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Investigating and Addressing Integration Issues/Pedagogical Knowledge and Technology Integration

Two parts Discuss how you will address issues such as cost and funding; perspectives of stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of the plan; training and professional development needs; short- and long-term outcomes; connection to curricular and academic goals and desired outcomes; and ease of use and implementation. In the article "ICT: The Changing Landscape," Day (2014) indicates that in order for teachers to effectively use information and communication technology (ICT) to deliver instruction, their level of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) must be substantial. In this discussion, answer the following questions: • What specific challenges does this notion pose to successful integration of your technology plan? • What specific strategies can you employ to overcome this challenge? • What steps can you take in your preparation of teachers, and building of communities of practice, to help bolster teacher PCK and build their capacity to successfully integrate the technology plan? Some sound suggestions are provided by Day; however, you are encouraged to investigate additional strategies and options for addressing these anticipated challenges. Your initial post should be 1–3 paragraphs in length, and should include at least one peer-reviewed resource, which can be the article used for this prompt.
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