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Create an Employee class that includes three private data members
Create an Employee class that includes three private data members— firstName (type string), lastName (type string), and monthlySalary (type int ). It also includes several public member functions. 1. A constructor initializes the three data members. 2. A setFirstName function accepts a string parameter and does not return any data. It sets the firstName...
Calories Burned Pseudocode and Flowchart. Golfscore Pseudocode and Flowchart
Due either tomorrow or Tuesday! Please look at the images for more information. If you cannot look at the images-- read below: The final graded project is divided into two parts. Part1 Turn to page 224 of your textbook and locate Programming Exercise 2- Calories Burned. Create a program that calculate the number of calories burned while running on a treadmill...
this is not a paper !HomeStyle chicken restaurant website NEED CODE
In one zip file, include all of the files (.html, images, .css, etc.) required to view your website. Submit this this zip file to the submission area. Website Requirements While the goal of this project to be creative and practice your web design/development skills, there are a few minimum requirements that the website has to have: At least four pages but no more..
Data Integrity and Concurrency Control in Threaded Applications
You have had the opportunity to evaluate the performance of a threaded version of a sort algorithm and a non-threaded version of a sort algorithm. For this Assignment, you will extend your evaluation by examining the implementation with respect to concurrency control issues. To prepare: Evaluate the threaded implementation of the sort algorithm relative..
Hotel Reservation Application
Using C# I need a program built to submit hotel reservations.
local music streaming website
Project on creating a website for LOCAL MUSIC STREAMING using JAVA SPRING FRAMEWORK requirements : 1. proposal (2 pages) need the proposal on 8th March 11.59PM CST. 2.Project coding must be done in JAVA SPRING FRAME WORK. Step 1. You have to create simple website where a user can upload and download the local music files, create their user accounts, and should..
Project on a simple shopping cart and product catalog
Step 1: We need a Project Proposal [which should contain UML diagrams and the criterion is shown in the attached file] on 8th March 11.59PM CST. Step 2: Develop the project specified in the project proposal with Java Spring Framework. It's a simple project where you have to create a simple shopping website with database connection. Coding for front-end as well..
Using gamemaker studio to make a simple 2 people fighting game
Using gamemaker studio to make an simple 2 people fighting game, not special requirements. No art work requirements. Just need basic functions in fighting game. And some easy combos.
Answer the questions below briefly and in your own words. Make sure you answer every part of the question. If you don’t answer a part of the question, you will automatically lose all the points for that question even if the part you answered is correct. 1. Login to any of the computer science lab computers. Watch carefully after you login. What version of Ubuntu is..
Inventory Receipt Ruby
I need to create an inventory list as an invoice with a button on a show page. You will work on my github folder that contains my ruby on rails app. You will access to the app as administrator and you will need to go to the dashboard where you can see a list of contracts. When you go on the show page of the contract you will have a list of inventory items. I want to be able to generate..
Quiz website (HTML BOOTSTRAP JS)
I want to build an online quiz website with HTML, Bootstrap and JavaScript. Each Page should have only one question per page. This Web site will have 3 tests (Test 1, Test 2 and Test 3) Each test will have 5 multiple choice questions / you might want to use check boxes too so people can select multiple answers and radio buttons for single answer. You should show time..
Java developing - server
I started a minecraft server but can't seem to find a good plugin that does not have bugs or I find paid plugin that are not updated often So I decided to hire my own I need the items in minecraft to have special effects on players when they put in on special way to obtain like using xp and so on..
Django help (unknown error)
I have this error: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Please, help..
Web development
I need to develop a platform that scrapes social media posts and collects them in categories. Dashboards should be able to visualize the different topics and group people by interests. The other function should be able to help you view what people with different interests talk about, listen to, read, follow and watch...
Street simulation
Hello, I need a complete system that I recognize with an IP camera (tplink) cars to count them and I passed them to a neural network that trained the sumo(simulation of urban mobility) so that it gives me a proper time to see inside an intersection that I already have it. Where possible, implement it in raspberry pi 3..
Optimizing of a slow website that we have
Looking for someone who can optimize my little wordpress website. the website is bit slow. VPS Server Configs 8 cores vcpu 16 gb ram 500 gb ssd PHP 7.0 Maria DB Apache 2.4 Website is taking so long to open, database is huge because we installed ICL / WPML Translation Plugins wp_postmeta contains 1,975,644 rows wp_icl_translations contains 145,604 rows wp_post..
fixing issues (linux and php needed)
A site migration has been recently completed into Microsoft Azure (using Linux platform) Php developer is needed to review and correct technical issues currently affecting website. Developer will be required to create a scalable and update code where issues are found. New code added must seamlessly interface with existing code regardless of technical differences..
Scraper of a website in JavaScript
i need a scraper in javascript, that will load a particular URL and scrape the products seller list and their pricing. these are the fields i need to get from the listing “Seller name / Price / shipping cost / Condition / Rating / Asin” each line should have the asin number from the url in order to match it to our database..
A simple PHP Script
A simple PHP Script that generates a "Bingo Card" populated in random order from options set in the script. The features will be: - Design / Fonts / Layout similar to the example that I provide (5x5 grid of cards) but responsive design so displays full screen in browser window on PC as well as mobile - The ability to click on a square to add a red X - Display "BINGO" animation..
C++ coding
The goal of this assignment is to reinforce implementation of container class concepts using linked lists. Specifically, the assignment is to redo assignments 3 and 4 except that a linked_list is to be used. You need to use this header file and this test program. Your documentation must include the efficiency of each function.
Java Forked Program
Overview: In Module Five, you have studied how to code for iteration through the use of loops. In Stepping Stone Lab Four, you will develop a simple program with a loop structure for users to enter a list of ingredients. Be sure to review the Stepping Stone Lab Four guidelines before beginning this lab. The completed code (.java file) from Stepping Stone Lab Three..
create a C++ program using Visual Studio
Complete BOTH Programs for your final Chapter 7 Programming Exercise #6 (page 448) Chapter 8 Programming Exercise #5 (page 495) These projects are intended to be completed in Visual Studio, and completed as actual C# applications so you can compile and run them to see if you have any errors.
**** Must use visual studio! ****create a C++ program using Visual Studio
Choose 1 project to complete in Visual Studio complete with comments! Copy and paste into notepad or word and send. I will recode In my visual studio 2017 Chapter 6 Programming Exercise #1 (page 390) OR Chapter 6 Programming Exercise #2 (page 390) These projects are intended to be completed in Visual Studio and completed as actual C# applications so you can compile..
create a C++ program using Visual Studio
You must reference this book-DATA STRUCTURES USING C++ 2E D.S.MALIK CHAPTER 4 Choose 1 project to complete. Chapter 4 Programming Exercise #1 (page 259) OR Chapter 4 Programming Exercise #2 (page 259) YOU CHOOSE MUST HAVE BOOK! ALL I NEED IS ACTUAL CODE AND COMMENTS I WILL RETYPE ON MY VISUAL STUDIO 2017...
create a C++ program using Visual Studio
You must reference this book-DATA STRUCTURES USING C++ 2E D.S.MALIK CHAPTER 4 Choose 1 project to complete. Chapter 4 Programming Exercise #1 (page 259) OR Chapter 4 Programming Exercise #2 (page 259) YOU CHOOSE MUST HAVE BOOK! ALL I NEED IS ACTUAL CODE AND COMMENTS I WILL RETYPE ON MY VISUAL STUDIO 2017...
create a C++ program using Visual Studio
Data Structures Using C++,2nd edition D.D.Malik USING CHAPTER 1 IN THIS BOOK I HAVE TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT. Write the definition of the class dayType that implements the day of the week in a program. SEE ATTACH FILE FOR FULL DETAILS! WILL RESPOND TO BUDGET WORKERS ONLY!!
NOT A PAPER SIMPLE CODING CREATING A CLASS. create a C++ program using Visual Studio
create a C++ program using Visual Studio where you design a “DateTime” class that holds a month, a day, a year, an hour, and a minute. Overload extraction and insertion operators for the class. In this program, overload the == operator to compare two DateTimes. Consider one DateTime to be equal to another if both have the same day, month, and year. Also, create a..
Java - GUI Assignment
I am uploading a Java assignment that needs to be done with the conditions listed. Its not a lot of work and if you are proficient with java it won't take you longer than 1 or 2 hours. Also I hate auto replies so if you want me to consider your offer please start your request with ITEC and only then I will get back to you...
Draw an ER-Diagram for 'UNIVERSITY' database with 6 mini-world requirements
Only Writers with expertise in Advanced Database and who can draw an ER Diagram contact.
Mac Brackets programming
Please see the attached instruction and create a Brackets documents.
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