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Statement of Objective for Systems Engineering Program

• Statement of Objectives: Please upload a statement of objectives in 500 words. A little about me to help you write the essay: I am a recent graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Spring 2018 with undergraduate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I am currently working as a Systems Engineer, Aerospace Engineer and Program Manager for US AirForce Research Laboratory in Edwards, California. Demonstrates your understanding of what Systems Engineering entails Details your background and exposure to engineering to-date in both an academic and professional setting Identifies the particular MSysE track (Technical or Engineering Management) you intend to pursue and a discussion of why you made this election Explains your overall academic and career objectives, including how you believe the MSysE program will positively contribute to the achievement of stated goals
• Statement of Objectives: Please upload a statement of objectives in 500 words. A little about me to help you write the essay: I am a recent graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Spring 2018 with undergraduate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I am currently working as a Systems Engineer, Aerospace Engineer and Program Manager for US AirForce Research Laboratory in Edwards, California.
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