Article on Statistics examples

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Writing Article Critique from a quantitative research methods perspective.
Critically and analytical write a report on quantitatively written published an article to examine its content from a quantitative research methods perspective. I will be attached the article, rubric for the article critique (the writer must read it carefully), plus some Guidelines for Writing the Article Critique..
The Re-Placement Test: Using TOEFL for Purposes of Placement
I attached the instructions of my professor show in the rules. It easy staff to work with it. I need just some of APA citation from my articles with highlight my article to show my professor my work in the article.
Disruptive trends in Salesforce CRM application in 2017"
I would like an article based on a research, on the growth in the use of Salesforce CRM application and the trends for 2017
How Swedish companies can get the benefit of hiring foreign experts
We need to show the current problems in Sweden regarding a strategic growth in the industries and how the foreign experts can help resolve these problems
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