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is the use of role play educational vediew in triage room will increase pt tolarance for the waiting time
Interventional From the care giver side Intervention the use of role play vediews to increase pt awareness and tolerance during triage waiting time time . Aim: what I want to study Objective : the way I will follow to reach the aim (Intervention) How I will study this full proposal introduction background problem statment significanc research quistion objectives..
Analyze one of the ANA codes and compare and contrast the ANA code, The NSNA code and the ICN codes of nurses
Read the 3 codes of ethics of nursing. part I ( in about two paragraphs/ one page) analyse provision #6 and the three interpretive statments under it from the ANA code of ethics. Part II ( about two pages) compare and contrast the three codes of ethics (ANA, NSNA, and ICN codes of ethics). In text references should be cited from the three codes. Total number of pages..
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