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Effects of mobile devices usage on pedestrian encounters.
need to answer to this question: 1. Identify the design of the experiment. 2. Identify each independent variable. For each independent variable: a.What were the levels (values) of the variable? b. Was the variable a manipulated variable or a participant variable? c.How was the variable operationalized? 3. Identify each dependent variable. Describe how..
(Feature article) Choose 3-5 principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST), 1) state, define and describe these coherently; 2) explain “self” and “community”, and 3-5 ways in which they are interrelated (with reference to the 3-5 principles you have chosen)
we have a moral responsibility to protect the environment.
Use either Utilitarianism or Kantian ethics to develop an argument in support of the claim that we have a moral responsibility to protect the environment. Explain fully. Do you agree with the reasoning you present in your argument? Discuss in at least a paragraph.
This is a graded discussion: 5 points possible due Feb 18 at 11:55pm Discussion 5 - Hobbes "Leviathan" 40 40 unread replies. 40 40 replies. The State of Nature and Socratic Morality In the selection from "Leviathan", Hobbes gives an argument for a social contract, stating that all people arise from living in "a state of nature". In this state of nature resources..
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