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The achievements/failings of the Chinese revolution as seen through the films,

Is the film Cuo wei (Displacement) more a science fiction film or more a film that comments on Chinese reality? what are your reasons saying so? I suggest that you argue a position on one or more questions about one or a group of films viewed in this course. The question/theme may be derived from the discussion questions in the course outline, from those in the course reader, or from the “suggested essay topics” in the course outline. You may also devise your own topic, such as one focusing on women’s issues in the films, the achievements/failings of the Chinese revolution as seen through the films, etc.
Is the film Cuo wei (Displacement) more a science fiction film or more a film that comments on Chinese reality? what are your reasons saying so? I suggest that you argue a position on one or more questions about one or a group of films viewed in this course. The question/theme may be derived from the discussion questions in the course outline, from those in the course reader, or from the “suggested essay topics” in the course outline.
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