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Content Restructuring/Editing Required for Topic- Different Engineering Majors for Students
I've got an article (about 1500 words) that needs to be edited/added new sentences to make it more engaging for engineering students and be corrected for better sentence structuring. Editors will be given complete freedom to edit the article as they please. I just want the content to be factually relevant and improved structurally to make it more interesting..
Self-Driving Cars Summary of three Articles that Attached
You will need to read the articles and watch the video provided and create a summary. Take your time and be thorough. Do not cut and paste from the article, that is plagiarism and will result in a zero. Use your own words. I am looking for 1 summary of the two articles. The length needs to be two pages. Article # 1 Article..
Potential efficiency benefits of electric green taxiing systems
I need a literature review on the electric green taxiing system leading in to a research question of the potential efficiency benefits it could bring to the aviation industry (e.g. environmental benefits, improving airport congestion, saving fuel, reduced maintenance costs for engines)
A Manufacturing Perspective Balancing Safety Issues With a Customer's Desire for Self-Service
Summary memo format from the article and I would like to have a brief presentation with 5 slides power point that is related to the memo and is related to the topic and has a good and clear understanding of the audience. Also please read the description that I have attached to make sure what I need exactly about the memo and the presentation...
Water Filtration challanges in oil and gas fields
I want to do a research on challenges of water filtration in the oil and gas industry. I want this in short article.
sectional and isometric view
i want someone who can explain sectional and isometric drawing understanding , through some very complicated drawings for example if there is a very tough part drawing how to get an idea of its 3d view or get an idea of it by seeing its sectional and orthographic view not from a 3d software modelling point of view but from a draftsman point of view..
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