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Increasing profits in the manufacturing sector through embracing green reverse logistics

The final product of this class will be proof of the understanding and obtaining of knowledge in the Reverse Logistics curriculum in the form of a research paper. This research paper will be a minimum of 15 pages in length. This topic should be one which is dynamic enough to describe all aspects of Reverse Logistics. The topic must however be related to how the logistics industry can reduce its footprint on the environment. Include references in APA format. Attached is the abstract and findings.
The final product of this class will be proof of the understanding and obtaining of knowledge in the Reverse Logistics curriculum in the form of a research paper. This research paper will be a minimum of 15 pages in length. This topic should be one which is dynamic enough to describe all aspects of Reverse Logistics. The topic must however be related to how the logistics industry can reduce its footprint on the environment.
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