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Article on Arts examples

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ArticleAnalysis-Evaluate the effectiveness of Mary Beard's "The Public Voice of Women".Is her article persuasi
essay should have thesis statement and should make an argument about the articles effectiveness. Consider the language and evidence used by the author to support her argument. include brief summary of the articles argument before you begin your discussion. use specific examples from article to support your claim...
Analyze the artist's creative intentions, motivations, and intentions of the work
Please use the materials provided in the appendix (Julian Stallabrass - Jeff Wall, Museum Photography and Museum Prose) to analyze the artist's creative intentions, motivations, and intentions in the logic and terminology of modern art. And his creation and contemporary social issues (the symbolism of the wall and the meaning of the symbol, suggests starting..
Toward a Democratic (Art) Education: A Response to Michelle KamhiEdward
write critical review that include aspects of the weekly themes that they find compelling, exciting, frustrating or provocative. essay should be not more than 2,000 words on the articles chosen for the seminar presentation. It should be critical in nature, that is, analytical and interpretative and not merely descriptive...
Reading Response: Wölfflin's "Distinctions between Renaissance and Baroque"
ART HISTORY MAJOR or SOMEHOW RELATED. Please read Heinrich Wölfflin’s "Distinctions Between Renaissance and Baroque." An informative Powerpoint has also been added to the assignment page. This powerpoint should help in clarifying Wolfflin's distinctions. In a 2-3 page paper, please explore the following: Using two works, Raphael’s "School of Athens"..
A Cubist legacy: Pablo Picasso, Georges Brague and the Progenies
Dear Sir/Madam, I require to correct the art review I wrote, in particular: English (words in red if needed) and add a few hundred words of content. The assignment is for the Art Institute. You may correct the title too as it was made my me. Thank you very much
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