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Diagram Peer-Reviewed and Other Forms of Scholarly Literature

Instructions Before you can review the scholarly literature surrounding your research focus, it must first be sourced. To source scholarly literature, you must search within the appropriate and relevant academic databases aligned with your respective discipline. For this assignment, you will first determine a general research focus area. Once the general research focus is determined, reflect on your understanding of peer-reviewed scholarly literature versus other forms of scholarly or grey literature. You will do this through the construction of a visual diagram that identifies the relevant academic databases containing peer-reviewed scholarly literature on your research focus area, along with other sources of scholarly or grey literature that are relevant to your research—remember, these may include governmental entities, professional or academic associations, or other organizations that conduct research. After reviewing the NCU Library LibGuide aligned with your degree area of specialization and the NCU DP/DM template percentage requirements for peer-reviewed sources, construct a visual diagram that depicts the approximate percentage of sources you might include in a dissertation research literature review for your general research focus. It is important here to distinguish the types and approximate percentages of scholarly source types in the image. For example, clearly, show the percentage of peer-reviewed empirical journal articles versus the percentages for other forms of scholarly literature including the theoretical literature and/or grey literature. Length: 1 complete illustration (such as an infographic or PowerPoint slide) References: Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly resources used to determine the percentages and/or construct the image Your image should demonstrate thoughtful depiction of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this general research focus.
Instructions Before you can review the scholarly literature surrounding your research focus, it must first be sourced. To source scholarly literature, you must search within the appropriate and relevant academic databases aligned with your respective discipline. For this assignment, you will first determine a general research focus area. Once the general research focus is determined, reflect on your understanding of peer-reviewed scholarly literature versus other forms of scholarly or grey literature.
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How did the Punic Wars change slavery in Rome? See attached. I will need the Formal Proposal, Annotated Bibliography,Thesis Statement and Introduction, and Abstract and Outline at different dates over the next 4 weeks. Please see attached for details
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LATIN AMERICAN CLASS. Submit Essay 2 with about 1700 words (4-6 pages, double spaced, Arial, pitch 12). Include the following:  An introduction with a clear thesis statement.  An explanation why you chose the person, the exhibit, the film, etc. where you first heard about her/him, etc.  A description what s/he or it is remembered for and what were his/her or..

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