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discuss difficulties that healthcare encounter in mental illness in chronically medically ill patients.
Based on the journal article below, discuss the difficulties that healthcare providers may encounter in diagnosing mental illness in chronically medically ill patients. Each initial discussion post must be between 300-400 words. You will be graded on grammar and writing style. You must use one..
review paper about the current and new treatments for Vitiligo
10-15 pages review paper about vitiligo .. focus on the new treatments methods for vitiligo such as JAK inhibitors.. in the attachments, you will find my presentation about vitiligo (you can use it as an outline) Also, you will see research papers that I used about vitiligo treatment. You will need to have access to PubMed. at least 25 references (from primary..
Alzheimer's Disease and Omega 3: Review of Randomized Clinical Trials - 5 years.
The intention is a review article on Alzheimer's Disease and Omega 3. After reviewing the bases of both, describe in chronological order the 12 articles annexed: randomized clinical trials on the theme of the last 5 years. There are 4500 words.
Review: Prevalence of Traditional Cardiovascular Risk Factors.
I need to write a review about the Traditional Cardiovascular Risk Factors where I can demonstrate prevalence of each one of them and conclude which one is the most significant in different population and in a worldwide average,
literature review last five years pressure ulcer
I'd like accurate and original review, including some historical background and treatment (including, but not limited to products and dressings) of pressure ulcer. Please, not plagiarism. Thank you,
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