Case Study on Biology examples

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Assignment Choice #2: Charleston, South Carolina Case Study Review
In this assignment, you will review the case study on Charleston, South Carolina. In a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following: Examine each section of the case study—the Introduction, the Symptoms, the Diagnosis, the Cure, and the Prevention—and summarize the approach and key points. Discuss: What philosophy guided the overall project? Who was responsible..
Periodontitis Gum Disease (Porphyroomonas gingivalis)
CASE STUDY INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES Please review the Case Study Rubric on the Course Rubrics page in the Syllabus section of Content before you turn in your final project to ensure you know exactly how your final project will be evaluated. ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVE Through this assignment students will gain in-depth knowledge of a specific pathogen in which..
organism writing assignment compare and contrast paper
compare and contrast between frog and penguin. How these two organisms accomplish life processes common to all living things and describing a special or unique characteristic in each of those organisms 1- its gonna be comparing and contrasting or three things: 1- thier gas exchange 2- their locomotion 3- reproduction there should be a refrence section by the..
disease case studies
Design three case studies explaining the way infectious disease can be transmitted. Possible diseases include: HIV, malaria, tuberculosis,
the topic depends on the sub type of LGMD be chosen
Case Report Topic (~400 word limit): There are a number of different limb girdle muscular dystrophies (LGMD). Describe one of the limb girdle muscular dystrophy subtypes. For your chosen sub-type explain how gene mutation ultimately manifests in the clinical symptoms. please use more reference beside those i provided and and the reference must be peer-reviewed..
discussion board
FUNGI!!! They're not just the mushrooms on your pizza! So little is known about this amazing kingdom of organisms, yet they hold so much promise! Without them, life on planet earth would be much different. Watch the TED Talk below by fungus biologist Paul Stamets. What were his 6 ways he believes fungi can save the world? Discuss what you thought of the talk, and..
Case study on a blemish
A well-developed, well-nourished 16-year-old African American female reporting no previous health concerns presents to your urgent care facility with an odd blemish on her left cheek. She has presented papers of family emancipation to the facility, which are accepted. She relates her accelerated high school graduation. She is a marketing major at Columbia...
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