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Name Professor Course Date Response journal #Question 3 color facts Different cultures in the world interpret colors differently according to their ways of life. Colors symbolize different meaning and these meaning differs from one culture to another this therefore make people to have different perspectives towards certain colors (Mernissi 19). Some colors are highly discouraged by a certain cultures as the same color being preferred by another culture according to their different believes. Different colors make an individual to behave differently when in possession of these colors according to how the individual perceives and knows the meaning of the color. Red color in India is taken to be the most powerful of all the colors in the world the red color holds different meaning and therefore most preferable to the Indians the red color means purity love beauty fear fire wealth and fertility (Mernissi 20). Red color can also on. Give my gratitude greetings to Haanebeeks’ Aunt Fie’s and the Rooses’. Your loving brother Theo Works Cited Barth Frederik. Ethnic Groups and Boundries. Prospect Heights Ill.: Waveland Press 1998. Mernissi Fatema. Scheherazade goes west: Different cultures different harems. Simon and Schuster 2001.Zharnikov M. and M. Grunze. "Modification of thiol-derived self-assembling monolayers by electron and x-ray irradiation: Scientific and lithographic aspects." Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures Processing Measurement and Phenomena 20.5 (2002): 1793-1807. Naifeh Steven and Gregory White Smith. "Jackson Pollock." Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press 345 (1984): 58. Potts Daniel T. Mesopotamian civilization: The material foundations. A&C Black 1997. Taylor Richard P. Adam P. Micolich and David Jonas. "The construction of Jackson Pollock's fractal drip paintings." Leonardo 35.2 (2002): 203-207. Van Gogh Vincent. "004 (004 4): To Theo Van Gogh. The Hague Tuesday 28 January 1873. - Vincent Van Gogh Letters". N.p. 2017. Web. 15 Feb. 2017. [...]

Order Description:

Has to be 8 pages with works cited. -be typed in MLA Format (12 point font: Times New Roman or Ariel, double-spaced) -contain a minimum of 8-pages of written text (you will select 4 topics from the list below to respond to and each topic response should be at least 2-pages in length) -compile all 4 topic responses into 1 overall Response Journal paper -contain topic numbers and titles to visually separate the 4 responses within the overall Journal -contain a Works Cited page (in addition to the 8-pages of text) -Choose 4 of the following topics for your response journal (Each topic response should be 2-pages in length – the overall, combined Response Journal paper should be 8-pages in length.) ***************************************** TOPIC CHOICE #1: The Ingredients of an Artwork (2-pages) Just as a good cook assembles the perfect ingredients for a delicious recipe, an artist assembles the right elements for a successful artwork. Select any artwork from the textbook and write a recipe (including ingredients, directions, and critique) of the composition. For example, Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People contains implied lines, organic shape, range of values, primary color scheme, and depth in space. This topic requires you to “think like an artist” as you deconstruct the composition, as well as "respond like an art critic” as you evaluate the technique and theory. TOPIC CHOICE #2: Writing about Space (2-pages) Select an ancient and a modern work of art, and write a response that describes the similar and disparate uses of space, identifying the spatial strategies employed by the artists. TOPIC CHOICE #3: Color Facts (2-pages) How is color interpreted in different cultures? Do colors affect our behavior? What are some of the scientific aspects of color? For this response, please relate the information you gather to your own experiences with color. TOPIC CHOICE #4: The Time and Motion of Jackson Pollock (2-pages) Jackson Pollock’s paintings were described by Pollock himself as “energy and motion/made visible.” This response should compare and contrast Pollock’s work with another artwork of your choice – make sure to include the visual, physical, and media used. TOPIC CHOICE #5: Just What Is Postmodernism? (2-pages) Contemporary artists (such as Elizabeth Murray) and architects (Robert Venturi or Frank Gehry) have begun to explore the notion of a new set of principles, based upon the eclectic sum of our modern, complex, visual world of neon signs and fast sound bites. This sense of disjunction, that the parts can never form a unified whole, is what we have come to identify as Postmodernism. In his book, Learning from Las Vegas, Robert Venturi asserts that the collision of signs, styles, and symbols that mark the “American Strip,” in particular Las Vegas, could be seen as a new form of unity. “Disorder,” Venturi writes “[is] an order we cannot see....” This response should define Postmodernism and provide examples of where you have seen this union of eclectic designs. TOPIC CHOICE #6: Mesopotamian Civilizations (2-pages) This response should address the early civilizations of the Mesopotamian region. It should provide a summary of each group (Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Persians) that lived in this region along with their major contributions, especially their artistic contributions. TOPIC CHOICE #7: Cathedral vs. Temple (2-pages) This response should compare imagery on the exterior of Chartres Cathedral in France to the imagery on the exterior of the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple in India. How do the images represent the philosophy of each religion? TOPIC CHOICE #8: African Art (2-pages) How did museums and individuals outside Africa come to possess such large collections of African art? This response should address how this came to be, the history of imperialism in Africa, and what efforts are being made to return these works. TOPIC CHOICE #9: Write a Letter to Vincent (2-pages) This response requires you to read one of Vincent van Gogh’s letters (from Letters to Theo) and then respond in letter form to Vincent as if he were still living and painting in the South of France. TOPIC CHOICE #10: Dada Dialogue (2-pages) Write a dialogue between Marcel Duchamp and Jackson Pollock to reveal their theories or thoughts about the nature and uses of art.

Subject Area: Arts

Document Type: Paraphrasing

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