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Individual Case Study of a Multinational Corporation (2000 words)

Assignment Title: Description of the assignment: It is believed that Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are always detrimental to their host countries. In order to evaluate this statement you are tasked to produce a case study of a selected Multinational Organisation (MNC), underpinned by your previous research of globalisation. Select one Multinational Corporation for your case study. Present your case study in a report format and generally follow the structure below. This structure should allow you to follow a logical flow and to produce and in-depth discussion for each of the sections. However, you are permitted to include additional sections or/and sub-sections. Approximate breakdown of the word count for each section is indicated for guiding purposes and may not be fully followed. 1. Executive summary (approx. 100-200 words) Summarize the scope of your case study and outline what will be discussed. 2. Globalisation and Multinational Corporations (approx. 400-500 words) Briefly discuss the process of the globalisation, the history of the globalisation, the factors and developments which contributed to the process of globalisation. Discuss establishment of MNCs and what part they play in the process of globalisation. 3. Case Study Multinational Corporation (approx. 1000-1300 words) • Present the MNC of your choice. You may wish to include a brief history of a selected MNC, its operational scope, host country/countries and operational markets. • Recognise, discuss and analyse the possible positive and negative impacts of selected MNC on host country/countries. Is it indeed detrimental to the host country/countries? • Identify and evaluate the emerging economic challenges and opportunities presented by globalisation in relation to the selected MNC. • Analyse any policy implications of the emerging issues related to the host county and selected MNC. 4. Conclusion and recommendations (approx. 100-200 words) Any specific instructions: • Make sure you use relevant theory and evidence to support your arguments. • Support your argument with a variety of credible sources, data and visuals. • Justify your arguments in depth and make a conclusion. You may also wish to include some recommendations. • Write in a clear error-free academic style language. • You recommended word count is 2,000 words, but you may exceed it by 10% (2,200 words total)
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