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Online Discussion Forum: Creating Business Value with Analytics

Please read the following Harvard Business Review - MIT Sloan Management Review article : . Creating Business Value with Analytics by DAVID KIRON AND REBECCA SHOCKLEY MIT Sloan Management Review Then answers these questions; 1 paragraph each: 1-Executive Summary for this reading. . 2-Which are the three most CRITICAL ISSUES for this reading? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail … . 3-Which are the three most relevant LESSONS LEARNED for this reading? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail … . 4-Which are the three most important BEST PRACTICES for this reading? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail …
Please read the following Harvard Business Review - MIT Sloan Management Review article : . Creating Business Value with Analytics by DAVID KIRON AND REBECCA SHOCKLEY MIT Sloan Management Review Then answers these questions; 1 paragraph each: 1-Executive Summary for this reading. . 2-Which are the three most CRITICAL ISSUES for this reading?
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Please respond to one of the following questions during the Week Eight Forum: 1. Given the young age of the draftees, would you argue that was the main factor in their defeat? Why or why not? 2. Why do you suppose the Japanese military leaders placed these civilians at the front so late in the war effort in 1945? 3. Why do you think this is an important conflict to understand..
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NEED IT IN 6 HOURS (SUPER EASY) 3-paragraph essay on Mill
READ the attached file. Following the example on pp. 48-49 of The Critical Thinking Initiative Handbook for Students, and using our numerous close analyses of Mill we did over a two-week period, write a 3-paragraph paper on something you have a question about or problem with in Mill. The structure of the 3-paragraph essay, as you can easily see for yourself by..
Nicola Tesla figure and cite at least two of his major inventions that benefit humanity today
Full topic: Nicola Tesla was one of the most innovative contributors to the technology. Who was he? Tesla said his inventions were created to better conditions for all humankind; with this in mind, cite at least two of his major inventions that benefit humanity today, to write about. Work cited page has to be true, the professor will check it very carefully...
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design a small country that fosters the greatest happiness for the greatnest number of people
Your body paragraphs will zoom in on five or more national interests. Examples include: class, race, ideologies (belief systems, religions, and so on), urban design, architecture, transportation, renewable resources, leadership / system of government, arts (painting, literature, music, film), military, cuisine, physical / mental health of citizens,..
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REVISE paper on culture and identity. Culture of American Work
Document attached has the full paper. You will see that there are highlight things. Yellow is for the professors words--comments she inserted, or words she added/changed. Turquoise is for the original words: the things she is referring to. Sometimes she highlights words in turquoise without comments; that means there is some problem with those words--an..
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Address some of the concerns and objectives of these Articles below:
REVIEW THESE TWO ARTICLES: Key issues in domestic violence by: Anthony Morgan & Hannah Chadwick ISSN: 1836-9111 Published: 12/2009 for this Article, you will write about: • Main point i.e. what the article is talking about. • How did they argue it? • How did they come about the conclusion? • Summary • 250 words Review..
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write a literature review on the relationship between AOD use and domestic violence.
Tutorial 1 (reflection): You have been approached by your supervisor in the mental health service you have been working in for the last 4 years in relation to some “exciting” project that he/she wants you to lead. The project relates to measuring the effectiveness of integrated treatment approach for mental health clients who also have Alcohol and Other Drugs..
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Performance Assessment Paper, Rubric, and Presentation
Resource: College of Education Resources page: Technology Resource Library Objective Test Assignment from Week 3 Review the Assessment Tools tab in the Technology Resource Library Create a performance assessment that includes the following components: A performance assessment description with step-by-step instructions using student-friendly language..
Reflective essay on learning gained from participation in the module
How teams work and how your team has responded to the challenges of the project. • How future work employment opportunities may have been influenced by the project. You may wish to critique; • the research methodology used for the project • the consultancy process related to relevant literature • how you have learnt, and your appreciation of learning to learn..
The Importance of Social Media Channels in Determining Consumers’ Travel Destination Choice:
The Importance of Social Media Channels in Determining Consumers’ Travel Destination Choice: Exploring the Effects of Instagram on Consumers’ Travel Behavior and the Benefits of Using User-Generated Content in Online Marketing in Tourism and Travel Industry in the United Arab Emirates. It is a dissertation for MBA. Need to do quantitative analysis so survey..
Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society
Write an Op-Ed (opinion-editorial) that allows you to demonstrate an understanding of how issues relating to the dignity of the human person and the realization of the common good may be addressed by you in your professional practice now and in the future. You will need to select one issue from the list below that relates to the degree program you are studying and..
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Write a report which identifies the issues and possible strategies to address the issue of Homeownership
The report should include the following: * History of the issue * Key Stakeholders and their issues - positive and negative * Current positioning of the issue * Analysis of the issue * Tools to assist in addressing the issue * Strategies for change to address the issue. APA 6th (e,d) and other referencing accurately cited. How to write up the report: * History - 1000..
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women are overlooked in the workplace (toulmin argument)
talk about : women are overlooked in the workplace because they are looked upon by their physical appearance and vulnerability; are adhering to the feminine norms, trying to maintain work/life balance and the need to uphold the traditional gender roles 1200 words 5 minimum citations
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Access, cost, and quality for Advance Practice Nurse
Discuss the access, cost, and quality of quality environments, as well as recent quality initiatives (See Chapter 24 and Table 24.1). Student is to reflect on the relationship between quality measures and evaluation and role development. In addition, describe this relationship and note how the role of the advanced practice nurse might change without effective..

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Role of Classroom Administration PlanInstructors have different limitations for the kinds of noisy they will tolerate, the amount of order preferred, and how they expect college students to react and connect to one another (Newman, 2013, Ch. 4. 1). The goal of the Management prepare framework of educator is usually methods and strategies to organize student's time, space, and materials in a rich environment. Classroom management shall be embodied in the programs design,..
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Not necessarily uncommon to listen to stories about a teenager experiencing mood swings and rebelling against those in authority. Neither is it uncommon to experience general sadness or anxiety in high school and college. Yet , it is often difficult to ascertain the difference between normal young angst and clinical major depression. It is not commonly known that there has recently been a staggering rise of depression in teenagers. According to the Nationwide Institute of..
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Relating to Warnock's report of 1978, the special educational needs can be fluctuating and may also be contextually defined. Before the evaluation on this statement, we need to look at the Warnock report (1978) and the Exceptional Educational Requirements Code (2001) and how that reflects the understanding of the special educational needs. The definition of special education needs (SEN) emerged in the 1978's Warnock's committee that were set up to hold..
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