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Research: The Evolution of Drama and Research: The Roles of Women during the Early 20th Century: 1900-1920

Assignment 1 (1page) Research: The Evolution of Drama Directions: Create a timeline of changes that track the evolution of drama. Conduct research at the library or online to find out how drama has evolved over the years. Create the timeline in Microsoft Word. Avoid just copying and pasting from a website. Include a resource page with your timeline that lists all the resources used. Upload the completed timeline here for credit. Deadline: Tuesday, 3/26 Assignment 2 (page 2) Research: The Roles of Women during the Early 20th Century: 1900-1920 Directions: Conduct research to learn about women's roles in America during the early 20th century: 1900-1920. Consider research women of all ethnic backgrounds. Create a document of any type: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Google slides that details the roles of women during the early 20th century with images. Be creative. Deadline: Tuesday, March 26
Assignment 1 (1page) Research: The Evolution of Drama Directions: Create a timeline of changes that track the evolution of drama. Conduct research at the library or online to find out how drama has evolved over the years. Create the timeline in Microsoft Word. Avoid just copying and pasting from a website.
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The topics have been attached in the attachments below
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