Annotated Bibliography on History examples

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African-American Women in the abolitionist movement
Hello, I am a college student and this is my final paper for the semester. I have already chosen the topic which is "African-American in the abolitionist movement". This paper should be related to the topic prior to 1877. I have attached the guidelines provided by my professor down below. Please make sure to read the guidelines thoroughly before writing the paper...
Research Submission – Annotated Bibliography (The Origins of the Great Depression)
You are required to use both of your texts from the class in your Annotated Bibliography, as well as, three other sources: At least one of the other sources MUST be a primary source Example of an Annotated Bibliography Entry: McKay, John P., et al. A History of Western Society. Bedford/St...
compare and contrast Japanese religious ideals in the sixteenth century: Shinto, Buddhism, and Catholicism.
Submit your Annotated Bibliography. Begin the annotated bibliography with a statement of your argument. The sources that follow must include at least four scholarly sources and at least two primary sources. No more than two general website sources may be used (and those are not required). Your textbook does not count as one of these sources. For assistance..
Annotated Bibliography- Booker T. Washington and his Contributions to the Civil Rights Movement
Write an annotated bibliography. This will list and describe a minimum of 10 primary and secondary sources, with specific requirements detailed below, that you may use in your paper. The annotated bibliography should involve a variety of primary and secondary sources, including at least two primary sources and articles from at least two academic journals;..
ancient Sumerian and Egyptian societies in terms of geography, society, religion and social stratification.
Compare and contrast the ancient Sumerian and Egyptian societies in terms of geography, society, religion and social stratification. . Be sure to appropriately cite all work. Although there is no page requirement, you must answer the question thoroughly. You can earn a maximum of 50 points. Be sure to state which question you are answering. WARNING: IF YOU..
Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography 14hr Deadline!
This is a term paper worth 15% of my mark. I have the topic picked out. I have books I have read. each summary must have 100-150 words on how it contributes to the paper. Needs a thesis also. I could do my own title page
Elizabeth Candy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and the Suffrage Movement
Writing Assignment Two - Minimum of 1500 Words - NOT including cover page and source list. 1. Your writing assignment should be on the same topic as your Annotated Bibliography. 2. Students must use FSW Library's online catalog and subscription databases to obtain scholarly sources. a. Use 4 Secondary and 2 Primary sources. Please view your comments for the..
1990's - Clinton
There is no word count. I am attaching the instructions.
Think of a few dishes, diets, or cuisines that interest you.
Think of a few dishes, diets, or cuisines that interest you. Read a little about them, and pick two that have a history in 20th North America. Your assignment in this essay is to write assess and compare the role of two different dishes, diets or cuisines in the 19th and/or 20th century history of North America. Regarding sources, your bibliography must have at least..
historical issues of 20th C Japan
DUE IN 12 HOURS. based on a topic of your choosing (but relevant to the issues discussed in the course regarding gender, class, nationalism and Japanese modernity). 4-source annotated bibliography. 150 words each, summarizing the contents of the source and its significance.
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