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Interview/Observation Assignment - Preschoolers' Thinking. NEEDS TO BE DONE BEFORE 23 HOURS
Interview/Observation: Animism and artificialism in preschoolers’ thinking Review information concerning aspects of children’s early cognitive development and Piaget’s preoperational and concrete operational stages (on pp. 142-147 of your text). Then, talk with two or more preschoolers (between 3 and 5 years of age). Devise your own questions, aimed..
: Journal Article Critique #1 PAPER NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 10 HOURS.
For any in-text referencing and the full article reference at the end of your report, follow APA referencing format--a brief overview of APA format with regard to referencing can be found in your syllabus and is repeated in a document in Course Resources on the home page. Submit a two-page critique for this assignment. Do not merely summarize the author's points...
Wearing a Bicycle Helmet Can Increase Risk Taking and Sensation Seeking in Adults
i need this equation answered: 1.What is the basic design of this study? 2. Describe the manipulation of the independent variable, and identify the manipulation as straightforward or staged. 3. In this chapter, we discuss three types of dependent measures: self-report, behavioral, and physiological. In the experiments presented in this paper, what types..
Workplace settings in counseling and clinical psychology in the United States
The Final Paper: Must be three to five double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must begin with an introductory paragraph that includes an analysis of the article..
7 writing exercises (200-250 words each) based on an article
7 writing exercises based on two different but similar articles. Article #1 is 8 pages, article #2 is 7 pages. Most of the work should be done on article #1. 1. There is a different due dates for each writing exercise which is due on a weekly basis. 2. Each Exercises is no longer than 200-250 words. 3. APA use is not mandatory. However, you are required to use APA citations...
Journal Article Reviews (Including Final Topic paper declaration)
complete Assignment 1: Journal Article Reviews using the Assignment 1: Journal Article Reviews Template. Refer to these instructions and consult the rubric to see how points are allotted for this assignment. This assignment consists of three parts: you will be declaring the topic for the Final Paper (in the abstract) and finding TWO journal articles to review..
What were your friendships like in middle childhood(ages 6-12)
What were your friendships like in middle childhood(ages 6-12)? Think back to your middle childhood years and write a one page journal entry exploring your peer relationships, using terms and concepts from the chapter as you reflect. Were you in a clique and/or a crowd? If so, what were the features of your fellow clique/crowd members? Did you co-ruminate with..
Drs. Craig Ellison and James Chin’s theory using the article Expanded Psycho-Spiritual Model
You will write a 5-page paper summarizing (2 pages) and critiquing (3 pages) Drs. Craig Ellison and James Chin’s theory using the article Expanded Psycho-Spiritual Model: Foundations and Implications, Edification: The Trans disciplinary Journal of Christian Psychology, 5:2, 125-136. (6 references excluding the Bible, and the citation above) I put the..
Assignment: Annotation of a Qualitative Research Article
Submit: Annotation of a Qualitative Research Article This week, you will submit the annotation of a qualitative research article on a topic of your interest. This annotation is a precursor to the annotated bibliography assignment due in Week 10. An annotation consists of three separate paragraphs that cover three respective components: summary, analysis,..
Depression : Nuerotransmitter system, drug activity,side effects, risk and benefits
Read the articles and answer the questions: 1) Explain their actions at the Neurotransmitter system involved in the Disease- Depression. 2) Analyze the agonist-antagonist activity of the drugs at the receptor types and subtypes involved with Depression 3) Elaborate on the agonist-antagonist actions of the Drug and Describe the MOST COMMON SIDE EFFECT seen..
Assignment: Annotation of a Quantitative Research Article
You are to select a NEW quantitative research article on a topic of your interest for the Assignment due Week 6 (not one we have read in class). Please make sure you have selected a quantitative research study from the peer reviewed literature and not a review article, meta analysis, editorial, commentary or policy statement. The bolded sections of the Assignment..
Summarize "To brake or Accelerate When the Light Turns Yellow?" Stress Reduces older Adults Risk Taking in a..
3-5 pages double space. The article is by Mara Me The, Marissa A. For pick, and Nichols R. Lighthall. APA style citation. Describe the purpose of the study, what was the specific research question or hypothesis studied...I identify general research designed used...what developmental design used..(cross sectional, longtitudinal, cross sequential..explain..
Find the Claim, Warrant, Explicit or Implicit in Article - DUE 2/16 @ 10AM
Read the article “The Hidden Ways Architecture Affects How You Feel,” and Write answers to the following questions. 1. What is the author’s claim? 2. Is it explicit or implicit? How do you know? 3. What is the most important warrant? 4. Is it explicit or implicit? 5...
A 3-year study of a school based parental involvement program in early literacy
Go online and read the article above. Use these References Fawcett, G., Padak, N., & Rasinski, T. (2013) Evidence-based instruction in reading: A professional development guide to family involvement. Boston, MA: Pearson. Susan Ann Crosby, Timothy Rasinski, Nancy Padak & Kasim Yildirim (2015) A 3-Year Study of a School-Based Parental Involvement Program..
Treating Children that are Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis with ADHD
For this assignment, complete the following: •Select a problem or issue within the field of human behavior. Explain why you have selected the topic and explain the relevance to human behavior field. •Examine different perspectives on the issue. Rather than simply providing a summary of each article, make sure you are synthesizing the information and organizing..
People’s willingness to participate in church development
There are a few suggestions I’d like to make before you submit your literature review: Use headings. Obviously Introduction and Conclusion are common to all of your reviews. Beyond that however, the headings in your reviews are quite individual and dependent on the topic you are reviewing. Remember headings are used to structure the content of your and guide..
5 Article Reviews and a Comparison Paper. 2-3 pages
You will need to review the 5 sources provided, and follow the format to review them by answering the questions . In addition to this a comparison of the Articles will need to be in an Essay using the 5 sources.
Literacture Review - Effectiveness of speech generating devices on students with Autism to enhance communication
Need someone to finish my Literature review!!! I've done 90% just need someone to take the main findings and critically analyse them and put into the review. (I've already wrote the main points in a second doc) so just need to have quick read of articles and my notes then CRITICALLY analyse! NEED to critically reflect on my (your position) regarding the quality..
Article Review on: The Social Psychology of Love and Attraction
Create an Critique of a Research on the chosen Journal: Braxton-Davis, Princess (2010) "The Social Psychology of Love and Attraction," McNair Scholars Journal: Vol. 14: Iss. 1, Article 2. *****Instructions and..
it is a 2 page answer regarding white interpreters for the deaf
This two-week discussion will engage critically with the readings related directly to whiteness, white privilege, white supremacy, and white fragility. This issue is important to our class for two reasons: one, white privilege and white supremacy are part of the current public conversation; two, while Deaf consumers are extremely diverse, the interpreters..
I have to create a Psychological Counseling Brochure
Psychological Health Consultants Apply what you have learned from Chapters 1 and 2 to create a marketing brochure for the fictional company, Psychological Health Consultants. The brochure you create should apply the following elements from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2: Psychological Health Consultants Company Profile (40 points) • Mission Statement - list..
Literature Review - Effectives of Social Story interventions with Autistic kids
This is a Literature Review * Review must have a minimum of 12 references * I have completed a mind map as a DRAFT of what the review will focus on. * I have also written the review myself however I DO NOT feel I am on the right track or if I am doing it correctly etc and my mind map has taken different paths. Wanting someone to read over my mind map and the review I did and then..
developmental changes in paremt-child communicaton throughout adolescence
I attached three things one is the paper outline with instructions and key points that the paper must have, second thing is the article entitled child development this must be used as focus of the paper and the second one is a peer reviewed article to be used as support your findings in the article...
Systematic Review of Brief Mindfulness-based Interventions in Substance Abuse Disorder
For this assignment you will be an Experienced Research with expertise in Systematic Reviews and with experience in publishing articles for academic journals indexed in PubMed. You will also know how to use PICO Search Strategy and will be familiar with MESH search in Pubmed. You will be confident to deliver excellency in researching articles using PICO strategy,..
Literacture Review - Evaluation of Social Stories interventions for students with Autism
Please see attached file for direct instructions. 2000 words THIS PAPER is a Literature Review!!! Last paper was an article critique (I have included the last paper as a reference - as topic is the same).
When to introduce the family into the Addiction Recovery process
Make it sound like a doctor wrote it. Add some valuable advice to the reader. Audience: Anyone who is or may know someone that needs addiction treatment for alcohol or drugs, or may have mental/ behavioral health concerns. An article that is written well enough to be in:
Support for Obesity-Related Policy and Its Association With Motivation for Weight Control
Summary article Application of Course Concepts Research Question and Reason Hypothesis Methods Findings and Interpretations Personal Finding Understanding APA style/ Formatting Research Question and Reason for the Study: What were the researchers studying? What was the reason for the study? What was the purpose? Hypothesis/ Hypotheses: What was the..
Evaluation of Social Stories interventions for students with Autism
I have already completed the assignment, however I need it to be perfect as I am already loosing a few marks as the date of my paper is out by 1 year of stated criteria. Need to critique an article on Social story intervention on autistic children. Assignment, criteria and Article attatched! Can anyone improve on what I have already done (I am not critically minded..
Evaluation of Social Stories interventions for students with Autism
I have already completed the assignment, however I need it to be perfect as I am already loosing a few marks as the date of my paper is out by 1 year of stated criteria. Need to critique an article on Social story intervention on autistic children. Assignment, criteria and Article attatched! Can anyone improve on what I have already done (I am not critically minded..
Indigenous disadvantage Working with Indigenous students
20% Task: You are required to choose an academic article from the subject readings and conduct a review of the article. This requires you to provide a brief summary of the key arguments or findings in the article. Discuss the rigour and quality of the ideas and issues it presents with reference to other academic literature you may have read and other sources such..
Biography/Article Summary/Historical Context/Critical Reflection
11-12 Pages Double Spaced 2,800-3,100 Words Required information about a Specific Psychological Historical Figure: -Biography -Summary -Social Historical Context -Critical Reflection **More detailed information will be provided such as Essay Outline & Rubric**
I need 300 words for each question. Please make sure you put the references. This is due Sunday by 5pm. -Locate one peer reviewed study on psychoanalytic theory published in the last 5 years. How does the study present material differently than earlier analysts? Include an APA citation of your chosen study in your response. How are psychoanalytic concepts addressed..
Patihis Article The four questions are: 1. What was the most important thing you learned about this topic and why? 2. What was something new that you learned about this topic? 3. What did you think you knew, that you learned was not so? 4. What question(s) do you have about this week’s lecture or reading assignment?..
Article Review & Critique
Instructions found in attachment. Please do a review on the article also attached.
personality theories
Analyze and describe how the APA’s Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct might affect the implementation of your theorist’s personality assessments. Assess the types of personality measurements and research designs associated with your assigned theorist and describe how they have evolved. Your initial post should be a minimum of 400 words...
Should science be regulated?
Research the following topic using Internet and/or additional library resources. Answer the questions clearly and concisely using at least 500 but no more than 750 words. Be sure that you are presenting the concepts in your own words, and that you provide the reference for any cited information. Topic Should science be regulated? Use the Internet and other..
pick up girls
I read a book called the game, they re talking about a method to pick up any girl, is it true ? and how does it work
Major depression in the transition to adulthood: Risks and impairments.
week 1 journal
Many people base their idea of what a forensic psychologist does on TV shows like Criminal Minds or movies like Silence of the Lambs. But is that a true picture of the life of a forensic psychologist? compare and contrast your view of a forensic psychologist prior to entering this course to what you now know about their role in the field of psychology and the criminal..
Article Summary
The goal is to choose two articles that have to do with a psychology topic and summarize them. They have to be credible and well written. You can choose whatever topic. My teacher also wants everything cited that is quoted and then the rest in the reference page. Proper directions are attached below...
article reviews
will find research articles that are peer reviewed in scholarly journals. Scholarly journal articles are also often referred to as primary source documents. You must be able to discern the difference between an appropriate and an inappropriate resource. Remember, what cannot be utilized for this assignment are any web pages, magazines, newspapers, textbooks,..
Article Summary
An article summary should include a few paragraphs that describe (in your own words) the main point or points of the article. Be sure to clearly cite in the article in-text at the beginning of your summary. The summary should include at least one paragraph that describes (in your own words) the main point or points of the article. Because you are summarizing a research..
Cognitive Psychology Research Article Review
To build on your understanding of theories and methods in cognitive psychology, you will write a summary of an empirical article covering an area of cognitive research. The summary should be in your own words; it’s plagiarism if you use the article’s verbatim statements. The paper should include a title page and two pages of content (3 pages total). The summary..
create 3 abstracts
A major topic of this class thus far has been on the ways values, biases, and perceptions influence us and also on the importance of using science-based research methods to study psychology. A significant way we, as scholars, can seek out valid information is by utilizing quality, academic sources in research. The goal of this assignment is to help you begin the..
Psychology Summary
Using please write a 400 word summary on two separate articles. Please include the links to the two different articles. A total of 2 400 word responses.
: Journal Article Critique #2 PAPER NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 28 HOURS.
To encourage your engagement in current professional literature in the field of developmental psychology, this week you will have the opportunity to read and critique an article of your own choice that addresses a developmental topic of your particular interest for a specific age group. For this critique, choose an article that relates to infancy OR childhood...
Eating Disorder in young men
not a place to add your own ideas or opinions. All information should be cited. This is not an annotated bibliography. Capella has several resources to help you write your literature review. View the Capella Writing Center's "Principles and Procedures for Writing a Literature Review" (linked in the Resources) for information on how to organize a literature..
Article Summary and Critique
Summarize and critique a research article published in the multicultural counselling literature. You may format your written assignment either as a bulleted list, or as a traditional essay paper. The written document should consist of approximately 3 double-spaced pages, or approximately 750 words (± 50 words), excluding the cover page and the reference..
Whatever you choose
The subject of the paper is your choice, but it must be in the psychology/counseling area and come from a professional publication. These are professional journals such as the Journal of Counseling and Development, etc. Newspaper articles from the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, etc., and textbooks are not acceptable. The papers shall..
Activity: Interview/Observation - Childhood Self-Esteem PAPER NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 10 HOURS.
Check document for instructions. In addition plagiarism is not accepted
Critical Article
Critique this article and summarize the following first: What was the aim, and research questions of the study? What were the authors hypothesis? How did they answer their research questions (procedure)? What were their findings?..
Christian Outlook Paper
Our reading offers a model for understanding people’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior through careful consideration of biological, psychological, and social-cultural influences. Read the article below about a biopsychosocial approach to addiction and write a response to the following questions: What impact does society have on our view of addictions/addicts?..
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