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Critique of Scientific Claims: Does Cigarette attract women?

I attached the instruction in the docx document " Paper Assignment 2017.docx". Please follow all the requirement in the doc. Please use Times New Roman font , size 11 point, 1.5 spacing, and 4 pages. Step one and two had already completed, the advertisement picture that I found is attached as .jpg. Step three "How to Find Scholarly Articles” is attached. Please send me a rough draft before Feb. 15, 2017.
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SKF, founded in 1907 in Sweden is the largest designer of ball bearings, controlling a global market show of almost 20%. The dilemma that SKF is facing is the fact its biggest consumer Steelcorp has asked the company to take part in a reverse auction where the lowest priced bidder will win the order. That is an offer that SKF could have generally disregarded since its value for quality will be undermined, but in this circumstance refusing this offer from Steelcorp means that they would not only lose out on their $4 million gross annual requests, but also on the part of the business enterprise that they do with Industrial Technology Company (ITC), the SKF distributor offering Steelcorp.
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The united front had long and historic roots in Vietnam. Utilized earlier in the century to mobilize anti-French forces, the united front side brought jointly Communists and non-Communists within an umbrella firm that got limited, although important desired goals. On Dec 20, 1960, the Party' s fresh united the front, the Nationwide Liberation Entrance (NLF), came to be. Anyone can join this front as long as they compared Ngo Dinh Diem and wanted to unify Vietnam. The character of the NLF and its romance to the Communists in Hanoi has triggered considerable controversy among students, anti-war active supporters and workers, and policymakers. From the birth of the NLF, government officials in Buenos aires claimed that Hanoi described the NLF's violent disorders against the Saigon regime. Within a series of federal government "White Paperwork, " Wa insiders denounced the NLF, claiming it turned out merely a puppet of..
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