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Ethical Leadership and Decision-Making within the Global Marketplace

Ethical dilemmas are a commonplace for leaders who lead within the context of a multinational environment. As such, organizational leaders need to possess the necessary skills in order to ensure the integrity of the organization. In this assignment you are to assume the role of a senior executive of a large multinational organization that has recently branched out into other countries that have different values and ethical norms. As the senior leader of a global organization, what policies and processes specific to ethical practices might you have in place so us to protect the integrity of your organization while maintaining a business relationship with other countries with different ethical norms at the same time? How might such challenges of conflicting ethical norms have an impact on your approach to decision-making? Be specific. Feel free to use real life examples wherever possible. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to make ethical decisions on the behalf of the organization and maintain a competitive advantage at the same time maintaining high ethical standards.
Ethical dilemmas are a commonplace for leaders who lead within the context of a multinational environment. As such, organizational leaders need to possess the necessary skills in order to ensure the integrity of the organization. In this assignment you are to assume the role of a senior executive of a large multinational organization that has recently branched out into other countries that have different values and ethical norms. As the senior leader of a global organization, what policies and processes specific to ethical practices might you have in place so us to protect the integrity of your organization while maintaining a business relationship with other countries with different ethical norms at the same time?
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