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Deconstructing Strategic Excellence Paper and Presentation

Work with your facilitator to identify an organization within which you can complete this paper. Through your supervisor or a designated contact, review the strategic plan for your chosen organization. Select from the strategic plan a topic area which has been identified as strategic importance for the organization’s future and sustainability. Conduct library research to obtain full-text PDF copies of scholarly journal articles on the topic you have identified. Use this link if you are not certain how to identify scholarly journal articles: Write a 9-12 page paper following APA style guidelines* with a cover page, an abstract, body and reference page. The first third of the paper should place the organization’s strategic plan within its environmental context, summarize and highlight key strategic choices represented in the plan, and present a rationale for the topic further researched. The latter two-thirds of the paper should synthesize and present the scholarly literature on a topic related to a strategic initiative for the organization. The synthesis should present the relationship between ideas, arguments, perspectives, and applications addressed in the scholarly articles and summarize their relevance to the topic. In addition to the paper, prepare a power point presentation, with no more than 8 slides, which conveys the key points for each of the paper’s main sections.
Work with your facilitator to identify an organization within which you can complete this paper. Through your supervisor or a designated contact, review the strategic plan for your chosen organization. Select from the strategic plan a topic area which has been identified as strategic importance for the organization’s future and sustainability. Conduct library research to obtain full-text PDF copies of scholarly journal articles on the topic you have identified.
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