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Describe Strategies for Helping with Comorbid ADHD/ASD

You have been helping Mrs. Rivera. She informs you that her sister has become ill and they must move to another state to care for her. She thanks you for all that you have done for her son Cody, and she asks if you will write a letter for her. The letter needs to summarize what you have learned about ADHD and ASD, to help inform anyone who might work with him at their new home and school. In addition, the counselor has now concluded that Cody has a comorbid case of ASD and ADHD. Therefore, the letter needs to convey what is known about helping individuals who have the comorbid disorders. For your final assignment, produce a research-based document summarizing what is known about how providers might most effectively go about helping Cody to function at home and in school. Using what you have learned about each condition as well as your understanding of addressing their comorbidity, you must describe how providers might prioritize his needs and develop plans to address each of those needs. Remember to address any cultural diversity issues that might be relevant. Also, be sure to include in your letter any ideas you have for how his helpers might monitor and adjust their efforts as needed. This Signature Assignment entails the integration of information gathered throughout the entire course, including last week’s review of comorbid conditions. It requires you to generate a rational, research-based summary of the literature for a child with comorbid ADHD and ASD. The case is the same one you have addressed throughout the course in terms of individual problem presentations, but now it has been determined that the boy’s struggle is with comorbid conditions. As such, you are welcome to include any parts of assignments you previously submitted in this course, as needed. [Note: Because you are invited to draw from your own prior work in this course, your instructor is aware that this may cause a falsely elevated Turnitin score and will closely evaluate the source of that elevation. If you do use portions of previous work, be sure to include citations. Refer to Section 1.10 of your APA Manual for additional information.] Of utmost importance on this assignment is that you are not to simply combine your previous assignment submissions into one document. While some parts of previous submissions may be appropriately included, you should clearly demonstrate a thoughtful and rational consideration of issues unique to comorbid conditions, and integrate the related literature. Support your assignment with at least 10 scholarly resources as collected throughout the course. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.
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