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Evaluation of Understanding: A study of Grade 1 students understanding of helping verbs 'To Be'
Provide research that backs up the correct Use of To BE verbs used in second language learners. (preferably Chinese as they do not have AM IS ARE in their language) What I need is extracted research that will back up my data and analysis that I will provide to you over time. I will provide an example essay and format. I will also gather the research materials needed...
Discriminate between narrative research and ethnography
Week 4 Assignment Instructions; Begin by reading this week’s articles containing narrative and ethnography examples. Then, compose a written analysis to address the following for each article: • Explain the purpose of the study • Summarize the guiding research questions. • Explain the role the researcher(s) assumed in this study. • Determine how the researchers..
Discriminate between phenomenology and grounded theory
This week’s readings contain phenomenology and grounded theory examples. After completing the readings, address the following in a written analysis: Explain the purpose of the study Summarize the guiding research questions. Explain the role the researcher(s) assumed in this study. Determine how the researchers applied the principles of either the phenomenology..
Case study of a learner with severe depression and anxiety
Introduction: You attempt to define anxiety and depression and make some reference to literature. You do not define inclusion or refer to the relevant acts of parliament in order to situate this case study in context as required by criteria 7. You discuss how depression affects learners in general. Methodology: You discuss ethical considerations and explain..
Parent Interviews w parents who have children with autism or other illnesses
Based off of four students presentations (please see attached notes-presentations). I needs the following: Other then your, own share a classmates presentation include three details what aspects of their presentation was specific to you? I will attach notes that were taking in class about each child that has autism or has an illness. Please use Mari-Beths..
Education Professional Negotiation (Case Study and Analysis)
I need a case study and Analysis prepared based on a professional negotiation possibly between a school board and a school district concerning a conflict that was resolved please see attached document. This is a doctoral-level. The word has to be done in the exact manner of the attached document.
Case study of a learner with severe depression and anxiety
A case study of a learner with severe depression & anxiety An extensive 2500 word case study of a learner with severe depression and anxiety (YOU CAN PICK WHAT YEAR OF SCHOOL THEY ARE IN - SECONDARY, COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY). It identifies (with reference to theory) barriers to learning for an identified learner in their educational context and makes recommendations..
Ahmed is a seven-year-old child who has always seemed happy and cognitively engaged with learning but in recen
This assessment requires you to engage with a case study and consider how you would respond as a teacher. In completing this assessment, you will draw together the theoretical frameworks and models for responding to a range of behaviours displayed in the learning environment. You are required to create strategies and describe these in your response for inclusive..
examining the inclusion of children with special educational needs in king Fahad high school
Hello friend, i want a research proposal for a case study and I want you to study a similar study of the master that you downloaded but different samples and some differences. And I also loaded the rubric which must be followed . I also uploaded a pice of my writing style so please follow my writing style..
Task 1-Subject Specific Pedagogy: Multiple Subject
Task 1-Subject Specific Pedagogy: Multiple Subject Before beginning this task, read the complete directions provided in the CTC TPA Candidate Handbook. This link provides information on how you will need to respond to each question. ( Task 1-Subject Specific Pedagogy: Multiple..
INDIVIDUAL CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Leadership Challenges in Facing Financial Tensions
Apa cited and response paper to a case study. I need a reference page in APA format as well as pages of writing. DO NOT FOLLOW/ answer the questions that are on page 89-90 of the actual case study! Instead follow each step on 3b. Case study_leadership challenges in facing financial tension. I have included a few of my class readings. Please follow the instructions..
One Child Case Study
Writers need to have read the book One Child by Torey Hayden, and know background information of the childs disability.
case study analyzing
text me number 5 if you read these instructions: response to the six questions of the case study according to the ELCC standards:- The paper should follow the rubric target in the last two pages the paper should contain three paragraphs each paraph should response two points..
Study Case
Objective: To develop systematic strategies for improving preschoolers’ cutting skills, and to evaluate those strategies. Scenario: You are a preschool teacher in a four-year-old classroom. The majority of your students will transition to Kindergarten next year. You have noted that very few of your students have experience with scissors and most have..
Case Study
Prepare a 3 paper with additional page for references in which you: 1. Identify an educational institution or organizational that is going through or has undergone change. 2. Describe organizational factors that seem to have an impact on the effectiveness of educational change. 3. Summarize the key information that should be gleaned from this analysis...
Case Study_Revising a Current Student Affairs Model
please see attachments
Scenario: Inga is a four-year-old in your afternoon special day preschool class. Her annual IEP meeting is coming up. The speech therapist is writing the goals to target Inga’s expressive speech and peer interactions. Since Inga’s fine motor skills fall within her age range she does not qualify for occupational therapy (OT), however she is far behind age level..
discussing, analyzing and answering the questions from 1-5 in page 217
answer questions in page 217 from of educator view. analyzing the commentaries and choose the best solutions with quotes from anyone has a good view and thought and answer the questions from 1-5 in two pages. I like personal suggestions and the best way of dealing with this situation also how to make decisions about the Kate...
Teacher training in applied problem solving: A study in metacognition
refer and read the following article please " Teacher training in applied problem solving: A study in metacognition. Article link: answer the following questions attached below with the questions written down and question numbers when answering the questions...
developing metacognitive behaviour in physical education classes the use of task-pertinent learning strategies
please read the following article Developing metacognitive behaviour in physical education classes: the use of task- pertinent learning strategies ARTICLE LINK: also use the attached file below to answer following questions. each question should be written down and numbered respectively,..
data collection
I need some data collection doing and put into a table showing results for two time periods and results for multiply activities. I need someone experienced in data collection.
answer questions from 1 to 5 from the book by analyzing cases from educator views .
analyzing paper of the six dilemmas of education in US DILEMMAS OF EDUCATIONAL ETHICS Chapter 1: Promotion or Retention? (Meira Levinson). [Responses: Square Pegs, Round Holes: The Need for Reform (Melissa Aguirre); Toward Pragmatic Educational Ethics (Jal Mehta); Humanism and Standards (Sigal Ben-Porath); Promotion, Retention, and the Rights of the..
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