa, East Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas
This assignment must be in MLA format with at least two scholarly sources from the United States. In-text citations must be used. Select 1 work of art from the cultures of Islam, Africa, East Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas . Fully answer the following topic: Select an artwork from one of these cultures that interests you. Examine and discuss it, placing it..
Italian Renaissance and Baroque Masters: Issues of Art in Service of Religion
This needs to be at least 300 words in MLA format. Please use academic sources within the United States and use in-text citations. Fully answer 1 of the Following Topics: 1. Donatello is considered the finest of the early Italian Renaissance sculptors. He was known for advancing the ideas of naturalism in the sculpted human figure. Conduct internet research,..
Explain the relationship between music and spirituality. For instance, how does music structure religious rituals? What types of beliefs or ideas do musics convey in spiritual contexts?
1. This assignment needs to be done by 9:00 (PST) on 5/30/2016. 2. In this class we have seen how music can play a significant role in modes of worship, expressions of belief and religious ritual. Explain the relationship between music and spirituality. For instance, how does music structure religious rituals? What types of beliefs or ideas do musics convey in..
Explain the impact of diaspora on the world of music.
1. It's an urgent assignment that needed to be done by 5/30/2016 (9:00PM, PST). 2. Your answer should begin with an explanation of what diaspora is and then discuss specific examples of how musicians in diaspora have engaged with music traditions of their homelands and/or “borderzones.” Explain the significance of the feedback loop between diasporic musicians..
Digital Field Trip Reflection-Ancient Greece at the Met
This assignment is for my Humanities class. This week you will take a digital field trip to view the Ancient Greece Architecture Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Located in New York, the Met offers one of the United States' most diverse and largest collections of art in the world. Your visit to the digital archive will help you develop your understanding..
worksheet 8
NOTE THIS MUST BE DONE BY 9pm TONIGHT PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT IF THIS NOT POSSIBLE Answer questions Worksheet 8 1. Define the term “Renaissance” and explain a couple of ways in which this movement led to broad changes in European life. 2. Compare and contrast the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance, discussing specific artists and works to support your..
Worksheet 7
NOTE: PLEASE HAVE ASSIGNMENT DONE BY 10PM TODAY MARCH 19th. IF YOU CAN'T DO NOT ACCEPT THANKS Textbook: Getlein, Mark (2015). Living with Art 11th edition. McGraw-Hill Co. Part 1 Answer questions and number Worksheet 7 1. What are some characteristics of Egyptian art? 2. Describe the Hellenistic style of ancient Greece. Provide an example. 3. If the intentions..
just another lyrmeric
Now that you’ve read “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” I want you to try your hand at writing a ballad that mixes elements of the spiritual and the supernatural. Your ballad should consist of 20 stanzas, 4 to 6 lines each. Your ballad should tell a narrative, meaning there should be a plot, characters, action and imagery expressed in lyrical language. Don’t skimp..
Worksheet 6
Part 1 Answer questions please number Worksheet 6 Upon what does the stability of a building depend? Name the two basic architectural systems. What is the simplest building-construction system? What is the advantage of an arch over the post-and-lintel system? What is the advantage of the pointed arch over the round arch? The steel frame and elevator led to what..
Answer 4 short questions want it in 2 hours
answer 4 question on Page 835 (on the bottom) i want it asap (within 2 hours) please
Worksheet 5
Text book- Getlein, Mark. (2015). Living with Art, 11th edition. McGraw-Hill Co. Read chapter 11 and 12 Assignment 1 Worksheet 5 After reviewing the text and slides, answer to the following questions. (#1-4) 1. What is the difference among a sculpture in the round, a relief, and an installation? 2. Which processes are additive and subtractive? 3. Name the basic..
3 page scene play
I need a 3-page creative play to be completed. Attached I will have the directions that need to be incorporated in the writing. No plagiarism original ideas, 2 characters!
Week 3 Discussion
Question 1: Monumental Architecture and Sculpture The cultures we studied this week produced architecture and monumental sculpture, in addition to smaller works of art. Locate three examples of architecture or monumental sculpture from three different cultures listed here: India, China, Japan, Korea, or the Pacific Cultures. First, completely identify..
Poem and Art Discourse
Paper 2 Poem and Art Discourse Using the Arguing about Literature’s poem resource and Google’s Art Project (Links to an external site.), students will select 1 poem and 1 visual artifact and following the guidelines outlined on: Writing about Poems p. 141-156 Comparing Poems and Pictures p. 156-162 Then students will craft a written presentation of the discourse..
Art - Sculpture visual analysis
I need a freshman level visual analysis on a sculpture. "discuss one work of sculpture. Be sure to introduce the piece with its title, artist, medium, and date, and then give a full visual analysis. After you have done your own visual analysis, REPLY to one of the posts done by your classmates" Picture source -
journalists can be manipulated by external forces
Considering the manipulation, the difference between reality and representation..... Compose a short examination of the ways that journalists can be manipulated by external forces. discuss the censorship and the five ways that journalists can be manipulated. refer to the readings bellow and provide three related examples from news stories suggest ways..
Worksheet 4
Assignment 1 Worksheet 4 Answer questions 1. What is camera obscura? When was the first mention of the phenomena behind the camera obscura noted? How did the camera obscura assist artists during the 16th century? 2. Who is Alfred Stieglitz? What form of photography did he champion? 3. Who is Eadweard Muybridge? What is his contribution to the history of photography..
Power point presentation
“Susana and the Elders” Create a PowerPoint still as your post. Include the pictures and typed text comments regarding difference, similarities, and reason why you think each is created by a male or female artist. You are required to reply to two peer’s post. No need to cite sources because I do not want you to Google or research the images. You are merely to base..
A passage to india- ending in movie and book
Compare and contrast the endings of the novel A Passage to India and the 1982 film version by David Lean. With reference to Edward Said and at least one other theorist show what the changes reflect in terms of attitudes to imperialism. This coursework should be 1250 words and fully referenced in Harvard style...
Discussion Post
The following is just a discussion post. There is no set word requirement just a vague answer to the question and a support sentence or 2. Discuss how Paris acted as the incubator of most of what we call Impressionists/Post-Impressionist modern art. What artists worked there? What was their work like and how did they influence each other? What do you think it would..
Dance Alvin Ailey
Only 1 page 2 paragraphs each question Watch Revelations, available HERE (approximately 30 minutes in length) •Choose one of the three movements to focus on in more detail •Read the study guide (available on the next slide) •Watch that movement again several times, and take notes •Post a response (2 paragraphs) to the study guide and questions in our forum •You..
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