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Legitimazing the tax collection through participatory budgeting
Article synopsis of "Legitimizing the tax collection through participatory budgeting" (summary of the article's major points) and relate it / comment on its relation to PDF "Citizen participation in the budget process" by Yahong Zhang and Kaifeng Yan
What positions do you want to steer clear of so as to avoid confirming Pollan’s criticisms of his opponents?
300 to 500 word argument essay Regardless of your own beliefs write a response to Pallan’s essay that argues against it. Which of his points need refuting to convincingly counter his argument? What positions do you want to steer clear of so as to avoid confirming Pollan’s criticisms of his opponents..
Please strictly descriptive article, strictly US English, no plagiarism
Please describe the attached picture in a few sentences. Your work will be graded on your writing style and knowledge of the language (US English, so keep off if you know nothing about US English as first language). I give equal importance to typography, spelling and grammar, so pay attention to all of these factors. Make sure your text is well-structured and coherent,..
1. answer 5 questions from an article. 2. 2 page essay (Good effect of the internet) NEED IT IN 4 HOURS
I need to answer 5 easy questions. ESOL level. I need it in 2 hours. Please pm me if you already read the questions. 1.Look at paragraph 5. What is the argument? 2. Look at paragraphs 10 and 11. How does he formulate his opinion? Does he agree with the author of the "personal note?" 3. Look at paragraph 12.What argument does he make in paragraph 12? Can you give a specific..
Literature Review on Internet of Things (Emerging Technology)
Your manuscript is to have a title page, abstract, introduction, body with a well-developed conclusion and reference page. · Your total manuscript is to be between 2500 and 3000 words including the title page, abstract, introduction, body, and reference page (s). · Your manuscript is to have a minimum of ten (10) cited references obtained from articles found..
What adolescents miss when we let them grow up in cyberspace
What does Staples believe young people “miss” when they “grow up in cyberspace”? Pick the three strongest examples he uses and analyze them to show how and why he uses them to support his main idea. What other “text” would support him? Main article
Public Educators professional development online or face to face
This is a mini literature review I need four pages I'm writing about "determine if public school educators prefer to complete required professional development training online or in a face-to-face workshop". I took a survey of 20 local school members and online is the best answer.I need someone who knows 6th edition APA...
The United Airlines Debacle and the Morality of Capitalism
Take a moment to scroll through the articles to find one that piques your personal interest. Once you have finished reading your selected article, address the following: Provide the title of the article you selected. Provide responses to the following reflective questions: What is your takeaway from the article? Why did this interview resonate with you personally?..
Optimization of Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Production
i have started with the review article assignment but i couldn't continue. and it was partly a group assignment so the ppt and the abstract was already done. from there i guess it will be easier for whom will take this job continue with some reference are available, which i will attach some files below. thank you for your help. oh since i have done a part of it , even through..
Close reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac
I am registered in literature lecture and focusing on Modernism. I need 3 full pages of short paper about analyzing the first or the last paragraph of a novel called White noise by Don Dellilo. I am attatching the gulideline and an example of A-grade paper.
random facts on how to be eco- friendly
I am looking for 1 page blog on random facts on how to be eco friendly. I am trying to update my blogger acc on that topic. I need it 15 hr from know.
Building Your Own CPU
your mission is to attract the type of visitors that are interested in building your own computer after, your aim is to write informative, interesting valuable, interesting valuable
Merit pay raises and organization-based self-esteem Article Review
This is a Human Resource compensation and benefits article review
the american dream
I want you to talk about the american dream shortly
memory and violence
The subject of the class is Memory and Violence Each of you will belong to a small reflection group that is listed on Canvas. At three set times during the quarter (see schedule), you will post brief analyses to your group’s Canvas discussion board and reply to each other’s posts. The posts should be the equivalent length of at least two double-spaced pages. The..
Has to be 4 pages. Article Synopsis. Cite the bibliographical reference, using APA format. Summarize the article, providing the reader with a clear understanding of the research no more than one type written page for the summary of the article part 1 of this paper. Evaluate the impact of this research on the field of neuropsychology. In your option, evaluate..
linking literacy and movement
I have two assignments 1) a 300 article summary on Linking literacy to movement b NAEYC in MLA 2) a 300 word essay on Jean Piagets theory and how it can be used in the classroom
Evaluating the impact of palm oil plantation in South East Asia
the lit review should include how does the ecosystem and biodiversity are affected by the oil palm plantation in SE asia. i raise this concern due to the fact many plantations occured by the expense of rainforest loss. Might as well include the role of ecosystem services which are provided for and received by the agriculture. comparison between different kinds..
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