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2- page analysis/critque of a article regarding teamwork
You will be required to find a current article (3 years or newer) and write a 1-page analysis (not simply a summary) of that article. Use Times New Roman size 12 font and 1-1/2 spacing. The article should be properly cited at the end of the paper using APA format.
How Emerging Technologies Could Help California Fight Wildfires
Write a science blog article introducing how emerging technologies could help California Fight Wildfires. Rhetorical features including Infographics, Images/Diagrams, Anecdote and Analogy are required in the article. Guidelines, example articles and resources are given.
Technology's Role in the Increased Violence against Journalists
Read the following article: "Technology's Role in the Increased Violence against Journalists" ( opinion/op-ed/la-oe-0111- simon-hebdo-violence-against- media-20150111-story.html) Write a 1-2 page, single-spaced paper on the following topic: "To thank or to blaim -- what is the role of the Technology in relation to Freedom..
Comment on the extent to which technology has impacted perceptions
ples i need it before 10 hours maximum that discussion board you might want to think about making your initial contributions also , respond to 3 Regards, Discussion Board Add Comment and reply to 3 of my classmate By your think or agree of opinion about what he or she wrote Comment on the extent to which technology has impacted perceptions, communication, and stress..
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