Annotated Bibliography on Sociology examples

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how does race impact job opportunities in two countries
NOT A RESEARCH PAPER!!!! PLEASE READ THE ATTACHMENT I only need 4 pages each page should have be written in APA format Citation, summary, reflective analysis and self application Please do not write in research form the countries are united states and france
Annotated Bibliography on the topic of Public Service Motivation
Please write 90-150 words PER source (13 sources in total) containing the following: 2. A short descriptive and evaluative analysis of each source (ex. authors main points/ argument). 3. Describes how or why the source is useful to my topic. A description of my topic is attached in the word document as well as the references. All the articles needed will be provided..
URGENT annotated bib needs to be done by 3/11 by 8pm EST
I already provided the references that i need to have the annotated bib from , should be about 150-200 words for each source . 6 source , will send attachment when hired . Analytical research paper, on the link between gender and race, with devlopment of mental disorders on sexually abused children...
The Portrayal of African Americans in Hip-Hop Music:
I need an annotated bibliography for the topic described in the attached proposal. It must have 10 Scholarly sources that meet the following conditions... - They must all be Scholarly sources - 2 sources must be books - There has to be sources from all three social science disciplines History, Psychology and, Sociology - For each source i need a 1 page summary of..
Must Economic Inequality Exist for Society to Function Effectively?
Please follow exact instructions attached in the files.*- A 3-4 page typed summary (12 point New York Times font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins) Must look for 2 empirical articles regarding the topic question given. The teacher has given the first article. Attached, you will find the first article that will need to be summarized for the paper. Please use APA..
Queering the Family in Picturebooks
This is an annotated bibliography. It is an analysis of two texts, I will provide one and the writer provides the second one. The task is to compare and contrast the two texts, what they share in common and how they differ. Than 5 scholarly peer reviewed resources relating to the texts, one of the resources must be a book. The assignment must have a research question..
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