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Watch movie "The big short " and answer 8 questions.
#1. The Big Short, is about what three groups of people who predicted the credit and housing bubble collapse of the 2007-2010 financial crisis? #2. Each of these groups decide to take on the big banks to expose what? #3. Explain some of the complex factors that led to the market crash. #4. What role did the rating agencies play? Were they at fault, or was the system..
Assignment 1: Company Description and SWOT Analysis
Assignment 1: Company Description and SWOT Analysis Due Week 3 and worth 100 points In this assignment, you will conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis for the type of beverage you have selected, and for your company overall. As you work on the assignment, consider why you have chosen one type of non-alcoholic beverage over another..
Diversity and Inclusivity: Integration Action Plan
Lifts information from the report that I have attached and in conjunction with an in-depth review of all policies procedures and processes, generates a Diversity Integration Action Plan
Marketing of Medical Services to Insurance Companies
You are responsible for marketing laboratory services to various managed care plans in your region. Compare three approaches for promoting these products to a preferred provider organization (PPO) and a staff model health maintenance organization (HMO). In your comparison, analyze key components of the strategic plan as well as the strategic plan implementation..
WEEK 11 and 12 - writting diary experiences from internship
Hi, I am looking for a great writer that able in expressing words by their opinion. Basically the assignment is about like weekly diary based on my experience from internship that Im currently doing now until February. So, I AM LOOKING FOR A PERMANENT WRITER that I will keep order for every week by I give you the different note instruction. One paper for per week need..
make a business plan (executive summary and market research only)
this is quiet an easy task, i need it to be done in less than 12 hours as this is an easy task. dont offer if you think you are busy with other assignment. instruction will be given further once a writer is hired. job is to make a business plan of executive summary and market research.
Project Management- Develop a Communication Plan!!!
I am looking for a writer who is professional in project management! The question is: Communication Plan:  Develop a communication plan for an airport security project. The project entails installing the hardware and software system that (1) scans a passenger’s eyes, (2) fingerprints the passenger, and (3) transmits the information to a central location..
Assignment 1: Company Description and SWOT Analysis
I have included all instructions all may not fit in files message for the rest. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! use the template take out the red writing insert what it says leave the black writing message for further instructions please only 5 files loaded please message for the rest
Turnaround Strategy – for groups in last or second-last position
If your firm became bankrupt during the simulation, or if your firm finished in last or secondlast place within its industry, then your report must also include a turnaround strategy that clearly explains what you would do differently to remedy the situation. This may include changes to management, strategies, financial structure, products, or markets...
Then select a product or service that you think you can sell in the selected country.
There is a growing consensus among some of the world’s smartest money that the next big emerging market may be Africa. The rosy prospects for Africa are detailed in a new book by Renaissance Capitals global chief economist, Charles Robertson, called “The fastest billion: The story behind Africa’s economic revolution”. Robertson believes that Africa will..
Business plan report for a UK Dried fruit and nuts supplier company
RaisinAble Limited is a mid-sized private company based in the UK. Their core business is sourcing, processing, packaging, marketing and selling dried fruit, edible nuts and seeds (FNS) to the UK retail market. RaisinAble is unsure of where it is heading strategically in the near future and has contracted you as a consultant to provide guidance through a five-year..
sigent jewelry ltd expand to china Media Objectives
This is the part that i need to do. everything need to be regarding how signet expand to China include real numbers real chart 1. Scheduling and timing
 1. When will the campaign hit:  January through May? Or January through March, then again June through August?  Weekly? -Li
 2. Media budget -Li
 1. Estimate how you will allocate your budget:  that is,..
Marketing Plan – Stage 2: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
Describe the marketing concept b) Outline and apply the elements of the marketing process. c) Identify and explain the macro and micro environmental factors impacting the marketing of a business or industry. d) Demonstrate an ability to incorporate new trends to solve marketing problems and apply communication skills...
Opportunity Analysis for Application of Delivery Track Pad
It is Feasibility Study ( Opportunity Analysis) type paper. the content has followings, Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. External Environmental Analysis 3. Industry Analysis 4. Key People and Skills 5. Financial Feasibility 6. References and Appendices Please read carefully the Details in the attachment...
Car Rental System Project Management - Involves MS Project
Project Deliverables The project requires students to perform three phases: (a) requirements analysis, (b) system and database design, and (c) a project plan. Note that in the phase 3, students are required to use the MS Project software for their project schedule. The deadline for the Individual Project can be found in the schedule section of the class syllabus...
Rewrite document has SWOT analyses and summarize the main points
I need a professional writer with a Master education and MBA. I will attach SWOT analyses with 2200 words, so the requirements. 1- rewrite the same by keeping the same meaning with proofreading and free plagiarism and add a further reference to support the written words with evidence-based way. where it possible and the reference shall be criticised to show its..
strategic plan that aligns the human resources (HR) function
You will create a strategic plan that aligns the human resources (HR) function with the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives. The overall scope of the Portfolio Project is to create a “Shared Services” structure for HR that will be housed at the organization’s corporate offices. For all Portfolio Milestone assignments: Although you will not earn..
Signature Assignment: Strategic Plan: Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis
About Your Signature Assignment: Signature/Benchmark Assignments are designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded with..
Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan
Purpose of Assignment: Students will have the opportunity to develop a Balanced Scorecard. This, in turn, will allow them to create effective strategic objectives to be included as part of their overall strategic plan. They will also be presented with the task of creating a brief communication plan that will be used by their proposed division to efficiently..
Creating a restaurant menu (Detailed, hospitality knowledge is a must)
This is a large assignment consisiting of 2 parts. The first part is about creating 7 different menus, each consisting 8 different dishes which are dietary requirement specific, and includes costs of ingredients and the recipes. The second part includes charts of the nutritional info. This assignment is a long assignment and requires hospitality knowledge,..
an executive summary and a project plan created in Apple Merlin
Details: As a culminating project, this assignment has two parts: an executive summary and a project plan created in either MS Project (PC) or Apple Merlin (MAC). Those experiencing problems with Project software may complete this portion of the assignment in Excel. Use prior course information and data gathered for your CLC Business Plan to complete this..
2 pages business full recovery plan. Before 3PM tomorrow
You are the senior corporate management group of a privately held company that manufactures men's clothing around the world for JCPenny. Your company has been hurt drastically by the amount of clothing for men, women, and children that is being produced in China and sold world-wide, thus drastically reducing your sales and profits. The company is own by divorced..
Make My Own Company! (Remember this assignment?) Jaja
NEED IT IN 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instructions can be found in pages 9 of the first attached file. Then, a second example of how the paper should be can be found in the second attachment. No plagiarism, just write bout your own idea and follow the example in the paper. Topic is: Ecological tire shoes for a facility that operates..
Implementation Plan for a new Economic Opportunity
In your 6–10 page plan, you have been asked to be sure to address the following. Note: The bullet points below correspond to grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure your work is, at minimum, addressing each of the bullets below. You may also want to read the scoring guide and the Guiding Questions: Implementation Plan for a New Economic Opportunity document..
Business and Professional communication class (Career Searching Project)
I have provided a link to the job description that I chose for the career searching project:,CA?jobid=adec8209-815a8fff I have provided the following: 1.) direction sheet 2.) rubric sheet to follow along 3.) Idea sheet I wrote to help you with the paper...
Becoming a 'Level 5 Manager' Self-Development Plan
As you approach the end of term remember you are asked to reflect on your career goals and strategies to become what Jim Collins calls a Level 5 Manager. While the syllabus asks for your Level 5 papers to be completed by June 14, you may take until June 15 if you need the time. There are two articles listed on the syllabus for our final class together. I think one of those..
DEADLINE IN 1 HOUR 30MINUTES Consumer behaviour of Taitokerauhoney while exporting to hong kong
You have been asked by a small to medium size New Zealand manufacturing business to establish an export market in Hong Kong for their high end/high quality/ range of natural based off the land products (i.e. farm to plate food products). The products should claim to be free of chemical sprays and heavy metals. The products are from ingredients which can be easily..
ForevermoreFungi ( Organically Farming Fungi) & Research
Due May 18th. You must have a AGRICULTURAL BACKGROUND! My BP is for Large scale Mushroom production on a permaculture level. Less carbon footprint the better. More sustainable the better. More organic my farm runs the better. Forevermore Fungi & J Hemp was pondered up to the response to the governments intention to allow agriculture as a form of profitable business...
BBA Project 5.3 Competitor Analysis and Strategic Response
Competitor Analysis and Strategic Response 1. Competitor analysis: Define your competition, by category and specific name, which provide similar products or services identified in your business proposal. Identify specific opportunities for your product and/or service and potential threats to your market entry. 2. Competitor profile: In this section,..
BBA Project 5.2 Customer Analysis and Marketing Plan
Customer Analysis and Marketing Plan 15-20 pages (not including the cover page and refrences) double spaced marketing plan that demonstrates the following: 1. Introduction: In this section of the marketing plan, you will describe the product or service and introduce the content of the plan. 2. Supporting industry trends: In this section, the learner must..
BBA Project 5.1 Industry and Company Analysis Business Plan
PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: This project assignment will address the following content areas: 1. Business proposal description: Describe with as much detail as possible your business ideal or proposal. Whether the proposal is a product, service, process or expansion of an existing enterprise, provide an analysis of why the proposal will differentiate itself..
Water Supply Sanitation and Hygiene (WASSH) Project Investment-Case Study on Monrovia (Liberia)
Upon graduating from your post graduate program, you got 10 million to venture in a place of your choosing. The goal is to create public value through the development of a Public-Private Partnership. Using relevant examples and lessons from the course that demonstrate your understanding of the material, make your case for establishing the new venture and explain..
Proposal: Launching Bobux NZ product in ITALY
I have attached the instructions for Assignment 2 please go through the instructions more important is marking guide, my lecturer wants the assignment to be structured which is mentioned in the marking guide. Due Date is on 16th of April. I chosed the company Bobux NZ and country is ITALY..
ommunity Care Application: Communication and Group Dynamics
Details: Access the "Allied Health Community"media and select "Scenarios" to access the scenarios for this course. Review the instructions and legend information. Read the Community Care Scenario for this course and complete the following assignment: Write an action plan detailing how the group dynamics and communication between group members can be..
A Common Business Practice that Should be Changed.
Address each of these four issues. Of course, you can say more if you think it is appropriate. 1. Describe the business practice. What are the situations where you have observed it, or participated in it? What are its distinctive features? 2. What is not right about it? Explain how it strikes you as the wrong way to act? Why has this business practice persisted? 3...
review of research and recommendation for final team paper
In this task, you need to write about review of the research and recommendation for my final team paper. 1. Read the intro that shows you what the issue of our organization is facing on. (my part is about working flexibility that cause high turnover) *(As a result from the survey that we handed out, one employee thinks that working hour is unbearably long, the wages..
Project One: Role of the Leader- . In this project, students will demonstrate an understanding of the broad role of a leader within an organization
Project One: Role of the Leader Purpose: In the first assignment, students are given a scenario about Global Delivery Direct (GDD), a Norfolk, England medium-sized global delivery company that was started in 1968 by four college friends. In this project, students will demonstrate an understanding of the broad role of a leader within an organization. Outcome..
Infection Control in the Operating Room: Business plan proposal
Participant will identify a business case/ cost analysis or business plan framework applicable to an actual/ potential practice (DNP students) or research (PhD students) project. Provide an overview of the framework with rationale (why and how it applies to the specific project). Utilizing a minimum of two research articles related to this particular framework,..
Demonstrate ability to initiate a new project through project proposal.
Demonstrate ability to initiate a new project through project proposal. Select a project – preferably related to your current or prospective business focus – and provide the following: • Your project as a business case • How your project is selected (organization project selection criteria) • Define objectives, goals and requirements • Preliminary scope..
must read carfully... two asignments are combined.. i want you to finish Assignment-1 and send me within 5 days and then for assignment-2 you have 15 more days to complete and send it to have recycle the assignment-1 while making the assign
must read carfully... two asignments are combined.. i want you to finish Assignment-1 and send me within 5 days and then for assignment-2 you have 15 more days to complete and send it to have recycle the assignment-1 while making the assign
Assignment-1 (Business proposal or like plan) Assignment-2(Implementation of the plan which we specified in Assignment-1)
must read carfully... two asignments are combined.. i want you to finish Assignment-1 and send me within 5 days and then for assignment-2 you have 15 more days to complete and send it to have recycle the assignment-1 while making the assignment-2 which is implementation of Assignment-1... Please read carefully all details...all files...line..
Invent a new product and write about it to convince other to buy it.
Invent a new product or service that I should go out and buy. Write at least 100 words to convince me (or anyone) that I should buy it from you. You get to make all of it up, so have fun! Thinking about features vs. benefits, include at least one benefit of your product/service Use logos, ethos, pathos, or a combination of them to persuade me. Use these in at least two specific..
Marketing plan for a fast food restaurant in Greece with a particular reference to Dodo (Plantain chips)
Marketing Plan parts Executive Summary An individual report (3.000 words), in which students are required to research and prepare a Marketing Plan for a new fast food restaurant chain in Greece. Students should address the basic questions: What, Who, Why, When, Where, How that are involved in the development of this venture. The Marketing Plan should include;..
Develop a Strategic Business Plan for a New Venture
MBA717 - Strategic Development Essay 1 - Brief Learning Objective 1: be able to critically apply a range of strategic tools, frameworks and concepts in the strategic development of an organization. TASK Develop a Strategic Business Plan for a New Venture Start-up companies are more important in bringing products and services to market. In response to new technology,..
Part III RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations and Proposal
Part III of Final Project Complete the following sections of the Information Strategic Plan Template: Recommendations (all components) Conclusion. Keep the working copy of your report intact with all components since the report will be submitted in its entirety during Week Six. For this assignment, you will submit: Title Page Purpose History Scope Procedures..
marketing plan and conduting research on my product Gululu | the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated
conduct research on Gululu | the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated(see website). first state a couple of sentences about gululu as an industry research. what is NAICS code if applicable (I selected NAICS Code 312112 Bottled Water Manufacturing) as a relevant industry. I need size of the industry in dollars. I need revenue growth stat. I need trend..
Strategic Plan: Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plan Analysis
Purpose of Assignment The purpose of The Final Strategic Plan is to allow the student to develop a comprehensive strategy for a new division of an existing company. This analysis will be the culmination of all the previous week's coursework as well as e objectives covered during their entire degree work. Assignment Steps Resources: Strategic Planning Outline..
Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan
*Purpose of Assignment Students will have the opportunity to develop a Balanced Scorecard. This, in turn, will allow them to create effective strategic objectives to be included as part of their overall strategic plan. They will also be presented with the task of creating a brief communication plan that will be used by their proposed division to efficiently..
Research two companies, Apple and Alibaba, their leaders
Synthesize what you learned about the companies by answering these questions. Please be precise, and use acceptable business writing (do not use academic of informal writing styles). Each question should be answered by one paragraph. a)Which company is more successful? Why? b) Which leader is a more effective? Why? c) Which traits and styles of each leader..
update of a work plan & status report /SDLC Questions
*SDLC Assignment *Update Work Plan What project tasks are planned for the next 2 weeks (should match your work plan) Provide a status update for each phase of the SDLC. Rate each phase Green, Yellow, or Red. Describe the activities being conducted in each phase and provide an overall status update. *Update Weekly Status Report..
cross-cultural communication from Amazon to China
Amazon want to do business to China. the way I want to write like this: first, the Chinese communication style. ex: indirect , high context, contextual communication style. U can refer to hofstede's cultural dimension, Chinese value community, power distance is high. Furthermore, negotiation style. Ex:relationship is important,build relationship first...
a Project Status Report and use case, system/technical requirements, and data flow
I have attached System Analysis & Design Assignment instructions. You can accomplish this through several forms of documentation - use case, system/technical requirements, and data flow diagrams. You will be required to create 3 forms of documentation. And A update of a Status Report You will need to update all sections of the Status Report document...
Status Report & SDLC Questions due 10/20/17 @ 10pm
-Status Report - A Project Status Report provides a one page overview of the overall status of a project. It highlights whether your project is On Track or At Risk, as well as provides the Executive Sponsor with details on the status of key deliverables. You will need to create a Project Status Report each week to provide an update on the key activities that are occurring..
Recommend an investment and show its financial viability for one unit (hotel/restaurant) of the company of you
HM 435 Summer 2016 – Project Two Due June 2nd 2016 in Class This project continues the analysis of the company that you selected in project one. So please feel free to use any of your project 1 analysis as basis of this report. The overall goal of this project is as follows: Recommend an investment and show its financial viability for one unit (hotel/restaurant) of..
Project Plan Summary & Workplan, & Status Report due 10/15/2017 @10pm
For this assignment you will need to describe your project planning approach, and create a detailed work plan that list all required activities and tasks for your project. Complete the detailed work plan using the template below. You will need to create a Project Status Report each week to provide an update on the key activities that are occurring within your..
The Distribution and General Marketing of Sports Whistles
write a Business Plan that focuses on the Distribution and Promotion of a product or service of your choice (See chap 13). In this project you will describe the following: your target market, product features and benefits, product differentiation, pricing, place, advertising and promotion. A description of all these processes have already been outlined..
Business Proposal: topic is necessity of the Implementation of body camera program in policing
Please submit a properly formatted and compelling persuasive Business Proposal on your approved topic. Be sure to be detailed, evidence-based, and address cost/benefit, implementation, monitoring, measurement, follow-up, potential legal issues, etc Ideally, you will use your actual work-experience and/or the needs of your business to inform the topic..
Delivering recharge to Electric Vehicles, anytime anywhere
This is a business plan for charge delivery to EVs anywhere anytime so they don't have to look for charging stations all the time and as a result, more people would buy EVs. I have uploaded a filled out format. You need to cover all the categories. Also an article to introduce what 3d batteries are. Feel free to use graphics :
Your Business Idea and Constructive Workshopping of Ideas
This is an individual assignment that students complete in consultation with their group/team. The objective of Assessment 2 is to learn how to develop a business idea by brainstorming and levering off the skillsets of others. Thus, you will be focussing on developing a business idea of YOUR own in the first instance. However, Assessment 2 should also be seen..
Implementation Plan for a New Economic Opportunity
Please see instructions below. I have included the guiding questions and plan context. There is also questions to consider as well as references to use. Assessment Instructions . In this assessment, you will plan for all pertinent details involved in implementing an new initiative. Scenario The senior management members have sent you their thanks and notes..
Business plan to created a new product Therm ometer to betected fever in kids from 0-5
summary pestel five forces model strategy operations resources financial conclucion the power point has only the steps and the idea of the thermometer with the points to follow the papaer work has another ideas but there are not clear enought
i only need the business action plan and Summary of main financial projections.
business idea as follow a customisable phone case with kinetic energy, dock to backup data. so all i need is an action plan part in addition to the summary of main financial projection. max of two pages.
Business Implementation Plan - APA Format (References provided)
Business Implementation Plan APA Format Indepth research not required references are provided. Company: Microsoft Overview (Detailed information is on the Information Document) Most of the basic information will be provided in the pdf. Microsoft Cases Study 2013 pages 545-553 Because some of the information is outdated use
Must be in UK english AC 1.1 - Describe the goals and objectives of your organisation There is a clear distinction made between ‘goals’ and ‘objectives’ Correct and appropriate goals are provided that describe future outcomes or direction for the organisation and correct and appropriate long-term and short-term SMART objectives are provided that make explicit..
Business Operations and Systems (B&M Home Store UK)
1) Business Process Plan illustrated "AS IS" and "TO BE". In the format of the attachment. Has to be 02 separate process plans. 2) The "Balance score card", Should be in the format of the attachment. (Refer to last 03 yrs of annual reports and any other relevant data for improvement and target trends for B&M). 3) Make it attractive with colors...
Business Plan for a New Venture New Zealand or anywhere across the world
I want a professional, captivating and creative business plan for a new venture. Min 2500 words. Any expert only contacts me providing your previous business plan. The assignment Must be: Minimum 2500 words. 12 Point, Arial or Times New Roman, and Double Spaced.
Depressed Children in Nevada Community Action Plan
Nevada Depressed Children in Nevada Written Report. Depressed Children in Nevada and Community Action Plan: Pilot a teacher training program for a year at one school, to include a parent education event twice a year, training to identify red flags and refer to counseling. Case study should include four sections (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Cure, and Prevention)...
Marketing and Projected profits & Borrowing Needs.
I have a group project which is to writing a business plan, but not the whole. My parts are the Marketing and Projected Profits & Borrowing Needs part. I will attach the necessary files that you will need when you write such as Our business concept, product details, goods and services details etc. so that you will be able to write my parts...
(Business management) Operational plan for a small business
- I need to write an operational plan for a small business such a cafe or a restaurant (you have to make up the name) - It does not have to be too complex but you need to follow the requirements on the document - You can use information from the internet but you have to reference it using the harvard system. - 3,000 words + referenced information..
Business PowerPoint Tesla (MUST BE DONE IN 6 HOURS)
Sheet will be provided with the instructions alongside with a PowerPoint for an example. The power point and the sheet I provided will have a Snapchat company example I am doing tesla the car company. Powerpoint must look nice and also needs to contain good appropriate pictures MUST BE DONE IN 6 HOURS IF YOU CAN COMPLETE IN THIS TIME DONT BID..
International market positioning regarding vegan food supplements
The products are vegan, made in germany and bio certified food supplements like (see attached file (it is in german, but all products can be seen) The businessplan needs to have a very good market research and analysis as well as a good strategy in regard to these facts. The bibliography looks as follow: 1. Market 1.1. Customer segments and geographic markets 1.2...
Via Rides-What platforms, products, or new innovations would you be excited to test in Q1 2017? (100 words)
There are a lot of new developments in the mobile space right now. As a Growth Marketing Associate at Via, what platforms, products, or new innovations would you be excited to test in Q1 2017? (100 words) Do some research on Via Rides and understand this company!!
Via DC
Via launched in DC over the summer. As a relatively new market, walk us through your strategy for acquiring customers there. You need to do some research on both Washington, D.C. and Via Shared Ride. Ex: DC has lots of college students (prefer cheap rides); lots of tourists, etc. Marketing channel: ex: social media ( Instagram, facebook etc), on-campus promotions,..
Cultural Competence Development Plan
To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements. Section 1: Statement of Expected Benefits What are the benefits of a culturally competent health care organization? Improved health outcomes; alignment and allocation of limited resources; patient retention and access to care; patient satisfaction;..
Intro to Business Final
the attachment has the complete instructions and the exam all attached. Involves 5 questions and must be of a business or company you set.
Editing Business Plan
Paper needs editing, and needs these sections added to the paper- 1)include the location of your business and explain why you chose this location. (location is new York city) in the executive summary. 2) company objectives should be expressed in bullet point format using the SMART goals template. 3) a description of your business model (customer value proposition..
Entrepreneurships and SME's
Business Plan needed Just a quick question what plagiarism checker do you use to guarantee the assignments? Kind regards Steve
Businees analysis
I need business analysis and improvement plans linked to GMP
Kaplan and Norton's Balance Scorecard for Amazon within 3 hours
I need SECTION 8 of my project done. Fill out the Balance Scorecard for Amazon. Please look at the attached files. One is my project that needs to be complete and another is Kaplan and Norton's article on the balance scorecard. YOU NEED TO CITE EVERYTHING WHERE YOU ARE FINDING THE INFORMATION. PUT all the work cited for section 8 right under. This is the sections that..
marketing plan(implementation plan)
Just an implementation plan table, I will send you my marketing plan, less than 100 words
write augmentative essay on the topic
Card to Card money transfer provider
This business plan should include : Example of service provider : Homework need to be submitted by coming Friday Max. Target emerging market Middle East . Specific : United Arab Emirates. PLEASE IF..
Dracula Restaurant in Manchester
The restaurant have to be with specific meal and decorations. We need to aim the middle class .
Starbucks Coffee company
I need executive summary based APA format on attached milestone papers. I need some corrections in my milestone papers. I have highlighted the areas where it required correction.
Global Business Plan
You are to write a Global Buiness Plan for a market in Italy. Your business plan will feature a tourist product or service. The sections in the business plan must include, but are not limited to: Executive Summary Market Description Operations and Management Organizational Structure Compose a response in an MS Word (or similar application) document. Ensure..
Starbucks Coffee company
This will be final paper. I need 1 executive summary for all 3 milestones. I have highlighted the areas where it needs correction in the form of comments. Please don't forget to read the title page for detailed comments. Don't forget to highlight the changes. You can download the files from below link
Reward and Recognition Program Needed
Requesting assistance for this portion of my business proposal: Project Plan In this section of your proposal, explain what you want to do to solve the problem you defined in the introduction. This will be the largest section of your proposal. For a 6-8 page paper in length, this section should be 4 pages minimum. You may want to use a bulleted list here to list the..
Hospital Marketing Comparison and Marketing Plan
The marketing plan portion of the project should include the following sections: Executive Summary and Table of Contents. Environmental Analysis. Opportunity and Issue Analysis. Objectives. Marketing Strategy. Action Programs. Financial Projections. Implementation Controls. Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that..
Preparing a Multiple‐Step Income Statement
Please see the attached files for how to do the assignment
International Marketing Plan
All instructions are in the attachment. this is a two part project. Need a 12 page draft by March 11 2017. then the full 30 page paper by March 18th 2017. APA format.
End of Course Project
EOCP. Instructions attached. Must have knowledge of Business Administration
End of the Course Project. Instructions are Attached
Bogo wireless
class project on a worldwide business. need a business plan, APA style and a power point
First Class Freight rates
I need a business plan for my marketing class. I have attached the outline and the power point.
Business Plan
Should be well researched and should have the outline of a business plan
MBA Group Assignment
Attached are the instructions. This is a class assignment in which my group is responsible for Stakeholder Management - ACME Stakeholders and Planning Budget - Maintenance (An outline has been provided). Each topics should be no more than a page long. Thank you
Business Proposal (Persuasive message) for Business Writing Class
Please write a Business Proposal for Business class use. Your task is to convince your boss to expand the business and promote you to a larger management role. (detailed instruction in Attached file) 700-900 words. Business tone.
fix paper 1, 2 and 4
fix paper 1> Not following the outline for the cultural analysis. No mention of geographical setting, social institutions, education, legal systems, religion and aesthetics and living conditions. Student presented information relation to what they want to see and the condition of the Libyan country since the fall of the government. fix paper 3> some areas..
Death by Sitting
Death by Sitting Background: You are the manager of the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) department at a Fortune 500 company at a large facility with ~2,000 workers (25% of those are in an office setting). During a safety committee meeting, they raise a concern that sitting all day is deadly. The employees site this article in Men’s Health (slide 8)
Business Proposal
Options 1 & 2: Business Proposal For this assignment, you will write a proposal to your organization’s senior management team for a project you would like to receive approval for. The section titled Practical Skills: Proposal Writing in the interactive lecture on page V of Module 7 provides guidance to help you determine the specific needs of your audience...
Entreprenuership class Follow the rubric and template to exact Make a business and create a business plan for that business I have chose Sunkissed I have some details on what we done so far don't use word for word just get some ideas from it and add more to complete it. It is a single spaced spreadsheet and I gave an example of how the teacher wants it to be like and theres..
YouthCare- Crisis Management Plan
Write a paper that summarizes a crisis management plan for NPO YouthCare. In order to do this you must: Conduct a threat appraisal of your NPO YouthCare to identify a list of 3-5 realistic or plausible threats that the NPO could face. Justify your threat appraisal – that is make sure that you offer clear and evidence-based reasons that these are credible threats...
Final Course Project - Crisis Communication Plan
A. Scope - The final project will be your creation of a Crisis Communication Plan (CCP) for your organization or an organization of your choice. If at all possible, use an organization with which you are currently, or formerly associated. Do not use a fictitious organization. Do not re-format or plagiarize an existing Crisis Communications Plan. Using the materials..
Strategic sales and marketing plan
Create a company and develop a strategic sales and marketing plan that includes recruiting the sales force, training for international marketing, managing a global sales force, and being an effective international marketing manager. The products and services along with the challenges should be examined. Outline the marketing and operation challenges..
Preparing a Capital Budget
You are a unit manager of a 50 bed, step down unit, and it is time for you to prepare your annual capital budget. You have significant turnover in your nursing staff in the past three years; a review of exit interviews and patient surveys indicates low nurse satisfaction , poor morale, and complaints of and antiquated and depressing work environment. You have researched..
Write a email message (with instruction) for Business Writing Class
write a email message based on the situation provided(shown in the attachment file). Use Business tone. 300-500 words.
Lesson Plan for Professional Development
To develop objectives, rubric (how to measure and evaluate each topic) and assessments for professional development training on the following topics: This assignment should be presented in a power point briefing with a separate lesson plan, goals, overview of each objective and evaluation tool or test questions to measure results for effectiveness. Topic:..
Stock Investment Analysis
Assess the year-to-date performance of the FLCSX fund, including the key drivers of the fund performance, and how the performance of the fund compares to the S&P 500. Evaluate the volatility risks in the fund, providing an assessment of the fund manager’s performance based on the risk measurements for the fund. Make a recommendation to the fund manager for improving..
Amazon Analysis
Generally, this will be a major analysis of a company of approximately 25 pages. The analysis will include the following: Overview of the company (Amazon). Ten Forces Analysis Turbulence Study of the company's future competition (3 years). Company Profile (using the Ansoff model in Chapter 2 of Thriving) Note: It may not be possible to use all parts of each general..
Business reuirement analysis of a Case Study
The major file to consult will be the Assignment Case Study and report briefings doc. Consult the Marking Rubic.pdf for the requirements of the marking. The other files A1.P1, A1.P2 and A1.P3 are guides to what is required in the briefings. Include the Table of content, Executive Summary and references with proper Havard referencing and citations. Please make..
Business Proposal Assignment
On page 410, you will see a sample case regarding Warby Parker. You work as a communication specialist at Warby Parker, reporting to co-CEO David Gilboa. Using the skills you’ve been practicing in this course, respond to this challenge: You’re helping Gilboa prepare a report about the company. Gilboa characterizes the report as a “public business plan,” in..
STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS This is an individual assignment and requires you to choose a New Zealand based organisation and relate all your assessment work to your chosen organisation. For the purpose of this assignment, an organisation refers to any public sector, private sector, or social/community organisation operating in New Zealand. You are required to..
Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
IMC Plan for KitchenAid Mixer. The first half of the plan is already completed (steps 1- 6) and attached for reference. Need steps 7-12 completed-- instructions attached. There is no word count for this assignment, as long as it is detailed and thorough,
HW 1 Business Law & Bankruptcy
Samuel Seller wants to form a corporation. He has a thriving business in which he buys cheap sports equipment and then re-sells it at his store at a substantial profit. He needs some extra cash right now to buy a new store and he does not want to risk his personal assets by taking out a loan. Therefore, Samuel has decided to form a corporation. Samuel would like to sell..
Implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM)
Implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) Your project team is charged with implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) software application within the next 30 days. The intended consequence of successfully implementing the CRM program is to provide both your sales and customer service departments more agility and flexibility..
create a corporate procedure
write a corporate procedure using the vocabulary listed below: Decision-making process, Employee engagement, Compliance , Competitive advantage, (CEO) President ,Vice president, General manager, Corporate communication, Concision, Precision, Intellectual property, Deontology
Leadership development plan
How will I close the gap between where I am and where I need to be in my leadership proficiency level? Requirements: • Select two development areas you would consider developing to narrow the gap between leadership skills you have and those you desire. • Conduct research on activities and resources you could use to help you develop your two chosen areas. • Pick at..
Marketing plan
Create an APA style formatted Word document that includes at least 3 references outside of the course text and contains paragraphs that cover the topics below. The length of your marketing plan will vary based on your degree of succinctness. Most documents fall between 9-13 double spaced pages. For more details, including minimum lengths by topic, check out..
School Improvement Plan
You have just been made principal of a failing school. There is no collegiality among teachers and the morale of the staff is at an all time low. The union representatives are militant and the School Advisory Team seldom reaches consensus without a struggle. You obtain a copy of an evaluation of the previous principal. At the end of the year, you will be evaluated..
Global Restaurant Expansion Business plan
20 page business plan for the next 5 years, outlining methods for global expansion starting in Switzerland for a Indian fusion restaurant Target markets for 2018 onwards: Germany, UAE, Jordan, UK, Qatar (1 per year) Using full academic resources for detail, depth, analysis, data, quantitative and qualitative. Information regarding hypothetical personal,..
Organizational chart
Make a company organizational chart that can be edited as following: General manager Mustafa mahroos Gm vp Ahmed Alobaid Secretary Khaled Ahmed Secretary nasser alyami Finance department Finance manager Mohammad Almansi Account Khaled Mahmoood Account Mohammed Kausar HR department HR manager Mona AlAnazi HR assistant Ashwaq AlMOusa HR Assistant Hussa..
Develop and Implement Business Plan BSBMGT617
hi this is assesment of advancediploma of hospitality. kindly first read the whole assesment which i am attaching. there are 3 part of assesment 1.make a businee plan for kebab shop 2.make a powerpoint presentation 3. answer all the question in the assesment
Part 4 business plan
Is the part 4 of a business plan... Product: solar panel for houses Country: Libya
Creating A Purchase Request Form
The purpose of the Technology Software/Hardware Purchase Request Form is to encourage project planning, and to ensure the appropriate use of the college’s resources. This form collects information to assist in the determination of the alignment of the proposed technology with the College’s curriculum, information, and technology needs. Additionally,..
Lekoope - Organic Eggs Company
Business Proposal Plan on a made up company of organic eggs called Lekoope I Executive Summary II Vision Statement Mission Statement Value Proposition Statement Company Description III Industry Analysis and Trends (Incl. Five Forces, PESTEL, Strategic Mapping, Benchmarking, Driving Forces, etc.) IV Business Goals/Objectives [SMART goals] V The Competition..
saku brewery - strategic case business case - MBA assignement
5 page essay -case study about a brewery in latvia, analyze it and answer 3 development questions: - What’s the analysis on the External and Internal context at Saku - What’s your perspective/opinion on Saku portfolio? After the analysis, what are the portfolio options that you identify? - Relatively to the options you identify, what strategy plan do you recommend?..
Client Meeting and Project Approval
Please read detailed assignment instruction in attached file before biding. Thank you Preparation To prepare for this assessment, read the following document, linked in the Resources of this unit. Client Meeting and Project Approval Guide. The information provided in this document will help you in preparing for the meeting, presenting your data review..
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