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Country Trade Report - ( China's Recent Trade Experience )

II. Recent Trade Experience: (7-8 pg.) Describe your country’s trade experience. Look for export, import data; countries they sell to and buy from and include information about foreign direct investment in that country as well as their investment in other countries if any. You can take a micro approach and select an important commodity or industry or service sector (coffee, oil, banking, etc.) and analyze how the U.S. and this nation interact in this particular sector. In general, you should address their current trade relations (bilateral, FTA) and whether the current arrangement could be improved? How?
II. Recent Trade Experience: (7-8 pg.) Describe your country’s trade experience. Look for export, import data; countries they sell to and buy from and include information about foreign direct investment in that country as well as their investment in other countries if any. You can take a micro approach and select an important commodity or industry or service sector (coffee, oil, banking, etc.) and analyze how the U.S.
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