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Case Study: SearchPro Group (Example)

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Contents Page number Executive Summary 2 Background/strategic approach 2 Benefits analysis (including financial benefits and any dis-benefit) 4 Risk analysis 6 Scoring system 7 Capacity Demand 12 Recommendations 13 Risk log 13 References 16 Appendix 17 Executive Summary A clear and well written executive summary. However you presenting here mainly the report instead of adding more on the content of the report presenting here mainly the structure of the report instead of adding more on the content of the report This report is a project portfolio selection for American Switching Systems one of the largest mobile network equipment manufacturers. The company is currently in a dilemma as they are experiencing a financial turndown and have to make a choice between several large projects. A well thought-over and developed portfolio will allow the company to remain competitive and grow both in terms of finances and technological aspects of the business. the less developed countries where 802.16 device is still considered the state-of-art broadcasting technology. This would enable the company to absorb new market while minimising the risk of sunk cost. Status (Open/waiting/closed/in progress) waiting waiting References Gardiner P. (2005). Project management: a Strategic Planning Approach. 1st ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Brown J.K and Zelenska T. (2014). Barriers to adoption of products and technologies that aid risk management in developing countries. Appendix Exhibit.1 Probability and Impact Scale Impacts on project scale probability time consumption (years) technological superiority Cost(growth) Forecasting market share V.Low <1% 0-2 V.Advance <5% V.High Low 1%-5% 2-4 Advance 5%-10% High Medium 6%-10% 4-6 Medium 11%-15% Medium High 11%-25% 6-8 V.Lag 16%-30% Low V.High >25% 8-10 Lag >30% V.Low NB: the position of Risk 1 is highlighted by yellow and the position of Risk 2 is highlighted in green. Exhibit.2 Assign Score for Each Scale Exhibit.3 P-I Matrix [...]

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The Long and Winding Road…. 1. Case: SearchPro Group SearchPro operates in a relatively new sector of the economy. The case invites us to consider the role of the leader in building a business in a sector where the ‘rules’ are not yet set and where winners might emerge from either entrepreneurial businesses or bigger established rivals. You may want to assess the business’ development in phases and critique Duncan’s approach at each stage. The Bhide reading offers plenty of insights here. What has created the success the company was enjoying by 2007? What do you predict for the future? 2. Reading “How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategies that Work" A. Bhide, HBR # 94202 Individual Case Analysis Paper Evaluate the case using whatever tools and frameworks discussed in the course to date you feel apply – the case provides a useful capstone of many of the things we’ve learned so far. In other words you have many opportunities to gain marks. You may want to assess the business’ development in phases and critique Duncan’s approach at each stage. I’m looking for your ability to synthesise the themes and issues into a coherent analysis of the situation, the decisions to be made and your recommendations. Limit the paper to two sides of A4, 11pt font. SEE ASSESSMENT SECTION FOR DETAILS. Note on Case Analysis Papers Note on Case Analysis Papers Case analysis allows you to demonstrate both that you understand the relevant concepts and can apply them. In writing your Case Analysis be succinct - cut the fat and get to the point! It is the quality of your answers that counts, not the quantity. Be creative and thorough. This is an opportunity for you to develop your opinion and insights. When writing your Case Analysis, assume that I know the facts of the case so don’t annoy me by regurgitating case content. Although you will need to describe some facts from the case, no more than 10%-20% of your Case Analysis should involve description of facts from the case. In your Case Analysis, cite reading material and in-class material (e.g., the date of the class session) when appropriate. Answers to Case Analysis questions that reflect an understanding and appropriate application of course material (i.e., readings and in-class materials) will get the highest marks. The page length of the Case Analysis is two sides A4 (not including optional references, tables, and figures). Your Case Analysis must be typewritten in 11 point font and all margins must be one inch. Line spacing must be set to 1.5; do not use single spacing. All submissions to be made via Turnitin. There’s a copy of a really useful chapter on analysing cases for you on Moodle. It’s called “A Guide to Case Analysis” and is worth a read – not just for dealing with casebased courses but to get tips on how to approach business problems in real life.

Subject Area: Finance

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