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What topic in the field of engineering excites you the most? Elaborate on the reasons for your answer

what topic in the field of engineering excites you the most? Elaborate on the reasons for your answer. I want you it to be about developing fuel efficient cars like cars which use renewable fuels: electricity, synthetic fuels
what topic in the field of engineering excites you the most? Elaborate on the reasons for your answer.
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Write about HOFSTEDE 3 dimensions of CANADA (Masculinity , Uncertainty Avoidance, and Long Term Orientation) and how they affect the business world in canada. I HAVE PROVIDED AN EXAMPLE PAPER OF WHAT IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE.
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THE ESSAY NEED TO BE IN THE ROGERIAN MODEL The essay must use the MLA template provided and be uploaded in one of the correct file formats or it will not be accepted. Evaluation of a National Argument 4-5 page (MLA) 200 points In the first essay, you were asked to analyze and update an argument on globalization from your textbook. For this next assignment we are taking..
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