Case Study on Social Work examples

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) please conduct a thorough suicide assessment of the following clinical vignettes found in Chapter 7.
Utilizing the information found in chapters 5-7 and Appendices A & B of The Practical Art of Suicide Assessment, By: Shawn Christopher Shea (2002) please conduct a thorough suicide assessment of the following clinical vignettes found in Chapter 7. 1. Clinical Vignette 1- Student presenting at a College Guidance Centre 2. Clinical Vignette 2- Return of Suicidal..
Applying NASW Codes of Ethics to Same-Sex Marriages
Professional 3 pages Ethics Paper on codes and case study Due October 25, 2016 You should obtain the National Association of Social Worker Code of Ethics at their website available at Notice there are 3-4 codes that applies to this situation Additional to that you need to review Case Exhibit 7.5 (Same-Sex..
Multi-Dimensional Assesment
MULTIDIMENSIONAL ASSESSMENT View the documentary Best and Most Beautiful Things, by Garrett Zevgetis (PBS Independent Lens) *It's on Netflix* and respond to the following. Organize your paper using the following headings/sections. IDENTIFYING INFORMATION: Name, address, date and place of birth, marital/and or partner status, religion, ethnicity,..
counceling a client, ALLIED HUMAN SERVICES 101
Must be ready by 13 March 2017 at 5 :00PM please adhare to the attachments.the questions are also attached. must get the answer correctly
Structural Family Therapy
This order is due by Saturday April 8th at 5pm I will provide 2 example papers and the case study. The assignment is to be set up exactly like the 2 examples I have provided. You have to do some research on Salvador Minuchin, he is the one you invented the structural theory. You are suppose to apply all aspects of this theory to the different sections provided in the example..
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Assignment Due Sunday, March 5th by 5pm I will provided the exact example in APA format that I would like you to follow completely. You will need to be proficient in research and locating scholarly peer reviewed journal articles and/or books on Interpersonal Psychotherapy. You will need to use 3 references on this topic and cite them throughout the paper as they..
Attachment Theory
This is due on 2-26-17 at 3pm. I send this to auction last night, but there were issues with hiring that writer, so I am back looking to hire a new writer. This is a case study using the Attachment Theory by John Bowlby. The entire document has to be in APA format. For those that do not know, APA format is the official style of the American Psychological Association (APA)..
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