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"Performance-Based Assessment: Advantages and Disadvantages"
Please title this Reflective Essay, "Performance-Based Assessment: Advantages and Disadvantages" Use the following questions to reflect on Class 6, making connections to what you have learned this week. Refer to the grading rubric in the Course Information section of Blackboard: Refer to Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance-Based Assessment..
"The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Included in an Observation"
Please title this Reflective Essay, "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Included in an Observation" Use the following questions to reflect on Class 3, making connections to what you have learned this week. Refer to the grading rubric in the Course Information section of Blackboard: PLEASE REMEMBER - THIS IS AN ESSAY.  Do not include the questions..
Supporting Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs
The report should be referencing in Harvard System. ( prefer online website), fallow to questions, and follow examples in Scotland and policy and legislation realting to additional support needs e.g. Education(Additional Support for Learning)(Scotland)Act 2004. Links to theories Maslow and Mia Kellmer-Pringle,..
brain development between 36-72 months(preschoolers)
Find and read two recent articles (from early childhood journals or magazines) about early brain development in preschoolers especially relate that to intellectual (cognitive) development and record your findings; • Interview a caregiver who works with children in the age group you are focusing on to determine how his/her programming/interactions with..
Lifespan Development Theoretical Approaches ,supporting children 0-3 years.
produce a report: a) Explain the current theories in relation to attachment, bonding and separation of children aged 0-3years. b)Research and evaluate current theories from neuroscience. c) Describe the concept of neuroscience in one area of human development. d)With the references to the above, identify between practice, theory and policy guidance...
To what extent have experiences of childhood changed over time?
How is childhood defined? 400 words Drawing on academic literature explore current definitions of childhood and how experiences of childhood have changed over time. Points to discuss: 1. Historical understandings of childhood 2. Current understandings of childhood 3. The key differences between historical and current understandings of childhood..
Activities that Teach Social and Emotional Competence
The Assignment: Review the video: Five Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning. You will need to review the following websites, along with any other sites you find, and explore the information and strategies presented on Social Emotional Learning (SEL).These two sites are also listed in the text on page 215 under the Web Sites section. Center on the..
Personal Experience Essay (Child development 143 Science and Math)
Before we ever decide to become teachers, we all have a long history in the field of education. Our experiences, be they good or bad, have helped to shape our perceptions of ourselves as learners first, then as potential educators. Each experience has also shaped our views about the subjects we’ve learned, and our abilities to teach those subjects. This can be..
Review Your State's Quality Rating and Improvement System (or another state)
Review Your State's Quality Rating and Improvement System (or another state) In this module, you have explored a number of current trends in early childhood education. One trend that has been embedded into early childhood education systems is Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS). As you learned, QRIS is a way to assess, improve, and communicate information..
Reducing the Impact of Technology/Media on Our Developing Children by Promoting Outdoor Activities & Projects.
APA style Be sure to address the following: 1. What is the specific problem/concern 2. Who is affected by the issue? 3. How are children, families and the community being affected? 4. Why does the issue need to be addressed now? 5. Where is the problem the greatest? 6. When is intervention needed to avoid negative consequences? 7. What intervention is needed? 8...
Infusing Arts and Creativity throughout the ELCC Curriculum
Choose a space, or part of a space, that interests you. It can be indoors or outdoors, anywhere you enjoy. Spend time in this space and observe. Explore this space through the point of view of an: Artist Writer Musician Scientist Historian, and Mathematician Observe your surroundings and carefully record your observations through photographs, sketches, creative..
Promoting Development and Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Imagine you are a teacher in a preschool or childcare setting working with children 3 to 5 years old. You want to promote growth in each of the developmental domains: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. Using the Assignment 3: Promoting Development and Developmentally Appropriate Practice Template, choose five (5) activities for each domain, identify..
Factors Contributing to Healthy Physical Development in Infants and Young Infants
Read the three articles provided and do an APA format essay. Briefly introduce and talk about each of the models and theories . Talk about similarities, differences and how the different views may complement one another. There should be three theories and three models included . Within 3 pages and a reference page. Three articles provided should be used to make..
death of childhood’ affect the lifeworlds of children?
In what ways do you think arguments such as Postman’s (discussed in the Buckingham reading) about the so-called ‘death of childhood’ affect the lifeworlds of children? 2 pages, due 26th October, Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced, APA Reading from : After the death of childhood : growing up in the age of electronic media/ chapter 3 The social study of childhood..
The link between perception and production of speech in bilingual children
Dear Lanal, I would like a strong research proposal, that includes the following: Background section: include the importance of the connection between perception and production of speech. especially in bilingualism, and the studies that have been done to investigate this link. and what does this help in terms of treating children with speech difficulties..
Professional Development in Early Childhood Programs: Process Issues and Research Needs
after reading the article provided on Professional Development in Early Childhood Programs, answer the following: 1.what are the two goals of professional development in early childhood education as according to this article? 2.what form of professional development listed do YOU most like..
Comparative Analysis on Self-Care in Child and Youth Care
Assignment #1 – Understanding Self-Care: A Comparative Analysis The purpose of this assignment is to provide each student the opportunity to demonstrate their learning based on the six course readings assigned in Lessons 2, 3, and 4 and to describe how this learning will inform/change their practice. The objectives of this assignment include: • demonstrating..
You will gather specific information on obesity in children
You will gather specific information on obesity in children. You may select any additional specific details about the target population (race/ethnic group/ location specific/ special characteristics). Examples of population: obesity in children: ages 7-12, African American children, living in Denton, etc.) Information must include descriptions..
How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime.
Directions: Watch the TedTalk video below. Write a minimum two full page, 12 point font, double- spaced essay. Summarize the talk and provide your thoughts and impressions. Include information that you think could be helpful when working with children.
CHILD DEVELOPMENT PAPER Most of you have probably wanted to know more about a topic related to child development. So choose a topic that is of interest to you but the topic has to relate to child development (not adulthood). Research the topic (you need at least 3 sources) and follow the format provided below for the written assignment. INTRODUCTION - why you chose..
Child development
develop a timeline for achieving certain psycho social developmental milestones. At what approximate age do infants typically: 1) recognize familiar people; 2)babble and respond to others with facial expressions; 3)exhibit strong attachment to caregivers; 4)recognize self in a mirror; 5)exhibit strong interest in new experiences and new children..
childhood and social institution
PAPER 2: DUE Mar. 28, 2017 -- 33% Write a 3-4-page (900-1200-word) critical review of John Taylor Gatto's Weapons of Mass Instruction Instructions for writing "critical reviews." A ‘critical review’ is not a book report. Reports summarize contents, critical reviews analyze them. To summarize is to repeat in a concise way; to analyze is to explain what a text..
Teenage Pregnancy
Just need numbers one, two and three done. Instructions are provided, I'm not the best writer so it does not need to be perfect or sound formal. Eventually I need an essay
introduction and conclusion of children literacy and language art
remember is for preschool age
-Times New Roman font - Size 12 -1 inch margins -Double space (no more than double, please!) Responses should be 2 - 3 pages and should not only summarize the reading/lecture but include your own deep and rigorous analysis.
3 page paper
3 page paper about the effect of Cartoon Network on children (ages 5-10). Times new roman 12 double spaced. Be specific and citations should be included . Must be 3 pages.
assessment for Children gross motor skills
write a 3 1/2 page about the result of the 5 children (age 3-4) gross motor skills, make plans for the children needing. what activities can I make and what material can I use to improve their gross motor, base in the result of the appropriate age. Pretend to do the assessment to do this assignment...
a personal opinion on the book reading magic
write 4 pages about your personal opinion on the book Reading Magic: Why reading aloud to your children will change their lives forever. I need citation, reference, no plagiarism
CHILD DEVELOPMENT FIELD OBSERVATION ASSIGNMENTS There are a number of benefits of doing field observations in a child development course. One is to provide students with an opportunity to see the behavior of children in several different developmental stages as they study those stages. Another is to gain experience and skill in recording and interpreting..
Curriculum development
Module Two: Curriculum Development Module Two: Curriculum Development Due:Mar 7, 2017, 11:59 PM Review the descriptions of NAEYC's Developmentally Appropriate Practice Guidelines (Copple & Bredekamp, 2009) and the DEC's Recommended Practice Guidelines ( Sandall et al., 2005). Why do you think both are important to consider in meeting the needs of the..
Sample Letter of Appeal
Select on Fundraising Tactic from page 68 of your textbook—and write a sample letter of appeal. The letter should be on a sample letterhead (you can develop.) Include a combination of emotional appeal and factual information. Explain briefly that annual giving supports the annual operating budget, it covers a variety of different programs at your school,..
Grant Proposal 2 pages
Grant Application/Proposal (50 points) Please read through and follow the complete set of instructions on each of the four pages before submitting. This assignment uses many of the components covered in this class. Due Week 4 by Saturday the last day of class at midnight.
Director Interview
Assignment 3 Field Experience Director Interviews: The student will need to visit and interview a director from two different programs at their sites: Subsidized child care/preschool program Fee based child care/preschool program Arrange to visit and interview two Directors of Early Childhood Programs. Use the form and list of questions (also located..
Week 2 Assignment: Budget
Prepare an operating budget excel spreadsheet for an established center designed to serve at least 48 preschool children. (You must use an excel spreadsheet for this assignment.) Using the MESH formula from the Week 2 Lecture, include line items to meet the needs for Materials, Equipment, Space, and Human Energy costs. Discuss in at least one full double-spaced..
consider how Damien’s family can be supported by professionals working in a multi-agency way.
ED4012 Resubmission Guidance Task 2 Task 2 (3000 words + or – 10%) Based on the case study outlined below, consider how Damien’s family can be supported by professionals working in a multi-agency way. Further Guidance and Suggested Word Count Introduction Please introduce the aims of the assignment clearly and briefly (250 words) 1. Who are the professionals..
how to create a safe, healthy and positive learning enviorenment
write 3 1/2 page of personal reflection on how to create a safe, healthy and positive learning environment in your classroom. my classroom is a preschool the each is 3 to 4 year old.
Qualitative Article Review
Qualitative Article Review on Early Childhood Education Choose 1 qualitative article and compose a 2 page review of it. Review must include 2 sections: (1) Summary of the article and (2) A critical analysis of the article. The article must be from a peer reviewed journal and written in the last five years. Summary Must Include • The purpose of the study • A description..
Observation Project Report
My final exam report has been returned for corrections in order to receive a final passing grade. The report was based on my observations and background information of an early childhood center. It was returned because of missing information in which my instructor provided in the feedback that's included in the attachment...
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