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Coursework on Anthropology examples

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Political Systems, Social Control, and Belief in Tribal Societies
Directions: Answer each question with a 150-250 word answer. 1. With at least 8 complete sentences, describe the subsistence strategy and village layout of the Yanomamo. Do not copy from the text. 2. Write at least 8 complete sentences in which you describe how the Yanomamo view the cause of illness among the Yanomamo and explain what a shaman does to procure their..
Heredity: good and bad (NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 1:30 HOUR TODAY)
Heredity: good and bad (NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 1:30 HOUR TODAY) The Eugenics movement is said to be dead, yet with the advancement in our understanding of the human genome we can locate those genes that are considered handicaps, even those that are today considered benign (poor eyesight). The first link describes cases where the knowledge of these handicaps could..
Unit 2: Sexuality and Identity - Discussion Section 2
This week we look at a few of the non-binary expressions of gender and sexuality and watched the film "Middle Sexes." What are your thoughts? Keep your discussion grounded in the assigned reading and film, but bring in your own thoughts and experiences. Keep your posts around one 5-6 sentence paragraph. Some questions to consider: (Note: you do not need to answer..
Unit 1: Gender Constructions Discussion and response
Read the article The Social Construction of Gender"" Then do the discussion board, create a link or upload a file of a media 'artifact' that exemplifies (or defies) gender constructions in the society where it is found. Include a short analysis (5-6 sentences) as well as a short description. (You can use R1 and R2 as examples) Then do two short response for R 1 and..
Anthropology discussion. ONLY NEED 75 words within 1 hour.
Archaeologist Brian Fagan once wrote: "To archaeologists, the human past is owned by no one. It represents the cultural heritage of everyone who has ever lived on Earth or will live on it in the future. Archaeology puts all human societies on equal footing." Based on what you have read, watched, and listened to this week, provide a thoughtful reaction to what Dr...
answer the number questions 1, 4, 5 and you can answer only one of number question 2 or 3 questions but you have TO ANSWER 4 QUESTION TOTAL. question number 2 or 3 which ever you end up doing. the article 13 and 20 will be find on the book named. MAGIC, SCIENCE AND RELIGION, AN ANTHROPOLOGICAL STUDY OF SUPERNATURAL, 7TH EDITION BY Pam Moro and James Myers. THE QUESTIONS..
Discussion: Family
Compare and contrast the nature of family, kinship, marriage and divorce in agricultural states/industrial states. Do you see any parallels, or is divorce simply a cultural facet in the modern world, that does not relate to the rest of global societies? Why would it be a risk to depend on "romantic love" or arranged marriages?..
Detailed summery of article
A detailed summery of attached article, it must be detailed of what the article is arguing and discussing.
Food and identities
Turn in 2 page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font Times New Roman. First, describe foods that you believe are connected to your identity in some major way (2 paragraphs). Then, for the rest of the paper, I would like you to continue to expand on how that food connects to your identity or the identity of the groups that you belong to. You paper will be graded on: Completeness..
(participant) observation
(participant)observation This assignment asks you design, conduct and write up a small-scale ethnography. This exercise is intended to help you gain experience with the chief methods, strategies and ideas employed in the ethnographic tradition that we have been discussing. These methods always require a period of intense observation, or participant-observation,..
ANTH Final 7 question
Please complete the questions to the best of your ability. You can use your book and your notes, but you cannot work with other classmates. I do not recommend using the Internet while you work. It takes up time you need to actually think about your response, and often other sources use the same concepts in different (nonscholarly) ways then we're using them for this..
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